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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on May 30,


Writing to you as someone who wants to achieve more success in life,  I thought it might be valuable to introduce some of the people I am gathering to be on our expert panel  including the whys and what’s. Of course you can click on the Experts Panel at and read their bios and I wanted to let you know my thinking in selecting each person to help this community have a balanced life and get what you truly want out of life.

I will not speak of them in any particular order. I will simply share with you some of the impacts they have made in my life and how I perceive them being of service to you. Ultimately this is about empowering you to be all you want to be, easily and naturally with as few bumps in the road as possible.

For years I have helped people deal with one of the foundational platforms of personal and professional success and that is how we develop our thinking patterns and how to get control or at the minimum manage them in a way that allows for more success. Years ago on my path I discovered a gentleman who was doing very similar things to what I was doing and he had developed some pretty specific programs around removing the foundational beliefs that keep people locked in ways that frustrate most people.

He and his wife work with people to remove limiting beliefs using The Lefkoe Method.  I started corresponding with Morty Lefkoe and found him to be a very caring, open and a wonderful man and I truly enjoy his writing style.  When I shared with him what I was doing his response was, “How can I help?”  I truly believe you will be blessed by what Morty offers.

I met another gentleman Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the leading self-esteem experts a few years back when I did some work for a colleague of his who, when he contacted me, had lost his business with 600 employees and was about to lose his home and he wanted a coach. Well I did what I do, which is the most unique form of mentoring in the world and within a month things had turned around for this business owner. He told Joe about me and Joe contacted me because of the amazing results I had gotten for his colleague. And all these years we have been corresponding so when I asked Joe he more than was ready to help.

I don’t know how many of you know Brad Yates and the reason I asked Brad to be a part of our experts is he has taken EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques to a new simplified and deeper level. Brad is and Advanced EFT Practitioner and does his craft so well that Dr. Joe Vitale wanted Brad to do a program with him on helping people get the emotional charge surrounding money out of their system. How could I not have Brad here to help this community?

Another friend Win Winger is best known for his untiring care that moves him to problem solving and providing solutions. Win is famous for a couple of things; he is the co-author of the book, “The Einstein Factor” and is the developer of a process called “Image Streaming” that actually makes people smarter. Win and I have corresponded for years and when I asked him to be a part of our panel his response was that he would be glad to contribute as I was one of the few people who across our writings on the net attempted to keep things on topic and furthering the quality for everyone.

Another fantastic expert we have is John La Valle from New Juarsey (Jersey). John is one of the top people in the world for training people in NLP and his specialty is using it in business. He co-trains with Dr. Richard Bandler (an NLP co-creator) all over the world. I met John over 20 years ago and we hit it off immediately. He taught me how to do Bronx –one word-therapy (and… so… then… therefore…) I’ve written articles for his newsletters and when I asked he said, “And… Let’s get started.”

I have also included the co-authors of my upcoming book “Sacred Cows Dancing, Financial Enlightenment For Today”. One of my co-authors is also my internet marketing coach and his name is Pat O’Bryan.  Pat is a pretty smart man and I admire him greatly. He is a pretty fair guitar player and knows his internet marketing stuff. And so for those who actually want to learn how to make a comfortable living using the internet Pat is on our panel because of that. I really like his response to someone who was complaining about the economy and government and such and Pat said, “Oh I don’t worry about that anymore. I just work on the internet and economic worries don’t matter anymore. Why don’t you get on the internet?”

Another co-author of mine is an expert on our panel Joe Vitale. Joe is always searching and coming up with very useful tools to help you succeed.  He has been in a lot of the latest movies that involve “New Thought” and as Joe says he is the author of way to many books to list in one place. I’m looking forward to what we can get out of “Mr. Fire” to improve the balance in our lives.

For the more business side of things besides John La Valle we will hear some interesting new things form Brian Tracy, a world renowned expert in helping people get the life they want.

We have Dr. Veronica Anderson, M.D. would deals with intimacy and the SEX word.

I am also honored to have on the panel another wonderful lady Ms. Wendy Down who runs a monthly program called “Consciousness Playground”. It is a wonder gathering of people that explore consciousness and some interesting things come from that playground and I am happy that Wendy is joining our panel of experts.

Another pioneer in the field of Self knowledge who is also on our Experts Panel is Jerry Stocking. Jerry used to offer a program apply titled “Illusion Conclusion”. It was a very unique course and Jerry is an expert at helping you find out who you truly are. Jerry can show you have to have more fun that you thought possible simply sitting right where you are. It is a privilege to have Jerry on the panel of experts.

Another wonderful doctor, Dr. Norm Burba is one of our experts on health and nutrition. I remember the 1st time I heard the phrase, “How’s that working for ya?” When Dr. Burba told someone what they needed to do to quickly improve their health and they responded, “Yeah but, I’ve been….”  And Dr. Burba responded with the line, “Yeah, how’s that working for ya?” He cares and he wants to help and he doesn’t minch his words. You have a problem he knows what works from experience and he offers it. If you don’t want to get better, he agrees with you and lets you stay where you are. However, his advice is some of the best in the word.

We have more experts coming on board, some in the field of finances, relationships and other areas. We want to keep you abreast of the most cutting edge information that can help you live the life you want to live.
To Your Best
Dr. Vetter -DocResults


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