Your Survey Says This Is What You Want… Plus A Video

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on August 20,


First, before we get into what your survey says this is what you want I really and truly want to thank each and every one of you who participated and gave answers through the survey. I want you to know your responses and comments confirmed what has been showing up for me and I really appreciate it when you and I are on the same page because then we can truly be of benefit to each other.

I want you to know you deserve the very best and I want to give the very best. So let’s dive into the survey and see what you want.

[Survey Says] This Is What You Want

Survey Says #1

Often times the pressures of life gets us caught up in taking care of ourselves and that greater part of us yearns to help others as well. I am a big proponent of taking care of yourself first or else you will not have anything to take care of anyone else with and it seems 83.8% and 81.1% of you lean in that direction as well as we consider the next question…

Survey say 2

I appreciate the overwhelming majority being interested in helping themselves as well as others. Often many think it must be one or the other. Now question #3… which let’s us know some valuable information…

survey says 3

Over 87.8% of you have a internal desire to assist others in getting the change that they want. Which makes sense to me because if more people are getting what they want life gets more enjoyable for all. And question #4 was revealing for me because of some of the new material and change technology that has been showing up in my life and it confirms what my inspiration has been pushing and pulling me towards…

survey says 4

 The percentages in 5 categories are pretty close. Catalyst and facilitator were the strongest which goes right along with what intuition has been revealing. And just for clarity… I probably should have given my definition at the beginning of the survey, because in my mind a facilitator is one who helps and assist another by way of word or deed. While a catalyst helps and assist, not by word or deed but through presence.

And to be a teacher or expert the skills of facilitating and being a catalyst can be very, very useful.

Question #5 let’s us know what the main issue that keeps you from naturally being, doing, having and helping where you really want. The question was… “For you… What do you feel is the most important skill you need to be successful (however you define success)?”

We are not going to list all of them and yet here is a good cross section of the important challenges you want to change. These are taken directly from the survey…

  • The skill to execute plans so you and others can be successful…
  • get out of my own way….I cannot help anyone else if I cannot help myself first…
  • help others be successful…
  • Is self-confidence and believing in oneself a skill? If yes, than that’s the answer…
  • awareness, being present in the moment and paying attention to details…
  • acceptance and detachment
  • trusting myself
  • Gaining self confidence and self esteem to tackle the new things I need to accomplish to live the life I want to lead
  • Communicating What Is so that what I intend is what is understood.
  • Ability to detach from results.
  • Self confidence to believe in myself that I’m able to achieve what I want.
  • To be able to honestly re-evaluate and adjust yourself constantly.
  • more training in spiritual techniques that will help others move forward in their lives
  • health
  • a strong desire to serve, a big heart
  • Better focus and direction.
  • Becoming aware enough of spiritual needs of others to be able to help them
  • Confidence, Patience and a plan
  • self awareness

Now here is the reason I am sooooooo excited about your survey. What if I told you I believe Intuition (Divine Intelligence, Source, God, Universe, All There Is, Whatever name you call it) is showing me a way to make this a reality for you.

It is the most exciting information I have ever been privileged to share and I hope ultimately that it blesses you beyond your wildest expectations.

Here is a video just over 10 minutes long that gives more information about it.


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Hans August 20, 2012 at 2:15 am

Very interesting outcomes of the survey.
They do seem to match closely with my own perspectives on the subjects.
Well done!


Houston Vetter - DocResults August 20, 2012 at 10:27 am

Thank you for your thoughts.
It will be interesting as we explore this as we move forward.
To Your Best,


FLorence Macdonald August 20, 2012 at 10:14 am

Dear Dr Houston, I hv bn reading all yr balanced LIving Magazines and I listened to yr video too . I am happy to hear yr statement of ” being human.” this is a valuable input as we r caught up with so much of technology that our being human is taking a backseat!! To me this is the greatest asset and the more we r our true self, the world will b a better place. Rgds, florence


Houston Vetter - DocResults August 20, 2012 at 10:26 am


Thank you for your thoughts.

I agree the more we can realize our divinity inside our humanness and that human is the extension of divine the better and easier life will unfold for us.

To Your Best,


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