The Main Problem With Self Healing

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 19,


Today’s article was written by one of my coaching program members, Burt Steele. I was telling Burt about a conversation I had with Jill, another coaching program member and after we were done he asked if he could write an article about this because this is one of those things that would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people in a lot of different areas. I agreed, with the stipulation that I could send his article to you.

The Main Problem With Self Healing

by Burt Steele

Just the other day Dr. Vetter told me about a conversation he had with a practitioner named Jill about Matrix Energetics. And she had a question he had heard over and over. The following is some of the fascinating information we talked about.

You see, Matrix Energetics is a consciousness technology used for transformation and healing and the same question came up that comes up sooner or later in pretty much every healing, transformation and self-healing modality known to man. It also comes up in ever self help, self development program around.

Why is it easier to do this with others and get good results than it is to do it for yourself?

Dr. Houston Vetter has been a professional in the self-help, personal development and healing field for over 25 years. He is a Master Teacher in over 30 different disciplines and he says this same question has been raised by students in every single discipline.  Doc said today the question is about Matrix Energetics tomorrow it will be the same question but it will be about another modality or discipline.

From Hypnosis and NLP to Reiki and Quantum Touch, from Matrix Energetics and Yuen Method to Spiritual Technology and Russian New Knowledge-Organ Regeneration, from The Healing Codes and Meridian Therapies to Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology the same question is asked by students and practitioners of various modalities. Why does this work better for others, than it does on me?

This is a very good question and the answer is not what most people would think it is.

As a modeler of what works Dr. Vetter researches new disciplines to find the cutting edge modalities that actually gets results for people. There are more and more disciplines coming out every day and they are getting easier and easier to learn and to use.  The Awareness Technology of Quantum and Vibrational Innergetics are very easy to learn and use, as are the Energy Psychology modalities such as EFT or Spiritual Technology’s Basic PEAT.  Click here to learn Basic PEAT free.

However even with the easy to learn and use modalities, people and practitioners still have the same problem come up. Albeit not as often as with other modalities. It is the same question. Why is this easier to do for others? Why doesn’t this work as well for me?

Because of Dr. Vetter’s unique perspective of so many different disciplines, each with their own perspective, he saw the pattern. The pattern is that regardless of the discipline or modality many people were having great difficulty getting the modality to work for them. Some were able to get their preferred modality to work for others but not on themselves.

Dr. Vetter told me a story of a well known persuasion teacher who is a master teacher in NLP and hypnosis say that he had difficulty getting NLP to work on himself, even though he knew it should.

Dr. Vetter went on to discover that it wasn’t anything missing in the modalities that made them less effective so he reverse engineered the problem from a whole different perspective. He came up with a solution that shouldn’t surprise anyone but it did surprise most.

Dr. Vetter found the solution to the main problem of self healing. The answer is not in the modality but in the core beliefs of the practitioner. He discovered that once you align your core beliefs not only can you get a modality to work for you; you also get better results with other people as well.

Now if you know how, you can take your favorite change modality and start work changing your core beliefs. That is if you knew what your core beliefs are.

At present Dr. Vetter has found over 40 core beliefs everyone has around self worth and self esteem. These are the ones that determine your success at getting and keeping the changes that you.   He has also found over 15 core beliefs just concerning money and finances. He has also found quite a few concerning relationships and your ability to have long-lasting intimate relationships.

If you want to solve the main problem with self healing and answer the question that will continue to haunt people until they solve the problem. Then we’ve made it easy for you.  If you want to no longer have the question, why does this work on others but not on me? If you want the feeling of appreciation of how easy this works for me and fully understand that you can help yourself and others.

Then naturally you want to shift and align your core beliefs. Once you get aligned with your core beliefs they will no longer hold you back. They will no longer keep you from getting what it is you say you want. Once you make the shift and get your core beliefs in alignment with you, life will get easier, smoother and you’ll get more of the results you say you want and you’ll be happier.


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Josephine December 19, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Dear Burt Steele.

I have been self healing for a good 25 years now. I missed once. The healings were permanent. Am totally healthy. My technique is very simple really.. I ask the Universe. That’s it. Actually, my Spirit. If I have a neg core belief, I just ask to be erased and it is done. LOL…
Being naturally curious, I dabbled on Silva, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing and Matrixenergetics. I get it that the healing energy being used by these modalities are the energy of Spirit. I just confused myself over and over by applying these modalities when all I need to do is ask. The severe ones, like a torn rotator cuff, i had to go into deep meditation. the mild ones, I go into alpha
So I ask the Universe, “waaaa…..What is my problem…? ”

Am still trying to figure that one out.


Houston Vetter - DocResults December 19, 2011 at 6:36 pm


Glad you found a way that works for you.

And btw what if things aren’t problems, they are just what is in the moment and the moment is always changing.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston


Josephine December 20, 2011 at 9:30 am

Dear Doc.
Thank you.

I think that we are just using different terms for the
same thing..
The NOW, Spirit, Universe, The Force.
My conclusion in all this, from my experience, is summed up by these words: “ET, phone Home.” To me, it means to connect to this Force. The Universe wants us to connect. There is no core belief that cannot be dissolved in an instant by the Universe . I confess I do not know my core beliefs about healing. I just ask that if there are blockages to the problem, that they be dissolved. Why run around looking for them when I can just ask..?
It is not the core belief. It is how I relate intimately to the Universe.

What if things are challenges that appear in the moment..?
I have these challenges. Most of the time it works when I ask the Universe to cancel what is in the Menu.
Sometimes, the Mind create these scenarios . When this happens, I get to cancel them.
It is when I get hit by others creative rubbish that i still have difficulty ..all I can do in the moment is control my Mind from resenting, judging, reacting negatively
and most of all, I connect to the Universe.
Light and Love,


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