Make Valentine’s Last

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on February 6,


As the Righteous Brothers used to sing, “bring back that lovin’ feeling…” so how do you do that? You make valentine last. And how do you do that? Well you do just like another reader of Balanced Living Magazine M.K. Douglas did. You make the internal adjustments required so that the external results are what you want.

No one really knows how February 14th changed from just another day to a day dedicated to the celebration of romantic love or for that matter how a roman saint named Valentine got associated with the idea of romantic love either. From looking all over the net here is the best I could find from

Never mind the 160 million greeting cards that will be purchased for Valentine’s Day this year. Forget about the 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that will pass from giver to recipient. Long before today’s modern commercialized frenzy, Valentine’s Day was, well, just another day to commemorate a saint. In Catholic tradition practically every day of the year is a saint’s day, so how did Saint Valentine — instead of, say, Saint Sigfrid, whose day is Feb. 15 — become associated with romantic love?

“The earliest evidence of an association between Saint Valentine’s Day and celebrating romantic love is in a 14th-century poem by Chaucer,” said Caroline Eckhardt, head of Penn State’s Department of Comparative Literature. “The title of the poem is the ‘Parliament of Fowls,’ and the events described in it occur on St. Valentine’s Day. 

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However it happened February 14th is now known as St. Valentines Day and the focus is on celebrating romantic love. Romantic love on the biological level is about your body producing certain chemicals (hormones) that causes you to feel euphoric. In other words you feel real good and happy.

Those chemical reactions take place because of the thoughts that you think and how you think them. All of our feelings are the results of the thoughts and the direction of our thoughts. And what most of don’t know is out thoughts about relating and relationships are controlled and managed by our core beliefs about relating.

So if you don’t want to loose that lovin’ feeling or if you want to bring back that lovin’ feeling and make the celebration of romantic love last align your core beliefs around relationships.

The best way I know is to go here and sign up for the upcoming tele-seminar Improve Your Relationship Now. It’s worth it! It really is. Also you can read what M.K. Douglas had to say about bring back that lovin’ feeling.

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Best Tips For Motivation

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Facebook Do’s and Don’t’s for the Super Bowl and Beyond

by Mary Sloane Social Media Expert

Do you have a Facebook Page?  If not add this to your “Must Have” list.  With close to 1 Billion users half of whom login every day, you cannot ignore Facebook.   But Don’t use a profile page, where you collect friends for business or Facebook might shut you down.

Just open that profile page and get registered if you have not already done so then scroll to the bottom and pick “Create a Page”.  Now optimize this page.

Let’s start with some Do’s

  • Do fill in the info tab completely with lots of information and maximize the use of your keywords;
  • Do use events that are happening like the Super Bowl as an opportunity to really engage your existing fans and add to your Fan base;  Everyone loves a party and any excuse is a good excuse:
  • Do have an interesting profile Banner that shows off your business, if you’re local have your contact information there or, if your business is online show your web site URL;
  • Do get a Facebook Page name, or Vanity URL, which does not include numbers.  Ideally it should include a keyword so people can tell what you do eg:  not:
  • Do have an App that includes a Welcome Page, with instructions to your visitors to “Like” your page in order to gain something.  Have it be something desirable to people who visit your business  and something they would love to share.  For example: Toby’s Pizzeria could be offering a discount coupon for 25% off on all pizzas ordered during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, or for two weeks before and after the Superbowl;
  • Do start a List of your fans so you can interact with them via email or via text message; Usually in exchange for what you’re offering them for Liking your page they’ll be willing to give you their name and email
  • Do  status updates that encourage fan response eg: Who do you think will win the Super Bowl and why? after the game: What do you think was the play of the Super Bowl game?
  • Do reward your fans frequently with special contests or games or discounts or opportunities to participate in your business eg: Toby’s Pizzeria could ask for new pizza ideas and then hold a voting contest on the best two and reward the contributors (often just having their pictures shown as the winners and FREE pizza for a week would be a fantastic prize or Two free pizzas;
  • Do ask your fans to share with their friends and reward them for doing so

Clearly you Do have to think about what your particular customers would like, and plan rewards that get them excited about sharing with their friends.

Now for some Don’ts

  • Don’t post too often to your status updates, particularly if you have one update  that is engaging your fans, let them share and just go in and like their comments and encourage them; eg: If Toby’s Pizzeria had posted an update asking their fans to share their favorite play of the Super Bowl game, and they were getting great response, with lots of sharing just go in and like some of the comments, and maybe add something compelling or encouraging them to share even more or ask their friends to come and share their favorite play, maybe turn it into a contest with people voting on the Best Play – the point is to get interaction
  • Don’t ignore your fans and their postings, come in frequently and interact.  Let them know there is someone real there that is talking with them like a friend would;
  • Don’t let a day go by without some sort of interaction on your Facebook page by you, this is where you find out more about your customers so you can offer them more things they like so they will buy more from you;
  • Don’t just put up one contest and think you’re done, expect to change campaigns monthly at least.  People want excitement and interesting things happening online.  You are now part of the “infotainment” industry.  Yes they want information but they also want entertainment;
  • Don’t ignore natural “events” that occur.  Look at your calendar and plan on changing your offering based on things happening in the real world; eg: Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day  In other words become part of the fun.

Don’t let your Facebook Page get stale.  Post pictures; Hold Events  either online or at your shop, post videos remember YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

So put these Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for the Super Bowl and other events into practice and grow your Fan base.  Think Fun!

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