Spiritual Awakening and How to Move Out of The Judgment Game

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on November 11,


Spiritual awakening and how to move out of the judgment gameSpiritual awakening and how to move out of the judgment game could have been a chapter in Oneness, Advaita: Spiritual Awakening Into Oneness and it will probably make it into the next version. And in today’s article there is a little exercise that will help you shift out of the judgment game.

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As I was writing this article over at docresults.com I knew when I sent it to you I was going to add a simply exercise to help you with both your spiritual awakening and how to move out of the judgement game. So enjoy this and please leave a comment about how it has helped you.

Spiritual Awakening and How to Move Out of The Judgment Game

Depending where you are in your spiritual awakening how you play spiritual awakening and the judgment game will differ from others. The judgment game usually becomes a very big player when you start waking up spiritually. This is not a good thing or a bad thing, it simply is ‘what is’ and becoming aware of the patterns that having been and are playing outside awareness can benefit you, not in taking any action but through simply noticing and the conscious awareness of what patterns are running.

Like I posted on facebook, “If you were aware you were holding your head under water, wouldn’t you stop? Resistance is futile and we don’t recognize it as resistance until it comes into our awareness.”

Spiritual Awakening and The Judgment Game

A lot of people begin their spiritual awakening in a religious setting, some in a spiritual setting and the trigger to this beginning is often suffering or loss of something or someone that was valuable and important to you. Because of the cause (trigger) that leads to spiritual awakening it sets up a polarity of wanting to get away from one thing and get to something else. And the way you know if you got away from what you didn’t want and got to what you did want is always determined by how you feel.

Spiritual awakening usually feels good and since feeling good feels better than feeling bad, not only do you prefer feeling good you judge that as right and correct. And because feeling bad does not feel good you judge and label that as wrong, incorrect and even evil.

Sacred text makes a statement that most people, including those who are waking up, either miss, ignore or it never gets into conscious awareness and it is what perpetuates the judgment game. That statement is  ”Judge Not Lest Ye Be judged”. The sacred text goes onto say, however you judge, the same is measured to you. “Measured to you means” you get the same thing back.

Now please be aware the fact that you judge is not right, wrong, good or bad. It just is and there are a couple of underlying factors (patterns) that contribute to you being such a great judger.

Consciousness (human consciousness) is designed to compare and create and when you are not aware of that

  • you move comparison to judgment and creation to “it can’t be any other way”.
  • Add on top of that the belief that your emotional responses are outside of you and created by the actions of other and not by your interpretation (i.e. the meaning you make) about the actions, thoughts and deeds of other and
  • the misunderstanding that everything is separate from you and not connected…

It is no wonder that you are such a big player in the judgment game.

As you begin your spiritual awakening the judgment game creates a lot of “us vs them”‘s. A lot more this is right and that is wrong.

From the position of Oneness and spiritually waking up into Oneness when you judge something as good, bad, right or wrong you are only and always judging yourself. So in plain English…

When you judge all you judge is you, not anything else, just you.

What is often missed because you think you are judging something else or someone else, but you are not, is you are only and always judging you which keeps you away from what you really want and who you really are.

So is judging bad or wrong?

The judgment game gets you thinking you are doing something useful, when what you are doing is setting up resistance and the major block to being, doing and having anything is resistance. Because as one of the forgotten fundamentals of life states, “What you resist, persist and what you embrace you mitigate and dissipate.”

It depends on where you apply it. Judging, which is taking comparision or measurement to the extreme, can be useful when something is static or unchanging such as water running downhill, or  how to open or close a door,  or judging that a chair is made for sitting, etc.

Where judging is less than useful is where things (people, places and locations) are in motion. Why because judgment attempts to stop movement and make something stationary.

So what do you do instead of judge?

Since judging is a comparison and human consciousness is designed to compare, if we are not supposed to judge because it keeps us from being, doing and having who and what we are, what do we do instead.

How about compare and measure the distance between something ( people, places and things) and what you want vs coming to a final conclusion (i.e. judgment, belief). In other words calibrate instead of judge. Both are comparisons and measurements and yet calibration is an ongoing process where judgment is a one time event.

There are multiple places and aspects of your life where you calibrate instead of judge, so you already have the skill and you just need to apply it in other areas of your life.

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Here is a simple exercise you can do that will help you move out of judgment and into calibration which will open you up to more and more happiness, joy and success.

The Exercise

You can play this game pretty much anytime you want since your self-talk is usually going on outside of your awareness. Simply stop and ask yourself about any thought that you just had is this thought a judgment or a calibration? After you ask the question just notice what you notice. You don’t have to change it, just notice how it feels in your body. Does it hook you or charge you up? Does it feel limiting or constricting or open and soft?

Judgments are hard measurements and Calibration are soft measurements. Judgments feel like this is the way it really is where calibrations feel like right now it could be this way and with more information, movement or time it could be another way. Judgments resist (life, God, Source, the universe) where calibration flows and balances with life, etc.

So the game is…

Is this thought I’m thinking right now a judgment or a calibration? And then notice how it feels in your body.

That’s it just play this simple game and notice how without trying you loosen up and wake up a little more each time you play.


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Clem November 12, 2012 at 8:30 am

Cultural background which urges one to appreciate could be confused with judgement. However all is well and that includes all your articles


Paul Sanyasi November 12, 2012 at 7:48 pm

Living through the dualistic processes of change and transformation gives rise to different presentations and manifestations and polarisation. That is what we become familiar with and conditioned to. Everything, each formation, is compared to our own form and personal and cultural identity, and viewed and perceived as separate from us. It is difficult to relate and associate in any other way until we are able to let go of the illusion of different and separate life forms seemingly existing in isolation and unconnected. That’s our usual conditioned sensory embodied (psychosomatic) awareness that enables us to live a polarised existence of diversity within a unified and connected relationship of life.
The source of life is subconscious to us and the many know not the one all pervading life essence that gives rise to existential being.
Our life is a dream creation formed through relation and ever changing forms of presentation and states of thinking and feeling that change like the weather of our cycles of life, when we live on the circumference of diversified life. Transcending this process of rotational being and doing, we go with the flow of life and intuitively know which way to reawaken from the sleep of life to be one with the breath of life that pervades all created. Open and receive the grace and abundance of life that is given with an attitude of gratitude without resistance and grasping for more than is needed and necessary to do and be as one with all created and related within a unified and diversified existence that is classified and unclassified, named and unnamed being.


Houston Vetter - DocResults November 12, 2012 at 8:15 pm

Well said and when one lets go of things being separate, isolated and unconnected then it is easy to awaken in the dream call separate reality and recognize that it is Oneness expressing as Duality. Duality is real as it is Oneness expressing. If one is still transcending, opening, going with the flow, perceiving a choice, receiving grace or abundance or having an attitude of gratitude or any of the other doing there is still more waking up available. And yet even in that one can be awake enough to Lucidly living in dualistic reality as one recognizes duality is themselves expressing. As you are the focus of Oneness in oneness and duality.
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter


janaki November 12, 2012 at 11:38 pm

useful excersice


Houston Vetter - DocResults November 13, 2012 at 12:05 am

Glad you found some benefit Janaki.
To Your Best,
Doc Houston


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