What Is Your Score On The Millionaire Test?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on April 5,



Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire? Let’s find out by taking the millionaire test. Our friend and millionaire Dr. Harlan Kilstein developed a test to determine if you can be a millionaire and he let me share it with you.

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to become a millionaire?

Do you understand what it takes to become wealthy, and do you have a general positive attitude towards wealth?

Do you believe that you have the potential for riches, and do you trust that there is abundance in the universe for you, too?

Do you desire to be wealthy, and yet you may not be quite there yet?

You may be having trouble taking the final steps to turn your thoughts into actions.

You may be unsure about what path to take to become rich.

You’re probably not totally happy with your financial situation right now.

But you’re not sure how to change it.

Maybe you’ve changed jobs, tried to save more, or cut back on your spending.

But if you’re not seeing much of a difference, it’s because you still have some serious issues holding you back.

The amount of money we have is determined by our beliefs about money.

For instance, many people believe that if you are rich, people will try to get your money.

Family members and people from your past will treat you like an ATM and you won’t be able to handle it.

But rich people know that they make the rules and set limits on who gets their money.

Poor people believe that they need to get rich before they can give to charity.

Rich people understand that you attract what you give.

If you give generously with your money, you’ll get even more in return.

Most people aren’t sure of what’s keeping them from becoming wealthy.

Yet there’s usually some issue from their background that is keeping them broke–that they never even consider until they work on the problem.

So you can see that your beliefs act like a blueprint for how much money you will have in your life.

They are engrained deep in your subconscious.

Unless you change your beliefs, you won’t get anywhere.

Imagine you’ve just written a letter on the computer.

You print it, read it over, and find a typo.

You take the Wite-Out and erase the mistake.

You hit Print again, and the letter comes out with the same typo!

Because the real problem can’t be fixed with Wite-Out. You’ve got to go back into the computer and fix the typo in the original file.

Millionaires think and act in certain ways.

And poor people think and act in certain ways.

That’s why when Donald Trump lost all his money, he gained it all back again–and then became even richer than he was before.

But more than half of lottery winners end up wasting all their winnings within just a few years, and they end up broke again.

Because it’s not about what you have in the bank.

It’s about what’s in your mind.

So take The Millionaire Test and see what your score is…

Click on The Millionaire Test to take the test.

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To Your Best,
Dr.  Vetter – DocResults.com

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