Mental Fitness Gem To Build Your Self-Worth

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 20,


Here is a mental fitness gem to build your self worth. One of our contributing experts, Jerry Stocking offers some fantastic mental exercises in his free new Mind Relief Manuscript .  Jerry explains that we live our lives based on the pictures we see in our heads and the conversations we have about those pictures and it all goes on faster than you think because it goes on between the speed of sound (1,000 ft/sec) and the speed of light (186,282 miles/sec).

Jerry Suggest…

Is it a Nice Day?

Focusing on your senses will take some practice but it it isn’t hard and it generates a powerful momentum toward positive change in the moment. (momentum to the moment). If you think the thought “It is a nice day,” first notice the thought and then get curious about what inspired that thought. What pictures, sounds and feelings did you have before you thought, “It is a nice day?”

Perhaps you saw the sun shining or even felt the warmth of the sun on your back, then, maybe, you said to yourself, “The sun in shining; there aren’t very many clouds in the sky; it probably won’t rain.” Then you may have had a feeling, perhaps a softness or warmth inside.

You did all this in a fraction of a second and then the thought “It is a nice day” seemed to appear out of nowhere. Focusing your attention on what happened before the thought showed up, will allow you to discover that thoughts aren’t true or false, they are just conclusions reached from a bunch of pictures, sounds or feelings. Peanut butter and chocolate came together and there was’ Reese’s. Pictures, sounds and feelings came
together and you had thoughts. Actually, they had a party.
The day isn’t nice; it is just a day. Certain pictures, sounds and feelings came together and there was the thought “It is a nice day.”

Without sensory data, without pictures, sounds and feelings, there wouldn’t be any thoughts. Attention focused on pictures, sounds and feelings reveals that thoughts are not the beginning or the end that they pretend to be. They aren’t the first word or the last word on anything; they play just a bit part in the dance of who you really are. Putting thoughts in perspective relieves your mind.

Another exercise Jerry recommends is to pay attention to the pictures in your head and make sure you add yourself to each picture. There are many way to do this have yourself right in the picture doing something or one I use is the picture in picture where I look at the original picture with compassion and acceptance.

One of the things that I’ve added and you may want to try is to hear and feel unconditional love coming to you from the pictures in your head. In other words that representation of you in your picture sends, verbally and physically the sense and feeling of acceptance, appreciation and allowing you just as you are without you having to do anything or be anything or have anything. Simply unconditional love and acceptance.

The challenge you face is up until now you have only given yourself ‘conditional love’ and know one has ever told you the biggest enemy of ‘unconditional love’ is not hate, fear or worry; it is ‘conditional love’. So don’t fight against ‘conditional love’ shift by consistently apply the mental fitness exercise described here.

As I’ve mentioned before the 1st Forgotten Fundamental of Life is, “The Individual IS the Meaning Maker’. Without you there is no meaning for you. And you do not have to believe anything, but whatever you do believe will become your perceived and felt reality.

When you do this consistently you will be using a mental fitness gem to build your self worth. How easy do you think this is and how many people are you going to share this with?

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –
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