What Keeps The law Of Attraction From Working For You

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 31,


Everyone wants what they want because they think that by getting and having what they want they will feel better. That’s a good thing. However, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, so what keeps the law of attraction from working for you?

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I don’t personally know many people who haven’t heard of the movie “The Secret” or The Law of Attraction, have you? Do you know anyone who believes the Law of Attraction won’t work for me. Most people that are trying to get more out of live or be more have heard of the Law of Attraction. All the people I know have a sense that the law of attraction works even if they can’t seem to get it to work for themselves. Are you one of those?

In other words you think LOA works but some how you are the exception. It works for others but not for you. Do you have confidence it will probably work for someone else but you are not sure about if it will work for you or not?

Well if that is you or you know someone in the same boat, take heart. Instead of getting into whether or not LOA works or not (We cover this is the special report “Does The Secret Work?“), since you already suspect that it does lets deal with what causes the “It won’t work for me” issue.

The same reason that makes you feel you don’t have the confidence to do what it takes to get what you want is the same reason you think “the LOA works, but not for me”.

It comes from the programming you have been getting all your life from society. What your family, teachers, preachers, TV and friends have all contributed to as well. Why have they done that to you? They didn’t know any better because it is the same programming they received. So how could they help?

Societal group beliefs help keep people in line and in their place. That is not a good or a bad thing, it is just the way it is. It just happens naturally when people are not taught about working in the one area that changes every other area.

No we are not talking about your BS-Belief System we are talking about a specific part of your Belief System that determines all the other limiting beliefs you have that keep you from being, doing and having all the happiness, joy and peace that you not only deserve, you were created to experience.

Your core beliefs (there are about 30-40 of them) determine how well all your other beliefs work for you or if they work against you. You develop your core beliefs without even knowing it before the age of about 7. And then the rest of your life you add, delete, distort and generalize all other beliefs based on your core beliefs.

Why is that? Because your core beliefs establish your self worth and how you perceive and interact with YOU. (YOU is that higher aspect, the spiritual aspect, the unseen aspect, the non-physical aspect of you.) IN other words your core beliefs determine how aligned you are with YOU.

To say it in a way that you may be used to hearing it your core beliefs make up your self worth and your self worth is made up of two things.

Self Worth

  1. Self Image (How you see yourself)
  2. Self Esteem (What you say to yourself about how you see yourself)

Since you have a sense that the law of attraction will work but you don’t know how to get it to work for you I want you to know about something that will take care of all of that, forever.

You no longer have to think the law of attraction won’t work for me because after this it always will.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com
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