Mental Fitness Is Easier Than You Think

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on September 1,


Yes mental fitness is easier than you think. As many of you know from my book, Train Your Thinking, The Power Portal For Long-Lasting Success, mental fitness is one of my passions that I teach people about and encourage everyone to learn and practice. The more flexible your thinking the more successful and happy you will be as you will not get stuck in just one way of thinking and when you are not stuck in one way of thinking more and more solutions and answers begin to show up for you.

One of my co-authors on Sacred Cows Dancing Volume #1 Financial Enlightenment For Today, Mr Jerry Stocking just released a manuscript, called Mind Relief Manuscript and here is some of what Jerry wrote.

Your mind is still the most powerful super computer on the planet. But You aren’t using it to compute the trajectory of comets or computing derivatives or possibilities. You don’t break code with your mind or track terrorists or manage millions of airplane flights. You aren’t using it to win Jeopardy or chess.

Your mind is being used to compare cereals at the grocery store and to try and win arguments with people you love. It is being used to text and accumulate endless web data. I suggest to you that the power of your mind it is being wasted.

A mind wasted is a mind that is prone to mischief. An idle mind gets into trouble. It focuses on things that may never happen and worries about them. It endlessly replays the past boring you half to death. You are walking down the street innocently and you see an ice cream shop. Your mind says, “You need an ice cream cone right about now.” You, believing your mind, begin to imagine how nice a cone would be; you ponder what flavor you might have and how terribly good it would taste.

Almost immediately you really can’t live without an ice cream cone so you go into the shop.

Now you are faced with a whole assortment of flavors and it just makes good sense, to your mind, that a double dip cone not only saves you 11 cents over the cost of two singles but it allows you to have two different scoops. Three scoops would be better yet but your mind lets you know “It is important to have discipline.”

Your order caramel, fudge nugget supreme on the bottom with maple, praline on the top.

Your mind quiets as you take delivery of the cone and begin eating. You finish the whole thing, cone and all.

Your mind says, “I wouldn’t have done that if I were you. Now you are going to get fat and remember you are on a diet.”

You, of course, feel awful. Your mind had promised you that you would feel great after the cone and now you feel awful. One more promise that your mind didn’t keep.

“You can just have a small salad for dinner, no dressing,” your mind lies. And you and your mind walk on down the road together.

An underutilized mind ALWAYS gets up to mischief.

Are you thinking more and enjoying it less?

It is important to discover how your mind works now more than ever. In the old days, people didn’t think nearly so many thoughts. Today we are thinking all the time. Our thinking has a huge influence on our quality of life. That means it is time to up the quality of our thinking.

My friend Jerry has been very influential in my own mental fitness journey and experience and I wanted to share his wisdom and knowledge with you. I recommend that you visit Jerry’s site and get your free copy of Mind Relief Manuscript.

To Your Best,

Dr. Houston Vetter –


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