Oneness Training – The [Absolute] Truth Dilemma

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on February 10,


It is about time I wrote this new chapter of Oneness Training – The [Absolute] Truth Dilemma as there has been a discussion going on over on one of the Linkedin boards that deals with emotional intelligence.  One thing I’ve noticed… clarity of words, labels, terms and concepts determine the usefulness and usability of the word.

Now on that board they don’t look at things from a Oneness point of view. Many of them are not aware that there is anything close to Advaita, Oneness or Non-duality. Some on the list look at things from an intelligent manner and others look at things from an emotional point of view.

When asked to look at the concept of truth from an intelligent prospective some use what seems to be intelligence…

A useful definition for intelligence is… capacity to learn, reason and understand. And it is a process that continues. Intelligence as far as I can tell is an ongoing curiosity that continues to gather information and integrates that information with what came before. It is willing to look at things from as many different perspectives as possible without judgment, which adds to the capacity to learn, reason and understand.

Others respond from an emotional prospective.

A useful definition for emotion is… energy in motion in the form of a body sensation (i.e. feeling) with a mental meaning attached. It compares all new information against what has been accepted as correct and accurate and fails to consider looking at something from a different point of view.

Neither of these definitions are judgments they are simple descriptions of two different nouns.

Here is a useful working definition of Emotional Intelligence – the ongoing learning, reasoning and understanding of that energy flow in motion and how those mental meanings are added to the body sensations and how any individual can use that to shift, change, transform any emotion to be able to be, do and have more of what they say they want in their lives.

Oneness Training – The [Absolute] Truth Dilemma

From free dictionary. com


1. (Linguistics) the branch of linguistics that deals with the study of meaning, changes in meaning, and the principles that govern the relationship between sentences or words and their meanings

Those that respond from the emotional side of things refuse to look at semantics, as their map and model of things believes that words have meaning without a meaning maker to give the meaning. In fact if you asked them their definition of the word truth they respond with… that which is true. And as my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Abernathy told us you cannot define a word using the word or its derivatives.

As far as I can tell when people use the word truth they are meaning that which is correct and accurate.

Linguistically the word truth is a nominalization. A nominalization requires more defining to get a better understanding of what the word means to an individual. The test to see if a noun is a nominalization is can it be seen, could you put it on a chair and look at it. Both truth and absolute are nominalizations that fall into that category.

Those who believe there is absolute truth do so based on faith as it cannot be seen. Those who are not sure if there is absolute truth or not do so based on the fact that it cannot be seen.

As understanding goes for me… Believe means where I’ve come to a conclusion, which means I’ve stopped thinking. If I do have any specific beliefs I continually attempt to upgrade them so they stay useful. Because as far as I understand beliefs are maps and models of the actual territory and without constant updating the accuracy of any map fades as new information about the territory is discovered and comes available.

From a Oneness point of view the truth dilemma is not a dilemma. Since Duality is simply Oneness expressing itself, it is all Oneness and Oneness is a beingness experience instead of a conceptual mental understanding. Truth is the added meaning created by the mind to that which simply is. In other words truth may be useful for discussion and yet it limits experience of ‘what is’ by imposing an arbitrary limitation called truth as if it is separate and better than something else.

Applying the concept of truth to Oneness

Some in the Advaita movement believe that non-duality is truth and duality is illusion. From the integrated perspective of Oneness Training™ both non-duality and duality are true/truth and more as they are both Oneness.

From the dualistic view point since each individual is the meaning maker according to the First Forgotten Fundamental Of [an Exquisite] Life your definition of truth or absolute truth will be your experience.

When you come to the realization from a Oneness prospective it is more about the experience than the meaning of the word much will shift in your life.

When you participate in Oneness Training™ and use Identity Shifting™ it is so much easier because when you realize what actually is truth and all other nominalizations make you laugh to yourself as life is so much fuller as you get what you want and help others do the exact same thing.


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