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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 13,


Yes you read that right money from everywhere. Over at Holistic Health Daily I wrote an article on how to do less and get more money. It is a great way to get money from everywhere. When you no longer have hooks that keep you from money or blocks to money coming to you then money can come to you from everywhere. It can come from work, from play, from love, it can even come from out of the blue.

The article says…

How would you like to do less and get more money in your life? The fastest way to increase your money flow is to align with all the different aspects of money. What does aligning with money mean? It means pulling up all the weeds that choke off money from flowing into your life. It means getting rid of the misalignment that causes blocks which hook you so that there is no resistance to money flowing into your life.

Right now you probably have beliefs about money…

  • How you should have
  • How much you deserve
  • How much is to much,
  • Money is good/evil.
  • Money will cause problems.
  • Only selfish people have a lot of money .
  • It’s greedy to want money.
  • The rich get wealthy by taking advantage of others.
  • The harder I work the more money I make.

If you don’t have these specific beliefs you will have something similar that hooks you and constricts the flow of money into your life so no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try money never seems easy. Money doesn’t just show up for no reason. It doesn’t flow naturally into your life. And on the deepest level you know that it should. You know that everything in life should be easy for you but for some reason it’s been tough.

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