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by: Dr. Norm Burba

NUTRACEUTICAL definition from Wikipedia:
Nutraceutical, a term combining the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.


Your body is a highly complicated mechanism, and just like a building, it needs a solid foundation to be strong.  The foundational  components for your body are vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc.  Many of these “building blocks for health” are unavailable from even the BEST diets.  You can just look around you to see the explosion of “dis-ease” to KNOW something is not right.

Did you know that calcium buildup on the joints is caused not from too much calcium, but from a lack of ABSORBABLE calcium?

Did you know that minerals are rocks and metals?  Just grinding them up and putting them in a pill or capsule does not make them absorbable? (unless you have a gizzard)

Did you know that because of the use of chemical fertilizers that provide only minimal food for the plants has caused a depletion of the minerals in the soil?

Did you know that cholesterol is not your enemy? High LDL levels are not caused from eating too much fat. They’re caused from eating refined carbohydrates and drinking soda, which cause inflammation.  Your body sends cholesterol into the vascular system to mitigate the inflammatory damage.

Did you know that medical doctors have little or no training in health?  Medical schools teach how to bandage it, cut it, stitch it and/or mask the symptoms with drugs which cause other side-effects (just pay attention to the drug ads) for which they then prescribe more drugs…. and on and on.  Your doctor is not evil. He’s just uneducated in wellness and MUST follow PROTOCOLS dictated by the AMA (which is funded by pharmaceutical giants) if he wants to keep his license.

Starting to get the picture???

I could go on for pages on misconceptions in health, but for this article I will stick with explaining WHY you need to supplement your diet to GET healthy and STAY healthy.

How many people do you know who don’t take high quality supplements (even though they know they should) because of the cost?  If you are one of these people, for the benefit of your health, I HIGHLY recommend you read this complete article.


No one has to convince you of the need for the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a supplement. You can look around at all the people you know who have backaches, muscle aches, low energy or you can notice the number of people going to the doctor and figure out that something needs to be done.

If the right amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients were in the soil like they were supposed to be, the food we eat would be full of the full-spectrum of nutrients that the body needs every single day to keep us healthy. When you look around, it is obvious that that is not the case. You can verify this fact just by doing a little research on the internet.

The reason most people can’t get their insurance company to pay for their vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, etc…  is because even though the insurance companies know the lack of those items contribute to their skyrocketing cost, they had no proof of the effectiveness of the products that were being sold on the market UNTIL NOW!

ONE company produced a pharmaceutical grade full-spectrum nutritional product that was tested in scientific laboratory tests by third-party labs. These products are called nutraceuticals, nutritional supplement that meet the standards, quality and effectiveness of a pharmaceutical drug (without the dangers). This class of supplements is something an Insurance company can sink their teeth into.

This nutraceutical company, Eniva, is located in Minnesota and has a pharmaceutical grade laboratory in which they formulate and manufacture their products.  Every batch produced is tested and guaranteed to be free of pesticides, herbicides and toxins. What makes these products so effective is a proprietary process that breaks the ingredients down (the minerals and vitamins, etc) to the quarter of the size of a red blood cell and makes it recognizable to the cell so the cell actually pulls the nutrients  in.  This process is a trade secret with Eniva and it’s PROVEN TO WORK!

In third party independent testing, the Eniva VIBE nutraceutical was found to be 98% absorbed into the interior of the cell within 60 seconds. That is one of the reasons you can feel the effectiveness of the product within 15 minutes of taking it. Regular use will improve and balance the immune system allowing it to do what it was meant to do… protect you from pathogenic invasions and dis-ease.

Why is absorption so important? Because many of the vitamin tablets you buy today end up in the sewer system INTACT!  This means you were actually flushing your money down the drain…

Studies have shown that only 8-10% of vitamin pills and capsules are absorbed into the blood stream (not even to the cellular level yet) and that most liquid vitamins get at most 30% into the blood stream. What most do not realize is that the blood stream may or may not get the 8-30% into the cell. And it is at the cellular level where the results are achieved.

When your cells have all the nutrients they need on a daily basis, they become healthy and balanced. Only then are they able to deal with any invaders to the body effectively.

I have thousands of clients who have improved their health from pain relief to body regeneration of healthy organs, tissues and glands from using VIBE and other nutraceutical products from Eniva.  I honestly believe that Eniva makes the best products on the market today!

As proof of the quality of VIBE, you can now get insurance reimbursement for VIBE nutraceutical  (also reimbursable is Efacor, Eniva’s medical grade Omega3).

For a quick overview of Eniva quality and research (as well as shocking facts about popular products), go here and watch this video.

As a naturopath with YEARS of experience with “the best of the best” nutraceutical products…


You will probably notice a difference within the first 15 minutes if you follow my recommendations.  In 90 days of using VIBE, you won’t believe the positive changes you’re experiencing!

With any insurance company you have to fill out the paper work correctly, and Eniva has provided instructions and forms to help you through this process.

In an effort to help you save money and to give you the chance to get healthier at the same time I have asked one of my associates, Paddy McAlister (Director of the Energy Medicine Association) to assist you in getting the right forms and filing them properly so the insurance company will pay for your HEALTH & WELLNESS (instead of paying for symptom treatment).  Paddy has over 20 years of experience working in the alternative health industry and is fully aware of my recommendations for use of Eniva nutraceuticals and diet for maximum results.

You can get the full-spectrum multi nutraceutical VIBE here, and you can reach Paddy at You will want to let her know you are responding to Dr. Burba’s article in Balance Living Magazine and you are interested in trying VIBE, how to use it for the best results and how to get your insurance company to foot the bill.

To learn about all the Eniva Products, click here.

To learn my tried and proven wellness secrets, email Paddy at: and give her a phone number and good time to contact you.

Promoting Health and Wellness
Dr. Norm Burba


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James Caulkins November 1, 2011 at 9:44 pm

I’ve taken Vibe for about ten months now, and I feel great in so many ways. Although, since I’ve started taking Vibe, I’ve experienced irregular bowel movements, alternating between constipation and mild diarhea, often with blood in my stool, as usually is the case while constipated. I have no medical insurance; in fact, I’ve invested large sums in Eniva products every month, as I currently am doing to avoid the necessity of medical care. I appreciate all the praise that so many have given Eniva products, and my own positive experiences with Eniva products have served as a testament to their effectiveness. But, Dr. Burba seems to say there is a prescribed or ‘suggested’ way of taking Eniva products, so I’d like to hear it. Thanks!


Houston Vetter - DocResults November 1, 2011 at 10:10 pm

According to Dr. Burba if normally healthy. 39 and younger 1 ounce a day, 40 and over 2 ounces/day. If sick 3 or more ounces/day (depending on illness).


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