Mindfulness or Mindlessness, Which Is Better?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on August 29,


Mindfulness or Mindlessness, Which Is Better? In today’s world with all the pressures due to economic upheaval and due to political change that is taking place people are experiencing more and more mental and emotional stress which is making life harder and more difficult to navigate. One of the popular ways to cope with the challenges of today is a process called ‘mindfulness’.

The concept of  of mindfulness is to focus your attention on what is happening in the moment without adding all the different means we as humans tend to add to what is. The problem with that is it takes some time to learn the practice of mindfulness.

What most people miss is not the act of being mindful but the energetic emotional charge that must be overcome BEFORE mindfulness can be a constant friend. We have three different aspect where energy flows from, to and through, our mind, spirit and body. We usually don’t pay attention until the energy collects and gets stuck in the body. We call the pressure and build up all kinds of names; stress, anxiety, negative emotions, emotional pain, physical pain and we could go on and on.

There is a much quicker way of  moving out from under the pressure, stress and strain that is created by our thinking and judging situations around us and that is to eliminate the energy blocks and misalignment that are created by our thinking. Here is something Dr. Kam Yuen recently wrote that speaks to how powerful and quick this work works…

“A Triad is a group of three seemingly related or unrelated items that strategically resolve a formative problem and situation that is not resolvable by one or any two of the three.

A triad offers a stable structure of strategic resolution of any given problem. In order to accomplish this, the triad itself must be intact in its own supporting structures of internal dynamic, and internal and external boundaries so as to not collapse inwardly.” …… Dr Kam Yuen, DC

With this process and methodology, we can quickly delete the whole mind and spirit from having complete influence and unsolicited control over our body and our entire physical universe. We can then connect with either our mind and our spirit, or both, at a second’s notice and use them to increase our physical well- being. This is not just for us, but others as well.

In the past, it took decades for masters of martial arts to achieve “mindlessness.”

Of course today the common definition of “mindlessness” must be redefined.

Essentially, people will come to do the “right thing” because it will be a natural instinct to do so when the mind is no longer there, lodged like an uninvited guest disturbing us from within; and will not have to “think it over,” driven by ulterior motive. The “right thing” is precise, accurate, and exact.


Mindlessness is mental clarity without the continuous processing and reprocessing of our thoughts that get in the way of our appropriate action.

Mindfulness is actively attentive, or deliberately keeping something in mind… e.g., mindful of the difficulties that lay ahead.

It seems that humans are full of excessive importunateness. We do not have to create mindfulness.

We can activate the accuracy, precision and quickness to change, which is already in us. Change is not painful. It is only painful when people don’t have or recognize that they have the tools to make change easily.

Our mind can quickly feel, and that, as expected, leads to exactness with consistency in perception.

We do not need to “feel” all day in an attempt to connect with what is going on. We can connect with our feeling in a few seconds or less to perceive what has taken place. 

When we have to feel and think beyond even a few minutes or even worse – all day, we create confusion and emotions connecting to our thinking and feeling-distorting them, and negatively affecting our life. This becomes the problem and the ailment. 

This is not theory or hypothesis that you or I can choose to make changes immediately.  This includes the physical and the nonphysical of our mental and spiritual aspects.

We can use these tools to make the changes for ourselves and for others. But first you have to acknowledge that you have these tools, which most people in the human population don’t know they have. If they do know, their knowledge is not complete; but limited in scope.

If you have been attempting to practice mindfulness and aren’t getting as good results as you really want you may want to contact me to learn how quickly we can shift the mindfulness to mindlessness and watch how your life begins to take off and become exactly as pleasant and successful as you want it.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com
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