Sexual Energy And Unconditional Love

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on March 1,


I bet you never thought that sexual energy and unconditional love go together, much less in the same sentence. Now spiritual energy and unconditional love everyone thinks go together. And today one of our expert authors Jerry Stocking kinda puts it all together.

Most of you know from reading my stuff that the second forgotten fundamental of an exquisite life is that energy flows, charges, builds and energizes where attention goes. There are practical ways to apply this and they really are very simple.

Sexual Energy And Unconditional Love

Jerry wrote over at

Raising your sexual energy really is easy. Just focus your attention on your genitals throughout your day. While this exercise may seem silly I promise that the results that produces are extraordinary, magical and priceless. Focusing your attention on your genitals completes you. It doesn’t make you want more or less sex, though it might seem it would. It actually just makes everything you do more wonderful. This simple exercise will change your life. But wait, there’s more!

Don’t Stop at Sex, Energize Your Life.

As you hone your ability to focus attention on your genitals you will also be strengthening your ability to focus your attention on anything you want. After you have focused your attention on your genitals making each moment of the day foreplay, focus your attention on your kidneys.

While your genitals inspire sexual energy your kidneys hold your life force. Your kidneys are on either side of your lower back. Focus your attention there. You can use your hands a bit and rub that area too. As you focus on your kidneys, include your adrenals, the little glands that sit on top of your kidneys.

In our fast paced world we ask a lot of ourselves. We are constantly busy, working ourselves to and often past the point of exhaustion. Attention on your kidneys and adrenals will restore your energy, rejuvenate you and refresh your body and mind.

Unconditional Love Anyone?

Don’t stop there. Here are a few other sacred organs you can focus on. Each one will yield very different results and each will effortlessly enhance the quality of your life. Focus your attention on:

Heart: if you want more unconditional love.
Lungs: to balance sadness and integrity.
Spleen: if you are worrying too much or need some wisdom.
Liver: to balance anger and kindness.
Legs: if you are in the midst of a life transition.
Fingers: if you want an active playful day.

Experiment with other parts of your anatomy and discover what happens. In other words, it’s your body. Get to know it! Focusing on your body is a powerful first step to mastering your energy and attention. Learning to focus your attention will remind you that it really is your attention.

It’s Your Body, Attention and Universe.

To read more:–jerry-stocking

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Get In On The Newest Social Media Bandwagon

Pinterest – How to Get Started

by Mary Sloane-Social Media Expert

The latest really hot social media property to have appeared on the scene is a little ecatalogue business called Pinterest.  Pinterest is new, but exploding rapidly, and seems to have all the right elements to be a strong player in the social media space.

First it is all about User content.  People love to share their interests and their photos and their style and tastes.

Secondly it is easy to use.  This means broad access is possible.  NO tech skills required.  Sometimes even Facebook can be a little too techy for some of its users, especially the older folks who did not grow up with a computer in their face.

Here is a screen shot to give you some idea of what you might find on Pinterest once you arrive.

Of course what you find when you get to Pinterest changes and you can set up your page to show you anything you want.

There are lots of things you will recognize here from Twitter and Facebook. You can like someone’s Pins and the number of Likes are shown.  You can comment and the number of comments are shown and your comments of course can lead people to your Pins.  You can also Repin someone else’s Pin.  Those tabs at the top show up when you hover over the Pin.

Pinterest is still by invitation only as it is that new.  So go to  and ask for an Invite and you’ll get one in a few days.  That invitation will spell out the Terms of Service and the netiquette that they are expecting.

Have fun.

Remember when you are using Social Media people are there to have fun and find friends, not necessarily to do business.  It is different than when you market through PPC or SEO on the search engines.

People on the search engines are looking for information so provide them with information.  People on Social Media are looking for fun and friends so always remember the 4E’s of Social Media, Engage, Entertain, Educate and Empower.

If I can be of any help in getting your Pins set up or answer any of your questions about social media shoot me a line at


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sathian March 3, 2012 at 12:59 am

This article is an eye opener to me. Let me try this for the next month and see the results.



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