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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on September 2,



Today, which happens to be Labor Day here in America is also my birthday. So in honor of my birthday, I want to share with you an article that I wrote that kinda ties in with birthdays and who you are or who you think you are and who you really are. I put this up over at and it is creating a lot of interest on the net. Especially with the Labor Day special.

How to know who you really are…

Here’s a question for you… What’s in identity shifting for you? The answer is EVERYTHING!

Before I get into the benefit of real Identity Shifting™ for you , let me tell you a story and see if you can relate…

There once was a child just like you, born with no clothes. From there the child’s story differs from yours unless when you were 3 weeks old your father picked you up, threw you across the room and as you slide down the wall, he walked out of the house to never return again.

Then you moved with your mom and brother across 4 states to the middle of Tennessee before you had lived a month and a half. Then when the child was 3 years old your mom picks you up from the babysitters and takes you on a long ride and before the evening is over you wind up in a strange place with a lot of strangers, sleeping in a room with 15 other 3-6 years, with your mom nowhere in site. This is your introduction to orphan life.

From the age of 3 through high school you grow up in two different orphanages. There is no national group to make things easier for you.  When you are eighteen you have to leave the orphanage and you are on your own. There is no National Association of Orphan People to get you any special treatment or breaks for college or job or business and you have no family to rely on. No kinfolk that you know of to co-sign a loan for a car or a business.

The only thing you have going for you is you know you are an orphan but it didn’t mean anything good or bad to you. It didn’t mean anyone owed you anything or that others had to treat you special. It meant other people had two parents and you grew up in an orphanage, nothing more, nothing less.

You thought people either liked you or didn’t, not based on your identity as an orphan but by how you and they interacted and what they thought of how you treated them. And the interesting thing was the better you thought of yourself the better others treated you.

Now I know other people who grew up different with more advantages and opportunities that this child did and for some reason when things didn’t go their way instead of looking at what they could do different to change the situation or learn how to improve their position they felt is was because of their age, or race or gender or religion.

There are only two basic things that get me about that…

  1. it makes you a helpless victim, with no ability to change anything because those things are out of your control (except your religion) and
  2.  it gives you the identity of someone who is disadvantaged and requires special treatment and so far it seems, most who get special treatment want more and more and more.

From my background in the spiritual awareness and personal development field all these challenges can be traced to the individual’s self worth, which is made up of how you see yourself (self-image) and what you say to themselves about how you see yourself (self-esteem).

Now the usual thing, for those who understand this (and many in the field don’t) is to begin work on changing individual beliefs to attempt to change the individuals belief system or like we fondly refer to it as our, BS-Belief System. Because no matter how true we may think our BS-Belief System is it is really just where we have repeated a thought long enough to make a judgment that CLAIMS to be true.

Or as my Grampa Vetter would say, “A belief is simply where we have stopped thinking and forgot we stopped thinking.” He also reminded me we only call another on their BS when it doesn’t line up with our BS; forgetting that all we give to each other is our BS-Belief System.

Up until now, it seems that no one has figured out yet that there is a way to change whole belief systems extremely fast and it is easier to do than working on one belief at a time or even working where I usually work and that is on the basic foundational core beliefs that all other beliefs come from.

To find what it is that does all this, it is valuable to look at what beliefs control. Beliefs control thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions. So that is why if someone wants to make a change in their lives a good therapist or counselor will focus in the area of beliefs and the better ones will focus in the area of core beliefs.

 What’s In Identity Shifting For You?

 Guess what controls ALL beliefs?

That’s right, you guessed it… your identity controls all your beliefs, just as beliefs controlidentity shiftingthe thoughts feelings, behaviors and actions you take.

So instead of rooting out and finding your limiting beliefs, and there are about 41 limiting core beliefs, why not use Identity Shifting™to change them all. And the beauty of how we teach you to do that in our Lucid Living™ Seminars and training’s is it gives you access to all beliefs limited and unlimited so you can use them instead of them using you.

Limiting beliefs come from a limited identity.

You have a limited identity. There is no sense in denying it. You didn’t choose this identity on purpose… society, family, friends, teachers, government everyone, even tradition claimed this was your identity so you accepted it. What was that identity?

Well the identity that…

You are ONLY Human!

Fortunately, that isn’t true because if it were, then having a self worth problem and never getting over it would be the truth and nothing but the truth and there would be nothing you could do about it.

You are more than human, way more and when you start to realize that… everything in you life will change for the better and I mean BETTER.

Identity Shifting™ is one of the key components in our Lucid Living™ Seminars. That along with Vibrational Innergetic™ makes this the most powerful and unique training available today because of three main components to the training.

If you want to change your life forever and get what you really want Identity Shifting™ and Lucid Living™ Seminars are what you are looking for. And right now because it is my birthday I have a special Labor Day Discount for you over at Lucid Living™ Seminars  so go there and take advantage of my birthday.



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