And The Survey Says… This Is What You Want

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on May 7,


Before we get into what was learned from the survey I want to thank each and everyone of you who took our short 3 question survey so we can provide you usable information and this is what you want. With your help we are going to be able to give you exactly what you want.

Also we want to address some of your responses so you understand where we are coming from on this side of things.

And The Survey Says… This Is What You Want

It was sort of like the Kentucky Derby as the results came in, for most of the time the survey was running “make more money” was in the number one spot with “motivation and inspiration” in second place. And  at the end “motivation and inspiration” pulled ahead at the finish line. “Learning more about the Law of Attraction” was a steady 3rd place and improve health edged it out for 3rd place at the finish. “Improve Your Relationships” was 5th with “Improve Your Work Productivity” 6th, the “get more emotional control” and “part-time and full-time business where at the last two positions.

So from the survey since most of you had “make more money” at in second place and “start business” at the bottom it would seem many of you already have ways to make more money you just need to improve in a few areas that will help you get what you want.

For those who do want to start part or full time businesses, on or off the internet we will help with that as well and yet the focus will be in the other areas as that is where the majority say they want help.

So in response to the survey results you provided one of the changes we are making is as soon as we can get it set up we will be sending you a motivational and inspirational video once a week. And the one thing we ask is if the video touches you as you watch them please forward and send them on to your friends, families and others so they can get the same inspiration and motivation and make their lives easier.

We believe if we do our part right and get you the motivation and inspiration you ask for it will automatically effect the “make more money”, “improve your health”,  “learn more about the Law of Attraction” and ‘improve your relationships”. The top areas you want help in. We also believe it will help all the other areas as well.

Responses to some of the suggestions…

One thing I’d appreciate is if you were putting more stuff of the model of NLP into the magazine, e.g. techniques that are in line with the latest knowledge of other fields. And perhaps some testimonials of other people acc. their experiences of what ever – BUT you are already doing a perfect job, so there’s nothing to complain about or improve at all!!

We will be doing this and we do this a lot already we just don’t mention it is NLP based or how it fits into the NLP-DHE model and we will attempt to make that clearer as we go along.

Changing blocks and beliefs that are preventing me to earn money enough through my business

Hopefully our new format will help with that and we do have courses designed to remove blocks and change beliefs such as The Way To Happiness

Job opportunities as consultant in training & development in soft skills

Most everything we offer is basically training and development in soft skills. Not sure we can provide job opportunities as consultants. What we can do is help you improve your training and development skills so that it makes it easier for you to find and secure jobs as a consultant.

communicational skill, Nutrition and Health, Help on keeping ones energy vibration high all the time!!!, How to change beliefs, More nlp, more information from Dr. Richard Bandler

All of these are in the works.

I would like real content and not what amounts to advertisement for some product.

Unfortunately or fortunately, all the experts we have on board and those that are coming on board come on board for two basic reasons to help you and to help themselves. They have answers to problems. We try our best to make sure the articles are entertaining and informative and offer some free help and for those who want more they have access to the products the expert has to offer. Hopefully with the new motivational and inspirational videos you will get real content without advertising for products. That is our goal.

finding the love of my life would be good, but was not mentioned, get me past the threshold of improvement…stop self- sabotage!, i could use coach at reasonable price

We have a relationship course  and courses that stop self-sabotage and we talk about those things from time to time and we will more in the future. The coaching at reasonable price was just available where people got 3 months of coaching for $395, that’s 10 coaching calls for $39.50 each. We also offer an ecoaching program for only $49. We may offer other coaching programs at this reduced rate in the future.

emails with content is better than a bunch of links to other places.

The reason we most often make shorter emails and link to the main balanced living magazine website is not all email systems are designed to handle an email with a lot of content. We have readers all over the world and we want to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. And with the new videos that are coming it works better to link out to the videos than trying to embed them in the emails.

Also when we have articles that are written for other publications and we think they may be of interest to you we want to let you know just in case you may want to read those articles as well.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

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