Making Money Using The Internet – Jobless and Loving It!

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on August 8,


Making Money Using The Internet – Jobless and Loving It!

by Dr. Houston Vetter, Senior Balanced Living Magazine Editor

The thing I like about Pat’s articles and advice is it is so easy to follow and he explains it in terms that make sense and he does it all with a great sense of humor. With all the uncertainty in our society today here is one possible to bring a little certainty back into your life as you learn why making money using the internet may be a place to start. Here are some comments from his articles. Look for the advice from Pat’s cat.

Making Money Using the Internet – Jobless and Loving It!

It’s over.

That economy you grew up with?

Yea.  That one.  It’s over.

And, they lied to you.


Your parents, your teachers, your counselors.

I’m assuming that they told you what they told me:  to get a good job, get a good education.  Then, get that good job and keep it.

I thought that sounded like a waste of a life back when I was young and hearing that the first time.  Turns out I was right.  For many reasons.

Here’s one:

Job growth came to a near-halt in June, according to surprisingly grim new data released Friday that raise doubts that the economy will bounce back from its spring lull soon.

Midway through a year that began with expectations that the ailing U.S. economy would finally take off, the nation is stuck in a muddle, growing too slowly to keep the jobless rate from rising, let alone to put some of the 14 million people looking for work back to earning paychecks. The odds that job creation will take off in the remainder of the year look slimmer with every new piece of data…

source:  Washington Post



One of the things I love about reading Kinky Friedman’s books is that occasionally he’ll talk to his cat.  And not just kitty-talk.  He’ll get down and dirty and explore the important stuff with his cat.  The cat has not been known to respond verbally, but occasionally will respond in other ways.

I figured this was just a literary device until I started doing it, too.

My cat’s name is Ming.  In her youth, she was a brave hunter of lizards and would proudly bring me her trophies.  It was disgusting.  But, she was so proud… I never let her know how I really felt.  Now, she’s matronly.  Now, she hunts for rays of sunlight to lie in.  She’s black and white, and (don’t tell her) her head is a little small for her body.

So it is apparent things are not the way they used to be and this leaves people in a place of uncertainty. Without a sense of direction since everything we were taught is now being brought into question. So what are other possibilities that provide a solution to this uncertainty.  To read the full articles please visit Pat’s blog. Well below is more advice from Pat’s cat on making money using the Internet.

If you missed my intro video, “Introduction to Internet Marketing,” you can see it here. I’m going to assume you’ve watched it.

In that video, I talk about how I use affiliate marketing to fill in the holes in my marketing strategy.  The problem is that it takes a while to make a product.  Then, you launch it and make some money.  And then… crickets.  What to do to keep making money while you’re making your next masterpiece?

I recommend affiliate marketing.

Check out the screenshot below to see one of the reasons I like affiliate marketing.

Weekly earnings for clickbank affiliate sales

As you can see, it’s possible to keep the income stream rocking while you’re creating products.

Here’s how I do it.

First, I find a product I really like.  This is important.  I BUY everything I promote.  Then, I look it over carefully.  Does it really do everything it says it does?  Is it a screaming deal?  Is it good for my customers?

If the answer is “yes,” to all three, then I probably will promote it.

You’ll note that I don’t USE every product I buy.  My customers are, for the most part, beginning Internet Marketers.  I’m not.  I’ve got access to resources that beginning Internet Marketers don’t.  I’m looking at these products from the point of view of my customer.  Should THEY use them?  Yes!

earnings disclaimer:  because we live in a weird world, I’m going to state the obvious.  I’m showing you my earnings, but I don’t have a clue what you will do.  Nobody can predict the outcome of your actions- or lack thereof.  I’m only showing you these numbers to show what’s possible.  I hope you can do better, but I don’t promise that you will.  Duh.  You know that.  I only put this in to keep the lawyers quiet.

I’m assuming you’ve got a way to drive traffic to a website.  We’ve talked about lots of ways to build lists, and I’ve come across some pretty cool ones that we’ll talk about later.  You definitely should focus on building your list.  For the purposes of this blog post, we’ll assume you’ve either got a list, or know how to drive traffic using SEO, PPC, JVs, or some other method.  (In the free video I mentioned at the top of the page there’s a section on list-building.)

Making money using the internet can be a daunting endeavor or simply scary at first that is why Pat joined with Dr. Joe Vitale and created the Online Wealth Secret Code which is designed to deal with both the uncertainty of your present situation and actual practical steps you can take to be certain and secure.

Do you know anyone that would like to be jobless and love it by making money using the internet?

If you do please share this on facebook and twitter and also leave your thoughts and comments below.


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