Oh My Aching Head; Migraine Headache Relief

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on September 5,


During this time of economic stress and strain there is a lot of pressure on people and that pressure is causing more and more people to suffer from aches and pains. More and more people are looking to get rid of headaches or for migraine headache relief. We have been addressing it over at Holistic Health Daily and at the DocResults Blog.

Here is some of what has been reported…

There is hope for those who suffer and want migraine headache relief. In fact, using energy medicine techniques as a migraine remedy can eliminate even a chronic migraine. Yes energy medicine can be used as a chronic migraine treatment because some of them actually eliminate migraines altogether.

Most people looking for migraines treatment just want the pain to stop. I remember years ago when I didn’t know how about migraine cures such as Vibrational Innergetics or other energy medicine techniques.

I was driving from Fairfield, Ca across the beautiful wine country in Sonoma Valley, on my way to Santa Rosa, Ca. It was in the afternoon about 2:15 pm and I had felt the tension headache begin to shift from the back of my head to the front. As the pressure and pain got so bad that it blurred my eyesight so much I had to pull over to focus on deep breathing just to get the pressure of the pain to lessen. I could have used some good migraine pain relief just about then.

I wound up driving very, very slowly all the way back home; crawled into be about 3:30pm; woke up at 2:05am head still pounding, woke up again at 6:30am feeling healthy strong and alive. I couldn’t believe how bad I had just suffered. And I am lucky as many people seek migraine headache relief two or three times a week. I don’t know how those people stand it.

One of the major benefits of holistic or energy medicine is you actually have the choice between pain management, pain reduction, pain relief and pain elimination. And another benefit of alternative medicines such as energy medicine is it is not like allopathic medicine (the established medical system) where you have to take a drug(s) for the rest of your life.

Another benefit is migraine headache relief using energy medicine does not cause any negative side effects like we see advertised day in and day out on TV. What most people miss is all the side effects that are know for just using ONE drug. There are no TV warnings about how deadly it can be when you combine different drug prescriptions.

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Pain Relief of all kinds is needed now more than ever as the energy shifts more and more on our planet. The media and politics are designed to stir emotions to get people to act out of fear. And since fear constricts energy flow that causes more and more pain to show up. Send your friends here for fast pain relief today .


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