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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on November 21,


Today we have an article from one of our panel of experts. Brad Yates is one of my favorite people. He is an expert in emotional freedom using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and here is a good article on the basics of getting what you want.

This is something Brad developed before the movie “The Secret” and this works right in line with the law of attraction.

So, here it is – the four-step process for manifesting what you really want (and yes, it works for money – I have successfully used it for that.  To be honest, it kind of freaked me out when I did so. I mean, I intellectually knew it would work, but…)

1. Create It
2. Clear It
3. Live It
4. Let Go

There you have it.  Enjoy!  Happy manifesting!

Oh, all right – I’ll go into a little more detail.

Step One: Create It

First, decide what you really want.  Is it a new house, car or job?  Is it a special someone?  Write it down.  Start with something like:

“I am so happy and grateful now that I have…”

Then list the qualities and features of what it is you want.

It’s important that you write it in the present.  If you write “I want this,” then you are vibrating at a frequency of want – and the wanting of it is what you will continue to attract.  You want to be vibrating in harmony with already having it.

Write positive things, always the features the objective has, rather than what it doesn’t have.  If you write, “My new boyfriend isn’t a
loser,” you are putting “loser” vibrations into the ether.  I feel compelled to discourage that.

Rather than asking for money, focus on what you want to have.  The $1200 didn’t come because I asked for the money – I focused on the trip I wanted to take, which I estimated to cost about that much.  

And, don’t limit the Universe by saying it has to be paid for in cash.   If you want a new car – focus on the car.  The money might show up, but you might also win the car.

Once you’ve given the parameters of what you want, write at the end, “This, or something better – for the highest good of all concerned.”  
Give the Universe an opportunity to give you something better and/or more appropriate – it knows better than we do.

Step Two: Clear It

Here’s where EFT come into play.  Too often, we are sending out contradictory energy, keeping what we consciously say we want at a distant from ourselves.

Imaging going into a restaurant and ordering a hamburger.  As the server walks away, you say, “Hmmm… I really shouldn’t have that.  Maybe I should order a salad.”  Then you think some more and say, “Hey – a chicken sandwich probably is what I should have!”  The server stands there waiting for you to make up your mind, and you wonder why you don’t have your hamburger yet.

Clear any contradictory thoughts.  The Universe picks up on them all.

The biggest, in my experience, is: “I don’t deserve to have this.”  Tap on it, or use whatever other tools you might have for releasing blocks to your success.  

You also want to be clear on your intentions.  If you have doubts about your motives, you will either block the attainment of your objective, or limit your ability to receive it in a joyful manner.  Make sure you want it for the right reasons (and only you can decide what is right for you.)

Keep at this until you can think about the successful attainment of your objective without feeling any resistance.

Step Three: Live It

Now that you can think about the successful attainment of your objective without feeling any resistance – do so.  Really think about having it – and allow yourself to enjoy that.

Indulge in all the positive feelings you expect to experience while enjoying this thing in your life.  Really feel how good it feels.

Now would be a good time to tap yourself into trance and visualize yourself really enjoying your objective. As you do so, allow the
positive feelings to wash over you and through you – feeling good in every muscle, nerve, fiber, tissue, cell and atom of your body.  Do this once a day – a daily reminder of what you are up to.

Another great way to do this step is with a partner.  Tell them, “I have this new _____ in my life – and I’m so happy!”  Again, in the present and in positive terms.

Your partner says, “That’s great – tell me more!”

And you do – and they ask for more – and so on.  Keep repeating this as you joyfully share your happy situation and both of you feed each other’s excitement – building the vibrational energy.

And remember – turn about is fair play.  Let them get excited sharing something with you, too.

Step Four: Let Go

I also call this “Let Go and Let God.”  

You need to be unattached to the outcome.  Otherwise, you might start clenching your energy, asking “Where is it?”

Not great attracting energy.

A farmer doesn’t plant a seed, then stare at it in frustration hoping for it to grow.  He does what he can to nurture it, but otherwise leaves it to nature to do what it does.

Also, you don’t want to be attached to how it happens.  You might be staring at a door waiting for that someone to walk in, and completely miss them because they came through the side door.

Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t take action.  Do what you can – let the Universe know you are serious about making things happen.  Just don’t be surprised if the manifestation comes in a way that doesn’t seem to be directly related to what you are doing.

Tapping can be very helpful with this step, too.  “Even though I feel I HAVE TO HAVE THIS NOW!!!.”  Let that go.

If you’ve created your vision, cleared all internal objections to it, allowed yourself to experience living it and really feel how great it
would be to have it – and it still isn’t showing up – then you need to trust that maybe it really isn’t in your best interest to have this
objective at present.  

But, “God’s delays are not God’s denials.”

More often than not, there’s more clearing work to do.  Abundance just is.  It is all around.  The extent to which we are not experiencing it
is the extent to which we are resisting it.

Stop resisting it.

Manifest it.

You deserve it. 

Brad likes to think of himself as an Evolution Catalyst. He feels blessed to be known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT). He was trained and certified at the respected Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA, where he served on staff. Combining this background with training in energy psychology and various schools of thought in the area of personal growth and achievement, he coaches groups and individuals in achieving greater success, health and happiness in their lives. To check out some of his great emotional freedom products visit here.


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Sonal November 21, 2011 at 10:00 am

Brad Yates is one of my favourite people when it comes to learning EFT. Thanks Brad, and Dr. Vetter, for bringing us this post.

I like how simple you’ve made it to understand and actually use the law of attraction to one’s advantage.:)


Houston Vetter - DocResults November 21, 2011 at 11:16 am


We appreciate your thanks and wish you success in all you do.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston


Jo November 29, 2011 at 2:09 pm

I avidly read as much as I can of Brad Yates. He is an exceptional human being who encourages us all to be magnificent too.


Houston Vetter - DocResults November 29, 2011 at 2:21 pm


We feel privileged to have Brad as a member of our expert panel.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston


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