Has Pain, Anger And Fear Ever Made You This PSSSST Off?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on April 20,


pain, anger and fearFrom time to time I get emails that are filled with pain, anger and fear and it comes out as blame at me. I do understand and even though the person can’t learn through the pain they are in at that moment there is always hope. So today I thought it might be useful to address some of the thoughts that pain and fear throw up through frustration when things SEEM hopeless.

Everything changes because we live in the realm of duality and duality is about balance and flow. And as my Grampa Vetter said, “In this life the ONLY thing you can count on is change… except from a vending machine.”

Has Pain, Anger And Fear Ever Made You This PSSSST Off?

Dear Doc,

You know what I love about you guys?  I love how it’s always going to cost me money to get out of my ‘poverty mentality’.  And the funny thing is, it’s always my fault that I’m poor!  I LOVE THAT PART 🙂

I’ve spent the last 15 YEARS doing things to myself, like a trained monkey, that ‘people who just want me to succeed’ have written about, put out audios about, made videos about.  All I have to do is change my mind.  That’s right – just change my mind and things will flow to me in an effortless and easy way.

Guess what?  It’s BS – not belief systems – but real, live absolute BULLSHIT.  If any of it were real, people like you would give your stuff away for free AND THEN, once my life was flowing effortlessly and easily, then would you get paid.

Let’s start with the give the stuff away for free and then once my life is flowing then I’ll pay you. Here is the BS of it…

If life were this way it would be grand all around. Instead of having to pay for my college up front, plus after college, paying before I could learn any of the modalities that actually get results for people would be great. I just could convince them it was the way to do it.

The same way with food, clothing and shelter. The same is true if I need a roofer or a plumber doctor or a dentist. They want their money at the time of service. Most everything worth having in our life works this way.

(I’ll let you in on a secret… It cost me money to get out of my poverty mentality about $300,000)

Maybe I and other like me are to blame… I mean here are just a few of the FREE TOOLS given away freely at no cost to anyone.

Basic PEAT (EFT on Steroids) 

Train Your Thinking, The Power Portal For Long-Lasting Success

Sacred Cows Dancing, Financial Enlightenment For Today

Does The Secret Work

HeartSpace Article and Videos

If one were to apply the free tools offered in the above material one would not have to pay one red dime to get the change that is wanted.

As to the second concern… All I have to do is change my mind.  That’s right…

I am pretty sure I’ve never said all you or anyone has to do is change your mind. I’m pretty positive I’m the one who said, “Change your feelings and you’ll change your life.” I even wrote a book about it called “The Power of Positive Feeling” and I mention it in this article http://docloves.me/wishesfulfilledreview 

It is not your mind that need to be changed it is your feelings. (Side note: when your feeling change your mind changes automatically).

And to the funny thing  it’s always my fault that I’m poor!

Who said anything about there being any fault? The ocean is deep. Mountains are high. There is no fault that something is the way it is. I was born naked. That is no one’s fault, it just is. I grew up in an orphanage. That is no one’s fault, it just is. I was poor, had no money, no family, not government to turn to for help because orphans aren’t a big enough minority and our lobby power ain’t all that good. That is no one’s fault, it just is what was. This you might find hard to understand right now but when you remove the charge (i.e. change the feeling) the meaning changes. I was molested as a child. That is not one’s fault, it just was.

It was through changing my feelings, which also changed my thinking that I learned to be, done and have whatever it is I want. And if a poor orphan can do it anyone can because I had less resources than most. So I know that if pain, anger and fear ever made you this psssst off that you have a way out.

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