Perceptual Position : How You Look At Something Determines What You See

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 13,


How You Look At Something Determines What You SeeMost people are not aware that how you look at something determines what you see. Most often we think something is a certain way because what we see goes through our unconscious filters and when it is out of our conscious awareness we think that the meaning we have added is the truth and how things really are. However, if we look at something differently all the things that we thought were solid somehow gets a little wiggle room and we have the opportunity to learn some new possibilities that can make all the difference in the world.

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Perceptual Position : How You Look At Something Determines What You See

In this chapter we want to look at Oneness training – perceptual positions. A perceptual position is how you look at things. They are the tented lens of how we see things. How we add meaning to actuality, i.e. ‘what is’. A child’s perception is different from an adults. An adult male’s perception is different from a female’s, which are both different from a teenager’s perception. That is whyIdentity Shifting™ is foundational in Oneness Training.

The perception that is used determines how

Oneness is experienced and defined.

Most people operate from a race, gender, age perception of life and there are five (5) basic perceptions before the identities of race, gender or age filter can be applied. And depending on which one you are using will determine how much the other filters including race, gender or age will even have an effect.

  • Duality
  • Duality And Oneness
  • Oneness In Duality
  • Oneness
  • Oneness As Duality

Oneness Training – Perceptual Positions

Special reminder from the perception of Oneness Training everything that is about to be described is all Oneness even though distinctions are made it is still one and the same just as steam, water and ice are the very same thing with distinctions applied. None of this is good or bad, right or wrong and there is not certain way that it should be. These are simply attempts to describe energetic experiences that are experienced by apparent individuals and in the case of full Oneness experienced by no one.


Duality is the perceptual position of multiples. This perceptual filters is that of a separate you and a separate everything else. It is where division and labels are applied. The labels are needed and necessary in this perception as there is an energetic sense of separate things that are distinctly different from you and each other.

In duality value judgments are highly desired as they not only separate things out, they also give preference to one thing over another. Terms like good, bad, right, wrong have strong energy charge (emotional charge) to the words and shape, mold and control the individual’s perception of actuality. Actuality is often referred to as reality as if reality is what is external when in actuality reality is what has been made real by one’s perceptual position. Actuality or ‘what is’ is outside of individual subjective perception, where reality is the creation of subjective perception.

In this experience of Oneness race, gender, age, etc play a major role one’s experience of life.

Duality And Oneness

Another perceptual position that is also Oneness and a little more aware of that actuality than duality, is duality and Oneness or Oneness and duality. In this energetic sense there is still the sense of separate things as distinct and different. However there is the idea and a sense of there being something different and separate from duality called Oneness which sets up another duality that is often missed.

In this experience of Oneness that still separates, value judgments are still energetically (i.e. emotionally) charged and have a very strong influence on how one interacts with people, places and things. It operates almost identical to the perceptual position of duality except that the reasoning and justification change. In this perceptual position there is much mental gymnastics, thinking, reasoning and attempts to reconcile the concepts of duality and Oneness as they are perceived as two separate things.

In this perception, just as the duality perception, race, gender and age all still make a difference of perception as those filters still have charge in this energetic expression.

Oneness In Duality

In this experience the charged meaning of duality is not as strong and is still present as there is still an energetic sense of you as separate from everything else. There can be a lot of spiritual awakening experiences in this perceptional position.

In this experience of Oneness, value judgments are being replace with calibrations (comparisons without value judgement or temporary ones). More and more things are seen as mirrors of self. More and more polarities are aligning and integrating and loosing their energetic charge and becoming words with meaning and yet the meaning has no charge and requires no action.

In this perception race, gender and age still have some charged meaning but not very much and that little bit of charge comes as goes. In this perceptual position there is still an energetic distinction between Oneness and duality and yet more of duality is seen as Oneness.


This perceptual position is the goal, the desire of people experiencing the duality and Oneness position. Either intentionally or unintentionally somehow in the duality and Oneness perception people get the notion that duality is either bad, wrong or less than Oneness. Terms like illusion vs real are applied to duality vs Oneness. People get the sense that they want to get from illusion, duality to true or real Oneness, still not realizing it is an actual energetic shift and also unaware that when total Oneness is experienced it is experienced by no one in particular. Those seeking Oneness or enlightenment seem not to realize a point of spiritual physics… “In the absence of that which is not, that which is, is not.”

There can be no comparison unless there is twoness, more than one, as there is nothing to compare. Total Oneness, described by some as liberation is the absence of  any twoness which includes no separate individual and without separate individuals there is no individual to have experiences. It is described as nothingness being everything.

In this perception race, gender and age, just as people, places and things are no longer filters that have any charge or meaning that separates. They are simply distinctions used to calibrate different aspects and views as life experiences life.

Oneness AS Duality

This perception seems to bring it all together in that it does not make the distinction of any separation. It includes it all as equal and the same or extensions and expressions of the same thing. Everything is Oneness expressing and is as real and not real as Oneness, also called nothingness. Duality, illusion, truth, real, unreal, right, wrong, good bad are all expressions of the exact same thing. So everything is true and not true at the same time, real and not real, nothing and everything at the very same time. Everything is in everything else as in holography.

Filters such as race, gender, age, people, places and things can show up with different meanings attached or multiple or no meanings attached. There is both contraction and expansion going on at the same time and the awareness of it is displays everywhere.

Again Oneness Training – Perceptual Positions are concepts that are not understood mentally or linearly as they are circular, spherical in nature and completely energetic before meaning is added.


Here is the end of this chapter of Oneness Training and if you would like to know how to practically experience any and all of these perceptual positions and get clarity and flexibility in and with Oneness you are encouraged to take advantage of our one-on-one training. We have two slots open for this individual training. Get your position before it is gone. People talk about waking up from a dream and many are interested in lucid dreaming. Our Oneness Training is about waking up from the dream so click on Lucid Living™ and wake up faster.

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Hopefully this article gives you an idea of why how you look at something determines what you see.


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