NLP Review: The Trifecta of Brain Power

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NLP Review: The Trifecta of Brain PowerThe Trifecta of Brain Power

Imagine for a moment that you are able to get whatever you want. Imagine being able to dramatically sway audiences at will, deploy unstoppable mental powers using some commendably developed NLP techniques to unleash your inner energies as an unimaginable power you always had access to but never discovered before. Well, this sounded both interesting and intriguing, so I had a go and decided to take part in another workshop on NLP in the felt epicentre of the city of Berlin. “Brain Power”, e.g. hypnosis, charisma, brain machines, was even more promising – and indeed, it turned out to become another highly successful cult event by Chris Mulzer, one of Germany’s best trainers.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the informal noun “brain power” is defined as someone’s intelligence or ability to think. In a nutshell, it instantly reminded me of Albert Einstein’s “instinct developed for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest effort”. What doesn’t kill you makes you smarter, so let’s strive for fluid intelligence (the capacity to learn new information) to maximise cognitive potential to create a lasting change – and make the world a better place. And indeed it turned out to be true in some ways. Somehow from day one I was a little caught up in things.

Actually, I thought the workshop would be advantageous as a jump start in view of my upcoming NLP Master and I knew Chris usually did a good job when it comes to NLP. In this workshop, we used the methods of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s “Emotion Code” to release trapped emotions, sometimes hidden behind the so-called heart walls. Have you ever felt like someone was staring at the back of your head so you turn around and someone is staring right at you? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Well, a small part of it anyway. Remember, everything that you can and can’t see on this earth is made of energy. Sometimes our trapped emotions get caught in the energy field of our body and can have a significant effect on us. So, we learned how to release them through a new technique of muscle testing. This was one of the more eye opening experiences in my life, not to mention seeing other people have their emotions released from them is amazing. It can be both fun and spiritual to release these emotions.

Considering the workshop participants who were completely new to NLP, the first part – the Dave Elman Induction – was a good starting point. But the old stagers, in the words of one participant, the Mulzer’s disciples, were thinking that they already knew it as they had leant it before, but they were completely wrong. Beside Chris breaking down the Elman Induction step by step in a learner’s setting, he taught tricks and tips on how to troubleshoot this induction and – what was really cool – he showed us real life examples in the form of one participant on the stage. By using powerful hypnotic techniques, the brain or unconscious mind was perfectly re-educated into the right sort of reactions for public speaking, negative thoughts were stopped before they could start, and our motivation was dramatically increased.

Next a bit of magic: Charisma. Originally it meant “of the spirit” or “inspired.” It’s that a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s about bringing others to dream and to enchant. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects. But how do we become someone with an infectious personality with a star quality drawing other people to us like magnetism?

Scientists claim that when you see someone who has charisma, without realizing it, you’re copying their body language or appearance, e.g. when someone smiles at you and you smile back (mirroring character). Does this sound familiar to you? Energy follows attention, the way you hold yourself influences your emotions, so you’d best work out ways to bring smiles to each other’s faces – and give them to each other, e.g. by doing the classic: See what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel and go for it – give yourself and your feelings a wonderful chance to blossom this life, day by day, night by night, hour by hour…

Coming back to the Einstein factor, charisma is at the end the result of conditioning, not genetics for your life’s new roadmap – almost a bit creepy, isn’t it! And now NLP comes into play again. First, we utilised the Fast Phobia Cure to remove anything, no matter how weird it may be, to change the content of your memories and to adjust your sub-modalities. And that really took the cake – people began anchor hunting to trigger the stimulus-response for the sake of mood changes. Bearing in mind the meta-model of language, it’s easy to say that charisma means different things to different people, but when all is said and done, charisma goes hand-in-hand with self-confidence, with the key areas of listening, asking questions and not trying too hard to be the centre of attention. Learning and practicing charisma is like any other skill and techniques. To make a long story short, this session definitely told us to lighten up. Maybe we have not acquired everything yet, but we are on the road to a charismatic life!

All of us got greater access to intuition and the subconscious after becoming aware of this voice in the back of the mind which was quietly suggesting what you should do, think, etc.  I’m sure, all of you know that funny feeling in your belly that insistently provides you with the direction you need. Of course I knew before that NLP works wherever anyone has a brain and wants to use it more effectively, efficiently, elegantly, etc. And I knew that it is about freedom and fun, education and teaching or being taught to run your own brain. So, when we got to the last part, namely the mental installation of brain machines, the judge was definitely out. However words cannot describe the feeling of happiness and connectedness between sub-consciousness and consciousness after having learnt how to provide the brain with a rather useful mute/off button, which you can press whenever you want e.g. to focus on something truly worthwhile. We all became able to access this wonderful state on demand. – Just a stone’s throw away from us, the German yellow press honoured stars and starlets with the New Faces Award, but one could say that with tongue in cheek they were among us.

The sensory acuity glasses that I had installed in the last two days of the workshop (brain machines) are still surprisingly unlimited – I look at the people around me – both known and unknown – in a completely different way, which is indeed spooky apart from the fact that I cannot stop smiling all day (I’m pretty hooked, you see…). Everything I got from this workshop has been a “blissy” mindtrip once after having discovered the staggering secret. Not only me but roughly about 300 people just found out a massive compendium of the very tools and mind power techniques that catapulted each of us to the pinnacle of personal success. And by pinnacle, I mean the whole ballgame: maximum level of motivation techniques, subliminal trance inductions and subtle hypnosis, enhanced charisma, morphogenetic intuition, and truly explosive living.

The week was packed with quick and easy ways to reach high levels of relaxation, allowing you to meditate, visualize and hypnotize without the usual interruptions and uninvited feedback from your erratic monkey mind, being fully conscious while brain and body is in a deep sleep, enjoying the quiet stillness, the sense of energy, the increased access to your own subconscious mind. Needless to say, everyone has different degrees of flexibility and different degrees of outrageousness. But throughout the whole workshop, we all had the opportunity to try out different things we didn’t even think we could do. Indeed, after having spoken to some other participants, most of us were unable to sleep for more than 3-4 hours a night for the entire week thanks to this emotional roller coaster program – may it be because of all this trance mumbo jumbo all day long or a shiny blue diamond unwinding throughout the body and mind…I still don’t know. One night, I saw amazingly bright, beautiful lights. Another night, I had vivid dreams where I felt I actually journeyed to some magnificent places. And on the eminent third day, I felt something “shift” in my head… as if we all got connected to the Universe gravitationally amplified out of NLP – the whole workshop was an elusive bang!!

By utilizing the power of NLP, “Brain Power” was a combination of the newest science of the mind to trigger people’s brain to bring change into their lives. And indeed, it worked as you could tell by the cheeky sparkling look in people’s eyes. So, this is another example of Chris putting his own techniques together with the ingredients of the basics of NLP; thus, developing new applications which – once again – prove to be a worthy contribution to the field of human development. And as the world continues to move forward with mind techniques, I can honestly say his future workshops will become a subsequent continuation of the NLP model as he gives you a pretty detailed understanding of how to simply get access to and make best use of your own subconscious. Few words express the depth explored; the range of feelings and yes, there were even tears. Close to speechless and in awe of the possibilities. Just meeting him was something that had been on some people’s mind for all their life! Blessed be.

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