Pay Tony Robbins $10,000+ For This Experience OR…

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 17,


pay Tony Robbins $10,000+ for this experience You could pay Tony Robbins $10,000+ for this experience that was done at his last Spirituality and Oneness week long course OR instead of making hotel reservations, travel arrangements to get to India or wherever the next program is while taking time off work, and figuring out food and dietary precautions you can get the two main experiences of Oneness and Spiritual Enlightenment over the phone.

Pay Tony Robbins $10,000+ For This Experience OR…

This experience of Oneness and Spiritual Enlightenment  can be done over the phone for a whole lot less money, time, travel and energy. Did I say a whole lot less money?

I just received this information yesterday from a fellow Spiritual Technology Trainer.

Yesterday I came back from another Tony Robbins seminar. It was an event for his Platinum Partnership members, and the topic was Spirituality and Oneness.

My job was to run individual sessions with the participants. I did many Deep PEAT and DP4 sessions and yet another time I noticed how unique and effective Spiritual Technology is, for both practical needs (problems) and for our spiritual needs.

The seminar was in India, in the Leela Palace, a very luxurious hotel in Udaipur.

For me, this was especially interesting seminar because it was all about spirituality. Tony showed that throughout the years, he did extensive practical research on spirituality, and that is something that most people don’t know about him, even his followers.

India was great too. I really enjoyed the experience.


The same process that Tony used at his most recent Spirituality and Oneness Workshop is something I’ve written to you about two times before. In the issue entitled “Tony Robbins Training In New Cutting Edge Technology” I wrote you this…

Back in September I let you know that Tony Robbins was being processed in some cutting edge technology called Spiritual Technology. That article was called “If It’s Good Enough For Tony Robbins” . In the article Tony was getting processed in Deep PEAT and Unification Process. PEAT stands for Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence.

What Deep PEAT does is it solves your fundamental life problem by aligning and integrating the first set of polarities (1st yin/yang) that you as an individual create as you move from Oneness to Duality. It also gives you an actual experience of enlightenment. I have written extensively about all the different aspects of Spiritual Technology over the years and it is one of the foundational processes I do with people who are really wanting to explore who they really are or who want to deeply explore spirituality.

Also in that article “Tony Robbins Training In New Cutting Edge Technology” I showed some written testimonials and one of the video testimonials. Here is another one.

If you would like the same experience that members of Tony Robbin’s Platinum Partnership members got in less than 55 minutes, from the comfort of your own home and for a fraction, and I mean a small fraction, of what those who had to fly to India spent, contact me as we have a special going on right now through the weekend for Spiritual Technology processing on Deep PEAT and/or DP 4.

Getting your primes integrated (Deep PEAT) can be either the most profound experience of your life or the most subtle. For most people it is both the most profound and the most subtle experience at the very same time.


You could pay Tony Robbins $10,000+ for this experience or you can contact us to get the experience conveniently, in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost.


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