What’s In It For You?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on February 2,


What’s in it for you is the title of this issue of Balanced Living Magazine because we want to offer you resources that you can use this week on the mental-emotional, spiritual, physical and relational areas of your life and some of them are free.

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Featured Article: Should You Use Social Media?

by Our New Social Media Expert Mary Sloan

In case you wonder, you already are using Social Media.

One of the questions I keep hearing from people is, “should I use social media?”  The problem with the question is that it tells me that the person asking the question does not know that they already are using social media.  The scary part of not knowing is that you have no control then over what is being said about you.

Yes, today social media affects us all and puts us “out there” whether we know it or not.  What is really frightening to me is how oblivious many people are, in fact I will say most people are, about how public their lives now are.

People do stupid things or criminal things and boast about it on their Facebook pages, or put it up in pictures..  The police and insurance companies sure find it a lot easier to prove someone was defrauding an insurance company when it is there on their Facebook page, put there by the peep themselves in a status update.

So since you are already involved in Social Media then why not at least become conscious of it.  Recognize that it is there and since you are part of it you might as well get to know it better.  That’s what I hope you will learn to do in this column, learn to know more about how to use Social Media.

One of the very first things you should do is go and see if your own name and your business name are still available on many of the social media platforms.  You can do this by visiting www.Knowem.com.

What’s KnowEm all about?  From their web site” “KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 590 popular and emerging social media websites. Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does.”

So Knowem.com is a great place to start if you are not already consciously using Social media. If you are using social media consciously already  then check to see how thoroughly your brand is becoming known and protect it anywhere you are not doing so already.

With 590 popular and emerging social media web sites, at least according to Knowem we’ll have lots to cover in this column as we make you masterful in this Universe of Social Media.   So your answer in the future to the question, “Should I use social media?” will be an unqualified, “Yes of course” because once you do you’ll find it feels so good to be connected.

You can connect with me at anytime.

My blog is www.topmarkmediastrategies.com,

My facebook is www.facebook.com/topmarkmediastrategies

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We now live in a social media connected world and it is impossible to hide.  You could be having coffee with a friend and someone who recognizes you will tweet about it.  If they actually speak to you they might tweet about it and put it on their Facebook page.  They could add you to a Google+ circle.


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“Fat-and-Happy”… Is It True? Study Tells All…

by Jon Benson Fitness Author


Did you know that fitness pro Jon Benson used to be “obese”? No kidding… now he’s on magazine covers. It goes to show you what you can do if you set your mind to it. Well, Jon sent me this article today for you — it’s about the old saying, “Fat-n-Happy”… and a study that will blow you away. Very important to check this out… enjoy!

Doc Houston

Ever heard the phrase, “Fat-n-Happy?”…

Of course you have. We used to refer to obese guys as a “jolly fat-man”… or perhaps someone who is overweight as “fat-n-happy”.

Is it true? Can (gasp) being overweight actually make you happy?

Rather than giving you my opinion on the matter, I take a look at three national studies on this page.

The presentation is only 5 minutes long… and I reveal the number one case for alarm in the United States and Canada.

Read that again:  The Number 1 Cause For Alarm.

And I’m NOT an alarmist… I’m a rationalist. But stats like these do not lie.

They cannot lie.

And this deals with our children.

Please… go see:

click.here—> http://docloves.me/fatandhappy

P.S.  I can tell you from my own first-hand experience, which I document in “Fit Over 40”, that my personal 10-year-journey through the muck of obesity was ANYTHING but happy.

I was depressed, to the point of suicide at times (thankfully I never went that far.) I was socially hidden. I wore “fat-clothes” all the time. The few times I HAD to wear jeans or dress pants I rushed home to change into sweats because they were just too damn uncomfortable to tolerate.

Bottom line:  I was “fat-n-miserable”.

I think most people who are overweight or obese feel more despair, sadness, or perhaps just really frustrated than “happy”. Of course you can be happy and be any size, color, shape, etc. But I’ll tell you from my experience that I am MUCH happier now that I’m fit and trim.

Part of that is just because I feel better. The other part is how the brain functions. When you’re more active, you release more “feel-good” hormones… and these are powerful anti-blues hormones… they really make you feel like a champ. At least that’s been my experience.

But go watch the 5-min video and see what you think…

click.here—>  http://docloves.me/fatandhappy



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