How Much Did Descartes Contribute To Your Low Self Esteem?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on November 7,


Descartes Contribute To Your Low Self EsteemYou’re gonna like today’s article. The question of how much did Descartes contribute to your low self esteem came up this week and a fun little exercise to reverse the damage he did and improve your self esteem came out of the question. Remember Descartes is famous for the line “I think therefore I am.” And I’m reminded of a line from the last Harry Potter movie where Dumbledore said something to the effect of there is magical power in how you phrase words when I read what Jerry Stocking wrote in an article at Pick Your and I wanted to share some of it with you.

How Much Did Descartes Contribute To Your Low Self Esteem?

You’re probably way more capable, good looking, and sociable than you think you are. Whatever you’ve accomplished in your life, you’ve done it with your mind constantly whispering in your ear and questioning and analyzing every decision you make.What would you think of Dale Earnhardt Jr. if he lost a race because someone left a crying baby in a baby seat in the back of his race car? It would be pretty tough to expect him to stay focused on the race.

Your mind consistently provides that level of distraction and grief….all the time. It tells you that you need to lose weight, or develop some other positive habit. Then it tells you that it’s going to be really difficult and no fun. (Is it trying to inspire you or what?). Next it tells you to make a plan and maybe do a little research on the subject.

Your mind begins to tell you that you can do it. And maybe you feel hopeful for a bit. But then when you run into the tiniest obstacle, it tells you that you don’t really want it and that you should quit. (I know, everyone else’s’ minds do it, but not yours, right?)

Face it, your mind can be nutty. It’s easily distracted. It can be overly critical. It knows all the things you’d rather not hear, and it’s happy to tell you them when you’re already down.

With a mind that weird, should you really trust it completely?

If a Presidential nominee acted that whacky and confused, would you vote them into Office?

You don’t have to put your mind in charge of your life. The mind acts as if it’s in charge of everything. In reality it isn’t in charge of anything.

I personally think Descartes was wrong… you don’t exist because you think. That makes the mind in charge of the universe. In reality, you have a mind because you exist. You think because you are!

Try saying this out loud. You can just say it in your head or whisper it, but if you think you’re not supposed to say it out loud, you’re probably listening to your mind and maybe something as risky as speaking out loud is too wild for you.

 Try saying “I am therefore I think.”

 Thinking is just one of the many things that you do in a day. You don’t exist because you think. Your existence is the sum of all the things you do. You have gotten to the point that while you are doing things, showering, driving or whistling Dixie, you are also thinking. Just because you think nearly all the time doesn’t mean that thinking causes your existence. That’s just crazy talk….. from your mind.

I am therefore I shower. I am therefore I make love. I am therefore I breathe and feel and walk and talk and smile and laugh and talk to myself in my head.

When you start with “I am therefore I think,” you start with a strong sense of self. You have a foundation for self-esteem deeper than judgements or negative beliefs.

“I am” is a very, very powerful thing to say. Try it.

“I am” – That’s it. “I am” doesn’t have to be followed by any other words. It is a perfect sentence with a subject and a verb. When you have said, “I am” you have said it all.

 Self Esteem Exercise: Saying “I am”

Throughout your day, practice saying, “I am.”

Click here to read the full story of what Descartes did to your self esteem.

 So there you have it. If you want to reverse the damage that Descartes did to your self trio, self esteem, self image and self worth start by practicing this simple exercise throughout your day.

See I told you, you were gonna like today’s article.


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FLORENCE MACDONALD November 8, 2012 at 12:21 am

Dr. Vetter,
Its not surprising to say very wholeheartedly that our thoughts and determination to condition the mind is awesome. I am very happy to be aligned with this kind of ‘thinking’ and ‘I am”. The subconscious is the actual so called ‘brain’ behind everything we do.
Kudos Dr vetter as usual.
Florence MacDonald


Houston Vetter - DocResults November 8, 2012 at 8:01 am

Thank you Florence.


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