Tony Robbins Training In New Cutting Edge Technology

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 19,


Back in September I let you know that Tony Robbins was being processed in some cutting edge technology called Spiritual Technology. That article was called “If It’s Good Enough For Tony Robbins” . In the article Tony was getting processed in Deep PEAT and Unification Process. PEAT stands for Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence.

What Deep PEAT does is it solves your fundamental life problem by aligning and integrating the first set of polarities (1st yin/yang) that you as an individual create as you move from Oneness to Duality. It also gives you an actual experience of enlightenment. I have written extensively about all the different aspects of Spiritual Technology over the years and it is one of the foundational processes I do with people who are really wanting to explore who they really are or who want to deeply explore spirituality.

Tony Robbins Training In New Cutting Edge Technology

Recently Vladimir Stojakovic (A Spiritual Technology Trainer) did some more training with Tony and his team. This is from an email from Vladimir…

I was invited to yet another Tony Robbins seminar, Date with Destiny, in the USA, but I will have to miss it due to a number of family and business obligations at the moment. It’s already to begin in five days and I cannot make it there now, which is regrettable. I was told by many people this is his most important seminar. Still, I hope I will be invited again. 

 In the meantime I trained 9 of TR trainers and might get to train more of them in the future. 

 I attached here a photo I made with Tony Robbins in Mexico. 

 By the way, those 9 Tony’s trainers are very impressed with PEAT. All of them will be in this Date with Destiny seminar and will do PEAT processes with participants there. 

Since then Vladimir has done some more training with Tony and his team.

Here are what a few people have said about Spiritual Technology…

Hey Doc,

Thanks for the feedback. I understand what you mean now. I guess it’s the expectations I had which started all those nagging thoughts. It looks so innocently like nothing happened other then a good relaxation session.

But the end-result of a feeling of internal peace that still lasts is unmistakable.

It’s like my perspective/intention is different even though now my actions may be the same.

Anyways I will keep with this new perspective and get used to it first before I do DP3 or past/future rundowns with you. Thanks for integrating my primes!

Btw, I noticed that PEAT resembles Taoist and Zen thinking a lot, any thoughts on that?


Hi All,

As I was arranging to have Doc Houston bring me through the Deep PEAT process, I really had no idea what to expect or what the outcome would be. The idea of identifying and integrating my original polarities didn’t have any meaning for me beyond what Doc had told me and what I had read.

After going through the process, though, I felt as though I was on a different plane of existence than I had ever been before. I have been through many spiritual experiences in the past and have experienced feelings of total calm and being at one with all created things. This is very much how I felt at the end of the Deep PEAT session. The difference for me between the other spiritual experiences in my life and Deep PEAT is that there appears to be a calm which has settled over me. Stimuli in my environment that used to “hook” me no longer seem to have any effect on me. Instead, I am able to select how I will react to events and people that I would have considered stressors before I went through Deep Peat.

The lingering effects of Deep PEAT are very subtle but I can see that I am able to move my life in the direction that I want it to go in with much less effort than I have ever experienced before. I have no doubt that as more time passes I’ll be more aware of other effects of Deep PEAT. For now, though, I’m just enjoying this new phase of my consciousness.


Another testimonial from Ron…

Having already gone through Deep PEAT I went into the DP3 process with a little more of an idea of what was going on, but not much. In this case, Doc Houston had me focus on something in my life that had been a long-standing source of tension or aggravation for me.

I identified one that was a biggie for me and we began the process. To my amazement, we had the tension from my chosen issue resolved in about 15 minutes!

The calm that I felt around my issue was amazing to me, especially considering that it took so little time. And as with Deep PEAT this feeling has remained with me. It seems as thought both the Deep PEAT and the DP3 process have affected fundamental changes in me on a very deep and fundamental level.

At this point, I can’t wait until Doc runs a seminar on Deep PEAT and DP3 so that I can learn to use these amazing tools to help other people.


Here is a video testimony from

If you want to know more about the Spiritual Technology processes please contact us here.

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Edgar January 19, 2012 at 6:39 pm

what makes this different than a meditation ? the effects sound very much like what one would experience when they meditate


Houston Vetter - DocResults January 19, 2012 at 8:48 pm


This is hard to explain in words as words only point to past experiences.

The Spiritual Technology protocols gives you experiences outside of your mental thinking and understanding.

In meditation one can lose the sense of one’s body because one’s focus of attention is no longer on the body.

After having one’s primary polarities aligned-integrated one consciously (mentally) understands that there is a difference between your body and the wall or your body and a tree or your body and another person’s body BUT when you attempt to feel the difference between your body and the wall, tree, another person etc. There is none, you can not feel where you end and something else starts.

This experience can last for days, weeks and/or months and it effects EVERYTHING in your life your past and things that will happen in your future because you will no longer have your fundamental life problem in the way.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston


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