Self Employed Jobs: Has Your Job Made You Rich Yet?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on April 2,


self employed jobsI have been wanting to write about self employed jobs for a while now and in this economy job stability is a real concern.

It is interesting that right now some of our experts are writing and talking about the subject of  ‘rich’ and are you rich’ Pat O’Bryan has mentioned that he doesn’t believe in having a job, at least one where you work and are employed by someone else.

Dr. Harlan Kilsten, a mentor and one of the highest paid copywriters in the business talks about different businesses you can start.

I talk about freedom and how owning and running your own business can bring you closer to fulfillment. On thing I have noticed is there are two types of people who are dissatisfied with working for others and are considering creating a self employed job.

  1.  Someone who knows specifically what they want to start a self employed job doing
  2. Those who want to want to work for themselves but don’t have a clue as to what kind of business they would want.

From a mentoring and coaching perspective these are two different types of coaching clients or students.

The one thing all the experts agree on if you want to be rich it is almost impossible to do it working for someone else. And there is something more important than what you do that to be self employed. You have to Think Rich to Get Rich.

I agree with something Dr. Kilsten said…

I recently wrote about how schools are teaching kids lessons about money that won’t help make them rich in the future.

 Now I’m shocked to discover that parents would rather talk to their kids about drugs than talk to them about money. Why the “money talk” could be the most important conversation you have with your kids:

As parents, it’s our job to teach our kids about what’s right and wrong. “Just say no” to drugs and smoking is something that most parents are comfortable talking to their kids about.

But when it comes to talking about money, a new survey says 20% of parents are uncomfortable talking about money with their kids. 

The drug talk is easy because the bottom line is “just say no.” But having a meaningful conversation about money is much harder.

Many parents are bad role models for developing good money habits. Maxing out credit cards, avoiding creditors, and complaining about bills are surefire ways to send kids the wrong message about money. So even if you talk to them about money, it’s hard to preach what you’re not practicing. There’s plenty of evidence that shows that we learn most of our financial habits from our parents.

Studies have shown that kids whose parents talked to them about money and had good role models had better credit scores and less debt. Kids are learning all the time, soaking up lessons about how the world works.

What seems like a simple shopping trip to the mall can teach them a lot about how to manage and spend their money. So it’s time to take a look at your own money habits and beliefs, and what your kids are learning from you. If they’re learning negative beliefs, then it’s time to break the cycle. It’s time to change your money mindset.

When you learn to change the money habits that are keeping you in financial hot water, and replace them with a “millionaire mindset”–Your children will automatically learn the values, habits, and beliefs that can ensure their future success. And when your financial situation improves, and you start attracting money, you’ll notice that talking to your kids about money isn’t so hard after all. 

If you’re struggling financially, it’s time to take the first step. 

Harlan has The Millionaire Test. In 3 minutes this test will predict your financial future for the rest of your life.

The first step is to clear up your thinking around money, finance and  abundance. You can start here Your Money Flow

The full solution is to get in on our “+10 System” coaching course. In this 8 training class course we do everything that needs to be done so that at end of a months time you are able to accomplish ANY goal you want. If you are interested in our “+10 System” course, please contact us.

Self employed jobs are only part of the means to an end. The real goal is happiness, health and wealth.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

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