Your Inner Game And Why It’s ALL Inner Game

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on June 13,


By Houston Vetter

As you know I wasn’t settled on what exactly I was to send to you today.

I had thought about some great information that Dr. Norm Burbba and one of his assistants informed me of how people can actually get a specific type of full spectrum  multi-vitamins paid for by their insurance company. And for some reason even thought it is important and very valuable information to you my Inner Being was giving me “that check in my gut”.You know that feeling that most get and often ignore?

I had also thought it would be great information from Win Winger about improving your and your child’s IQ and yet again that gut check keep me from putting Win’s article in today.

When I read the quote from Abraham it clicked. There was no longer any gut check or feeling of apprehension. In fact there was this big feeling of YES. If I had attempted to use Dr. Burbba’s or Win’s great information it would have gotten into the magazine and it is great and important information that I will be sending to you soon and it would have been harder on me getting the magazine ready and out on time. I would not have been writing an article and yet this one is writing itself. (It is flowing out without me trying to figure out what needs to be said or the order.)

Everything starts, continues and concludes from the exact same place and yet our attention is usually focused on the aftermath or what is left behind and not on the place that controls, forms and builds it all. You, like me, may be wondering how do we do that and how can we shift it so we can get more of what we want?

Naturally, it will be an issue of focusing one’s awareness in a different way and it all fits in with two of the Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Creating Your Life. Have you ever thought about the reason(s) most people aren’t able to create and enjoy their life the way they want? I suggest it is because they have forgotten.

What have they forgotten, you ask?

The Fundamentals of who and what they are and how everything works. Science has given us part of the answer but it is simply just another bit of information until the 1st Forgotten Fundamental of Creating Your Life is remembered, understood and embodied by you. The 1st Forgotten Fundamental of Creation is…

“The Individual IS the Meaning Maker.”

I don’t know if it has come into your understanding yet that you do not have to believe anything BUT (and it is an important but) whatever you do believe will become your perceived and felt reality.

You see until you ADD the meaning to something it has no inherent meaning, specifically no meaning to or for you. It is a meaningless even that you as an individual makes by adding a meaning to events.

Just reading the 1st forgotten fundamental and having mental knowledge of it might be helpful and yet it is less than useful until it becomes your actual experience. When that takes place you began to get an unusual form of control. Not directly over anyone or anything external, outside of you however, you begin to get control over your Inner Game which is really the only game to play as it totally controls the outer game.

OK, so now your curious about how the Inner Game is all there is and how it totally controls the outer game, right? Well…

Because of the 2nd Forgotten Fundamental of Creating Life that’s why! And the 2nd Forgotten Fundamental that science has told us and we missed the connection is that…

“Energy flows, builds, strengthens and charges where attention goes!”

Why is this important the 3rd forgotten fundamental reminds us that EVERYTHING is made of energy. And since everything is made of energy, everything you see around you, every thought you think, every emotion and feeling  you have are the results of energy flowing, building, strengthening and charging where the individuals attention goes.

Now combine that with the  1st Forgotten Fundamental when you the individual gives meaning to something you are flowing, building, strengthening and charging energy and the more attention you give the more energy is built and the more energy that is built the more physical movement is created and the more physical movement is done the final results are physical manifestation of energy in the form of stuff. Stuff the technical term for places and things, ie. something to own.

So how you use and play your Inner Game determines what shows up in your life and what shows up in your life when see for what it really is, an indicator (of what what you have been thinking and feeling, ie. giving your attention too.) gives you feedback on how to play the game better so you can get the results you really want.

To Your Best
Dr. Vetter -DocResults
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