[Quick VIDEO] What Useful Beliefs Can Do For You

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on May 1,


In this video Dr. Vetter shares with you some of his thoughts on the benefits of useful beliefs and what useful beliefs can do for you.

Limiting beliefs get you one thing and useful beliefs get you something else. Limiting ones keep you from happiness, health, wealth, wisdom and happy relationships. Where as useful beliefs get you closer and closer to enjoying those things for the majority of your life.

What Useful Beliefs Can Do For You

If you are not purposefully looking for useful beliefs and installing them in the place of limiting beliefs you are creating more and more blocks that, if you are going to be successful, sooner or later you will have to remove the blocks to get what you want.

Everything that happens in your life and how you experience those happenings is determined by your belief system. The more you can eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with more useful beliefs, not only do you feel better, you also get life to work for you in amazing ways.

You can move more into Consciousness and awareness or continue on letting your unquestioned and limiting beliefs rule your life. Or…

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