[VIDEO] Help With Useful Beliefs and BS

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on May 13,


Useful Beliefs and BS from our YouTube Channel In this video Dr. Vetter addresses a particular aspect of consciousness and awareness that has been tripping up many people and creating an ‘me vs you’, ‘us vs them’ mentality that keeps you from being, doing and having all that you are capable and deserving of.

Forgetting that we make up our own meaning and therefore we make up our own beliefs puts us in a dilemma of our own making. By forgetting that we make up our beliefs and that they are not true, simply possible navigation points along the way, we fight, defend and demand that others buy in to our delusion of knowing something for sure and with accuracy.

[VIDEO] Help With Useful Beliefs and BS

Whether it be religion or politics, etc. forgetting that we made up the meaning and that we are pretending that it is true and accurate causes us to separate both mentally, emotionally and physically from others. In doing this we separate from the Oneness that we all are and the Is-ness of everything.

This creates suffering and unnecessary problems for us. It also is the foundation of dis-ease on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Changing beliefs, questioning our own beliefs is a foundational self-help, personal development tool that most of us were never taught. Much less how to change our core beliefs.

And it seems learning and being your full identity has not only been forgotten it has also been buried.

Spiritual Awakening and a renewed interest in Consciousness has opened the door for forgotten things to be remembered and buried things to be uncovered and brought into the light. The side effect of this is that many people’s goals such as reducing, recovering or stopping suffering, illness, disease, poverty etc and people enjoying more happiness, health, wealth and good relationships are being realized not as a goal to be reached and as a side effect of becoming more and more conscious of all of who they really are.

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