Are You A Prisoner In The Land Of Freedom?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 30,


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The reason I ask are you a prisoner in the land of freedom is because you probably are and may not be aware of it. I got to thinking about this again after I wrote an article on the problem facing us in the pain management vs pain elimination area and I saw a wall poster on Facebook.

Out of 137 comments I was amazed that not even one comment called into question the basic fatal flaw in this type of thinking. And if you do not see the flaw you are a prisoner in the land of freedom and this coming Saturday we are going to help you with that. At another FREE Ask Doc Anything webcast.

It is the same mentality that keeps people as prisoners of physical pain and suffering in the pain management vs pain elimination debate.

If you get hurt, bothered or upset at anything another says or does you are a prisoner in the land of freedom.

Freedom includes freedom from and freedom to.

My response to the above Facebook wall post: Nice poster but I don’t get it when my girlfriend was doing those things it wasn’t to me and as long as I had power over my thinking and feelings she was unable to hurt my emotions and feelings. The only way I could hurt my emotions or feelings is to put a meaning on her actions but that was me hurting myself because I’m the one responsible for adding the meaning or not to other people’s actions.

What is the prison and what is the land of freedom? The land of freedom is our ability to think and make meaning and the prison is the meaning we make that limits our ability to think and make meaning.

And this is exactly why you want to join us this Saturday at 1:00 pm central standard time for the next Ask Doc Anything tele-webcast. This is the place to learn how to shift your thinking and the physical energy of your body so you can eliminate pain and suffering  and get released from your prison into more and more freedom.

On the call we actually solve problems and relieve pain for people. So if you know anyone who is in pain, physical or otherwise please let them know about this free, no charge webcast where they can get answers.

To register or to ask your question early go to

Time: 1pm Central Standard Time, 2pm EST, 12pm MST, 11am PST

Webcast is usually recorded and people are even getting shifts listening to the replay.

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