Politics: The New Opiate of the Masses

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 3,



Looking to politics for answers is likeAt the founding of the United States, politics and political parties promise answers/solutions that satisfied people’s desire for freedom. That desire for freedom has morphed into a desire for what people consider right (rightness). On the surface rightness for many is displayed in the terms ‘equality and fairness’ and for others ‘individual freedom’. The underlying belief is politics will lead to safety, peace and happiness.

Politics the opiate of the masses. Promising one thing and giving the exact opposite.

It is a big mistake to believe politics or a political party can provide anything more than the opportunity to pursue whatever. All politics can do is provide an opportunity for the pursuit of happiness, peace, safety, equality, fairness or freedom.

The simple shift from “an opportunity to pursue” to “a guarantee of”, is the end of the slippery slope because now people look to the government to provide happiness, peace, safety, equality, fairness and freedom when all they can provide is the opportunity to pursue those things.

Looking to politics, political parties or government for answers and solutions is like looking in the dumpster for food and water.

Government is not designed to guarantee or provide states of being, which happiness, peace, safety, equality, fairness and freedom are. It is however designed to provide the opportunity for those things. Government and its support staff of politics can not give states of being it can only provide the opportunity to pursue those things.

It is up to the individual to produce and live from those internal states of being. Happiness, peace, safety, equality, fairness and freedom are all internal states of being no matter how hard one wants them to be externally provided they are all initiated and sustained internally and individually. They are not obtained externally by the actions of others as they are not all the same for each and every individual.

The right or fair thing for the Government to be doing is providing the opportunity to pursue these things equally to everyone; Instead of providing laws that prefer one group over another because government is not about providing equality or fairness only the opportunity to pursue it.


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