The Divorce Rate Is So Bad, That…

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on August 11,


I was facilitating a meeting of business people a few days ago and out of the 20 people in the group 8 of them were not able to completely focus on building their business because their home life, i.e. their relationship wasn’t as smooth as it needed to be for them to have total focus. At first I was surprised at the number of people with relationship problems until I remembered the divorce rate is so bad, that 40 to 50% of all marriages in up in divorce.

That got me thinking about business productivity and the major contributor to the quality and quantity or the lack there of for most businesses and it comes down to the quality of one’s personal relationships. One of our experts Morty Lefkoe gave some pretty good advice recently about the subject of how to improve your relationships and I thought it might be useful.

I rarely give advice in my weekly blog post. I focus on the relationship between beliefs/conditioning and having the life you want to have. That is my area of real expertise.

But there is one aspect of life in which I think I am an expert, where I think I can give some very useful advice: how to improve your relationship with your significant other (spouse or steady partner). Shelly and I have created an incredible relationship and I think some of the things we do can significantly improve your relationship, although you might have to eliminate some beliefs in order to implement some of the suggestions.

The door closes

After Shelly and I had decided to get married but before the wedding, she complained about the fact that I was already leading a couple of evening seminars a week and was thinking about taking on an additional one. She said that it didn’t make sense for her to live with me if I was never going to be home to be with her. It wasn’t a threat, but the clear implication was that it made no sense to her for us to live together if I was going to be away “so often.”

I said, “I only have one demand if we are going to get married.”  Now, Shelly is not someone who does well with demands, so she responded with surprise: “Excuse me!” I said, “I promise I will never cheat on you, I will never do anything I know will hurt you, and I am willing to work on myself to fix anything that is a problem in our relationship, but if we are going to be together, as of this moment you have to give up the right to leave, your commitment has to be absolute.  If you are going to marry me I want your word that this is forever.”

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We can’t separate out how the energy in one aspect of our lives affects another because the energy that creates our emotions gets bigger and stronger when it is not dealt with. That is why the divorce rate is so bad. That is why it is important to learn how to deal with the energy of any situation because when you do that it has the opposite effect, it strengthens whatever aspect of life you are focusing on at the moment.

If you appreciate this type of information please share your thoughts below and we will make sure to get more articles that might shift why the divorce rate is so bad.



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