Why Can’t My Doctor Get It Right?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on June 20,


Are your doctors as useless as mine?

My name is Ron Valkenaar.  I am 80 years old and live in Caldwell, Idaho.  20 years ago I had a mild heart attack so in Feb. 2004 my heart doctor did several tests on my heart and said that my heart was in great shape and hadn’t changed at all in 20 years.  Just 3 months later in May I had a massive heart attack and was told I had died several times and was revived by the medics. The next day I was rushed to a heart hospital for 5-way bypass heart surgery. I was hospitalized 6 months, 5 months on a ventilator machine because during the bypass the surgeon damaged the nerve that controls my diaphragm leaving me unable to breathe on my own.

In Feb 2010 I had trouble breathing and was rushed to the ER and spent 2 weeks in the hospital.  I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  The doctors told me they couldn’t do anymore for me, put me on a high level of oxygen and sent me home to die. I called my son Craig from the hospital to tell him the bad news. He suggested I come to his home and he would put me on a new diet and supplements and we may be able to clear up the problem.  After a few days discussing it with my wife we decided I should give it a try. What did I have to lose?

On Feb. 26th my son came to pick me up and drive me to his home in Durango, CO.  When I arrived at his home I was in very bad shape and neither one of us was sure I would make it because I was barely able to breath and we were going to a much higher altitude (6700 feet). My feet and legs were swollen up to my hips with edema and I could only take a few steps at a time with my walker (which I had been using for over 2 years). I could not lay flat at all because of the fluid in my lungs and was getting very little sleep sitting up all the time.  I was on a high level of oxygen 24 hrs. a day and needed to use a nebulizer breathing treatment every 6 hrs. and a asthma inhaler 2 times a day just so I could breathe. I was on 11 prescription drugs and insulin for my diabetes which was averaging 300 plus. I was always constipated and was 60 pounds overweight. I had large dark blo od bruising spots on my hands and arms from the Coumadin (blood thinner) drug.

With Dr. Burba’s advice Craig immediately put me on 3 oz of Vibe, 2 oz of Resvante and 4 Efacor a day. He also changed my diet to mostly protein and vegetables.

Within 2 weeks my legs and feet were normal (all the edema was gone), I was able to sleep a solid 8 to 9 hrs. lying flat, I no longer needed the breathing treatment or inhaler and was no longer constipated.

Today just over 2 months later I’ve lost 26 pounds, my blood sugar averages 150, I’m down to 4 prescription drugs, I use only a low amount of oxygen when I sleep and my blood pressure is much lower.

I’m able to ride 20 minutes on a stationary bike and no longer need my walker to get around.

Thank you Eniva for these wonderful products and thanks to my son and Dr. Burba!!

I’m back from the dead, I feel great and I’m getting stronger every day.

Ron Valkenaar

Here is some more information from Dr. Burba.

Doctors have the information available to them and yet they have been trained to look to chemicals instead of the natural chemicals (nutrients) the body needs on a daily basis to be healthy and fit.


RDA True Supplement
30-day Special Need
Daily Dose
BIOTIN 200mcg 200mcg 500 to 3,000mcg
CALCIUM** 800mg 2,000mg* 

2,000 to 5,000mg
CHLORIDE 1,700mg 2,500mg 500 to 2,500mg
CHOLINE 150mg 600mg 500 to 1,000mg
CHROMIUM 50mcg 200mcg 300 to 600mcg
COPPER 2mg 3 to 4mg 4 to 6mg
FLUORIDE 1.5mg 1.5mg 20mg**
FOLIC ACID 400mcg 1,000mcg 15 to 20gm
INOSITOL 75mg 90mg 500 to 2,000mg
IODINE 150mcg 250mcg 1,000mcg
IRON 18mg 45mg 50 to 100mg
MAGNESIUM 350mg 1,000mg 1,000mg
MANGANESE 2.5mg 5mg 2 tp 50mg
MOLYBDENUM 15mcg 500mcg 1,000mcg
NIACIN 18mg 50mg 2,000 to 6,000mg (time release)
PANTOTHENIC ACID 4mg 50mg 300 to 1,000mg (per day)
PHOSPHORUS 800mg 0.0 0.0
POTASSIUM 1,875mg 5,500mg 5,500mg****
PYRIDOXINE 2.2mg 50mg 200 to 500mg
RIBOFLAVIN 1.6mg 50mg 200 to 500mg
SELENIUM 200mcg 500 to 3,000mcg
SODIUM 1,100mg 3,300mg 300 to 3,000mg
SULPHUR 500mg 1,000mg
THIAMINE 1.4mg 50mg 200 to 500mg
TIN 500mcg 1000mcg
VANADIUM 500mcg 2 – 5mg
VITAMIN A 5,000IU 20,000IU – 300,000IU***
VITAMIN B-12 3mcg 200mcg 1,000mcg
VITAMIN C 60mg 1,000mg 10,000mg
VITAMIN D 400IU 275IU 1,000IU
VITAMIN E 15IU 400IU 1,200IU
VITAMIN K 70mcg 140mcg 140mcg
ZINC 15mg 25mg


With any insurance company you have to fill out the paper work correctly, and Eniva has provided instructions and forms to help you through this process.

In an effort to help you save money and to give you the chance to get healthier at the same time I have asked one of my associates, Paddy McAlister (Director of the Energy Medicine Association) to assist you in getting the right forms and filing them properly so the insurance company will pay for your HEALTH & WELLNESS (instead of paying for symptom treatment).  Paddy has over 20 years of experience working in the alternative health industry and is fully aware of my recommendations for use of Eniva nutraceuticals and diet for maximum results.

You can get the full-spectrum multi nutraceutical VIBE here, and you can reach Paddy at nrgymed@aol.com. You will want to let her know you are responding to Dr. Burba’s article in Balance Living Magazine and you are interested in trying VIBE, how to use it for the best results and how to get your insurance company to foot the bill.

To learn about all the Eniva Products, click here.

To learn my tried and proven wellness secrets, email Paddy at nrgymed@aol.com and give her a phone number and good time to contact you.

Promoting Health and Wellness
Dr. Norm Burba


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