Spiritual Awakening and THE Truth

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 30,


As most people are aware spiritual awakening and THE truth are often confusing discussions. First there are so many different levels of spiritual awakening or openings that many get confused with what a spiritual awakening is. much less moving to the mental concept of true or not true.

In the beginning it may be useful to understand spiritual awakening is a label; a term used to describe a physical experiencing. The qualities of that experience are a sense of opening or a sense of freedom from something and a more freedom to something else. That is why so many experiences are described as spiritual awakening. There are many types of spiritual awakenings and often when one has a spiritual awakening one believes it is the end all and be all. This seems to show up in awakenings situations such as a ‘born again’ experience.

Spiritual Awakening and THE Truth

However, that is simply one level of awakening from and awakening to. It is one level of moving closer to more freedom.

THE Truth on the other hand is not a label or a term used to describe a physical experience, it is a label that is attempting to describe the experience in the form of a judgment.

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Truth about the truth from a strictly dualistic perspective allows that  there is a difference between true and false so there is the possibility of “The Truth”. From a traditional Oneness perspective there is no duality so there is no possibility of there being “the truth” or even “a truth”  or a lie as from the traditional Oneness view there is nothing to compare with. In other words there is no twoness.

I suspect it makes logical sense to have true/truth one must have false/lie. And thus we begin making the unnoticed shift that gets us into trouble. What is that unnoticed shift? We move from experiencing to thinking and explaining about the experience. Not realizing experiencing Oneness is totally different from an attempt to explain what is being experienced.

Oneness Training – Truth About The Truth

What we are not aware of is experience is happening to no one. It is Oneness one-ing, beingness being, life life-ing. The moment the attempt is offered to explain it, experiencing divides  into the observer and the observed and from there even more meaning is added further separating (dividing) Oneness seemingly.

Remember one of the presuppositions of Oneness Training is that duality is not illusion and it really isn’t separate duality either. It is Oneness expressing, Oneness extending. If all there is is Oneness then duality is Oneness. This is more than a mental understanding. It is an experiential experience before meaning is added.

Having the energetic sense of self and others is also Oneness expressing, extending, demonstrating, showing up as duality. When one eliminates the sense of a separate self or it gets eliminated, which is an energetic experience then all there is, is Nothingness (another word for Oneness) apparently showing up as everything. And we apply the word apparently showing up as everything for where the sense of self is still  present.

Where the problem of ‘the truth” comes in is when a meaning is added to”what is”. In the attempt to explain “what is” the explanation of ‘what is not” is brought up. Then the judgment (i.e. meaning) is added true/false, truth/lie. In the traditional sense of Oneness there is only “what is” there is no “what is not”. And until one comes to an energetic sense of everything as Oneness moving to the thinking and explaining aspect of Oneness will feel like a separate duality instead of the extension of Oneness.

In separate duality there appears a separate, objective truth, i.e. ‘the truth”. In extended Oneness duality there can appear, but does not have to appear, a personal, subjective truth, i.e. “a truth”. And in both there is always “what is” showing up without any specific label or meaning attached. From the view of Oneness extending everything is both true/false, truth/lie at the very same time, as Oneness includes everything and every possibility.

So truth about the truth will be dependent on whether meaning is added to ‘what is’ or not. And all of that Oneness as Duality, what is and truth can be played with in the most enjoyable ways.

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A spiritual awakening is an experience of ‘what is’ and THE Truth is a judgment (a personal comment) about ‘what is’ that we often confuse as the experience itself.


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