Lucy, You Got Some Splaining To Do: What’s In It For Me?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on May 24,


I want to show you “what’s in it for you”. As Ricky used to say to Lucy on the I Love Lucy show, “Lucy, you got some splaining to do!”, so I feel I need to “splain” to you what’s been going on in my mind when it comes to helping you live the life you want and deserve.

The reason I’m moving everything over to Balanced Living Magazine is not because I don’t think I have the answers you need to have a happy successful life. I DO BELIEVE I have answers where you can live a happy successful life.

And what is a happy successful life, you ask? That’s a really good question because a happy successful life means something different to you than it does to someone else reading this article. For some, it means raising a family, to someone else it means being rich (by the standards they set), to another it means finding the idea partner, to someone else it means finding the perfect job, and to others it means having their own successful business. To some, a successful life means more peace and less stress, and to others it means more health and less pain.

Each and every one of us is searching for answers, and those answers come in the form of a feeling, and there are many, many avenues to get that feeling. Of course, I think I have the answer(s), and I also realize each individual is different. Not everyone is at the place where my answers are the perfect answer for them. And I want you to have the perfect answer for you. I also know that the perfect answer is always changing based on what has our attention at any given moment.

The perfect answer for health may or may not have something to do with your finances or your relationship or some other area that needs addressing. I understand that we can uncover those things and correct them, and yet sometimes people want a little less direct help and simply want resources they can apply and get the results over time vs immediately.

So in an effort to be of as much help as possible and to provide information you can use, I’ve started where we have a panel of experts to help you solve whatever problem you have. And by the way, if there isn’t an expert to answer your particular challenge I will scour the four corners of the (round) earth to find someone who can help you with your problem.

We are getting experts in finances, health, wellness, relationships, raising children, finding the perfect mate, intimacy, spirituality, enlightenment, personal growth, entrepreneurship, starting on-line business, starting off-line businesses, personal communications, business communications, persuasion, salesmanship, saleswomanship, making money on or off line, affiliate marketing, drop shipping and all areas of life to give you the information that you deserve so you can live a balanced life.

As an example…  I bet you did not know there are basically two different types of approaches to making money on the internet, and it depends on your individual personality type which approach would work best for you. For some, only one way would lead to balanced living, for others, they could do either/or, and some could do both. And one of the things we want to do is let you know which are which.

In this example, both approaches work. One is based on building quality relationships and offering quality products, both products that you create and that others create, and the other approach does not build relationships, does not require your own product and simply uses the old mathematical formulas of numbers to make a living.

Even though both approaches work, one or the other may not be right for you, and if they are not right for you, they will not work for you. Amazingly, every other part of life – health, relationships, finances, attitude – works in the same way. The key to a balanced life is discovering which one is working for you right now and how to monitor it as it may change on you so you can keep balanced in your living.

You see, neither one is good or bad or right or wrong. However, often when we believe something is in line with our integrity, we think everyone should have the same integrity. But, and it is a big but, personal integrity is different for each individual based on what they have come to believe. And like my Grampa Vetter would say, “A belief is where you have decided to STOP thinking!”

One of the things we want to do in the is to explore as many different approaches to different subjects so we provide our members choices that allow them to live a balanced life.

Our goal is to provide you with information you can use and not overload you at the same time. Our desire is to send you one to two Balanced Living Magazine issues a week on different subjects, with special bonus issues at special occasions. Also special offers on products that support the information we are providing and no more than 4, maybe 5 every now and then, emails a week.

Why that way? Because I’m on list of people I like and want their information, and those that send me something every day and sometimes twice a day seems too much for me even though I do save them and put them in a file. And the ones that I like and hear from every other day don’t seem like too much and I read more of their information. So, I’m figuring you’re like me, and this is about balanced living vs. overwhelmed living, so we want to get you information you can use but not overwhelm you in the process.

So what’s in it for you is information that you want, savings that you want, deals that you want from a team of experts that are dedicated to your success.

To Your Best,

Dr. Houston Vetter – DocResults

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