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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 6,


The fastest way to get what you want now is; since the soft internet release of Sacred Cows Dancing Volume #1 Financial Enlightenment For Today is the trainings we have been holding. We have been holding some trainings on Increasing Your Cash Flow and since everything is energy you can replace cash flow with whatever you want and begin to get it now.

I’ve had a couple of people say something similar to this statement made by one of the seminar participants.

Doc’s philosophy goes against everything I learned growing up (and the way most people think) but that is what I need, because what I learned growing up does not work and I’m tired of not getting what I want.”

This explanation is in response to her and other similar comments.

Explaining Energetic Alignment (Neutrality)

In the process of being, doing and having what it is you want in your life (happiness, health, wealth, relationships) the quickest way that I know of is to get energy alignment with everything. And everything means EVERYTHING; it even includes ‘not everything’ as well. (I’ll explain that later.)

This can be a difficult understanding to grasp or put into practice, especially for the western mind.  The western mindset, i.e. the scientific mindset is based on true or false, right or wrong. It can’t be both at the same time according to the logical scientific western mindset. What is missed is the concept of true and false, right and wrong occupying the same space at the same time. This is a foreign concept to most people’s thinking therefore, it is not a part of their everyday experience. You are aware that your thinking determines your everyday experience, aren’t you?

However, with a little practice it can be your experience and when it becomes a part of your experience and you can align, be neutral (also called strong which is a calibration term) to both true/false, right/wrong, yes/no and ‘not true’/’not false’, ‘not right’/’not wrong’, ‘not yes/’not no’ you get access to absolute freedom and from there with very little to ‘no effort’ on your part, except for the occasional inspired action, to get more of what you want to start showing up in your life.

(A Side Note about Neutrality) Most people who think of being neutral have a sense that it is boring, nothing to do, apathy, etc. This is the totally of the mark. Neutrality allows you to FEEL the full range of emotions from the worst to the best and not be hooked (have an emotional reaction). Neutrality allows you to feel peace that passes all understanding, joy, and bliss, and ecstasy, unconditional love… all without being hooked by them or any other emotion (energy in motion).

When you are able to align with everything, less and less judgment show up in your experience and judgments are what keeps you from being, doing and having what it is you really want, all the while telling you that by making the judgment(s) you will get what you want. (It is the way your head space makes itself important.)

What being energetically aligned or neutral or strong means is the energy, all of it flows through you and doesn’t get hooked, restricted, constricted or stopped. The 3rd Forgotten Fundamental of Life is that “Individuals are not container, they are conduits.” Containers restrict, constrict, stop and hold things. Energy isn’t designed to be held, it is designed to flow and that is what a conduit does, it flows that which goes through it. That is how you are designed.

What stops energy? How does it get a charge that hooks you? By adding something to it and that something is a meaning of good/bad, right/wrong or true/false (in other words by adding a judgment) instead of adding the meaning of both good and bad, right and wrong, and, true and false all at the same time. When you move from ‘either/or’ to ‘and’ you move from judgment to calibration and you lose all kinds of charge that hooks, restricts, constricts or stops what you want from happening and makes it way more likely you will get what you want with, way less effort.

Being aligned or neutral or strong to everything means that your energy does not drop when you think of something. If your energy drops, it means you are having an emotional reaction which means the item has a charge that hooks you and when you have a charge that hooks you (emotional reaction) you do not have the choice on how to respond and the energy is restricted, constricted or stopped from getting you what you want.

There are many ways to go about reducing or managing your emotional reactions, many of them I teach students in our Enlightenment Mentoring Program.

I hope this helps you get a better understanding of how a world with exclusions actually works. We exclude things with our mental constructs or BS-Belief System and yet that does not make it how actuality works.

To paraphrase Byron Katie, “You can win if you fight actuality. You loose. Only every time.”

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –
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Ken October 6, 2011 at 9:32 am

So Question:

Everything is energy, I understand.
There is only me or I am everything…
If statement 2 is true, then I am responsible for all the poverty, war, and murder in the world. That depresses me. I guess the real question is am I in control or not? When I think I am in control, things happen to prove I’m not. When I think I am not in control, why would I do anything? Feeling stuck for a long time now….


Houston Vetter - DocResults October 6, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Thanks for the comment.
Statement #2…Let me make the depression worse. If there is only you then the poverty, war and murder in the world is all you.

Are you in control or not? Depends on which you, you’re referring too. The 10% that you see in the mirror or the 90% of you that you… don’t know, hardly ever pay attention too and think is something other than you.

When you have a dream and in the dream there is other people, poverty and weak people and victims and villains and fear, etc. Does it seem real? ABSOLUTELY!

When you wake from the dream even though in the dream there seemed to be all these different things people, situations, emotions, etc. are they real?

When you get to know the infinite aspect of yourself as much as you are aware of your finite self you’ll be able to be in the world and not of it. When you do that in a dream it is called lucid dreaming.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –


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