Wayne Dyer Is Not A Liar

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on March 19,


self helpWayne Dyer (picture from Wikipedia)  is a man who helps many, many folks and Wayne Dyer is not a liar. Just the other night I caught Dr.Dyer on PBS talking about his new book and program “Wishes Fulfilled” and he is finally focusing on the aspect that makes manifestation happen. And what he is presenting now can make a tremendous shift in those in the New Age Movement. He is talking about energy vibration and how to know if you’ve got the best vibration going. He is focusing on getting the feeling… Something that we have been talking about out here on the cutting edge for at least the 25 years I’ve been in the self help and personal development field and even longer than that as we look at history.

The sleep temples of Egypt were one of the first places we can find this happening. The sleep temples, which mesmerism and hypnosis tracks some of its origins too, are some of the first places this concept is mentioned. Even back in the sleep temples of Ancient Egypt they focused the people on the feeling of having what they wanted vs what they didn’t want.

Before the Catholic Church was established the Gnostic scriptures spend a lot of time speaking of focusing on the feelings of what you want  vs what you don’t want. The translation of what became the Catholic Bible and then the Protestant Bible, i.e. The Holy Bible speaks of it in poetic language that often misses the actual point. Such language as, “As a man thinks in his heart” and “faith as a muster seed” and many others are,  in the original Aramaic, all pointing to and indicating the the feeling sense of already having what one wants.

It is all throughout the history of the Catholic Church when you look at the deeper Christian living movement, Madam Guyon, Michael Molinas, Brother Lawrence and his Practicing the Presence of God. Then about the same time that Phineas Quimby, considered the originator of the New Thought Movement, was putting his thoughts down on paper, Watchman Nee a Chinese Christian was practicing and teaching the concept of getting the feeling of what it is you want more so than the words.

The most famous New Thought Movement book you are probably familiar with  “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

Before that, the New Thought Movement probably got it’s best proponent and possible the most accurate, in Neville Lancelot Goddard. (Picture from Wikipedia) Where many in  the New Thought movement were focusing on the words and what you say. Neville went beyond the focus on the words, he focused on the feeling behind the words. (i.e. the vibrational energy frequency, not the words themselves.)  Joe Vitale wrote a lot about Neville and called focusing on the feeling of already having what you want as Nevillizing  or to Nevillize something.

The most recent attempt to bring forward the ideas that actually get results was Rhonda Byrne with her move “The Secret”, which began as a case study of “Abraham” as channeled through Ester Hicks. However, it quickly got away from the Abraham message of everything being energy vibration and the individual being the leading edge extension of divinity to a watered down version of the Law of Attraction. Totally missing the real message and the real secret.

Divinity is ALL energy and energy moves by vibration and you are the leading edge extension of that vibration.

What many miss is vibration is a felt thing. We must interpret words, we have to give them meaning, BEFORE we FEEL the vibration of them. The difficult comes in as people pay attention to the words and not the feeling. As a perfect example the movement that is supposed to be about feeling and the energy behind feeling is called “The New Thought Movement” instead of the more accurate “The New Feeling Movement”.

Words are only as important as the feeling meaning behind them. Focusing on saying the right words slows you down. Focusing on having the feeling of already having what is wanted will make whatever words you happen to use, powerful.

“The New Thought Movement” is more accurately “The New Feeling Movement” 

I am so glad that Wayne Dyer is not a liar, thankfully. Because recently at the first of the year, I put up a book on Kindle that I wrote many years ago that addresses the very thing Dr. Dryer is now presenting as the latest information in his Wishes Fulfilled. I agree it is new information for those who have not heard it before and I really believe it can help many in the New Age movement as well as the Christian movement when applied.

The name of the book is “The Power of Positive Feeling, Beyond The Power of Positive Thinking For Fast Happy Manifestation” it talks in depth about the difference between what we say and the energy behind what we say and how to use it to get what you want. The last half of the book is made up of exercises you can use to use the power of positive feeling in your life. So it is both a book that explains and it is a book with tools and as a friend of mine so nicely says, “If you do the drills, you’ll get the skills.”

And for those who do not have a kindle here it is as an ebook with a $30 discount off of the original price. Power of Positive Feelinghttp://docloves.me/paypalpowerofpostivefeeling

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com 

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Kate Loving Shenk March 28, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Hi Houston, I just bought “The Power Of Positive Feeling” and am looking forward to reading it!! Namaste!


Houston Vetter - DocResults March 28, 2012 at 5:48 pm

That is fantastic. You will have a great time reading it.
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com


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