Limiting Belief Pressures

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on April 23,


limiting belief pressuresWhat bad rules are you using to keep yourself from succeeding? Limiting belief pressures have an untold effect on your life and limiting believe are bad rules you have set for yourself that are not working for you. These bad rules lead to worry, doubt and fear. Three things that are at the bottom of every unsuccessful thing you have ever done in your life.

Christy Matta wrote the following in the Huffington Post 

Limiting Belief Pressures

If you are stuck “doing the right thing” while sacrificing what you want, your beliefs about how you “should” act may be holding you back. Often, we give up on our dreams or find ourselves mired in daily duties not because others are expecting things from us, but because we expect them from ourselves. These internal rules guide how we spend our money, use our free time and view our careers and relationships. They can originate in external expectations, moral codes or rules that you internalized long ago and now place on yourself.

Do you relate to any of the following beliefs:

1. “I should solve problems on my own (not doing so is weak, needy or means I’m inadequate).”
2. “I shouldn’t make requests from other people (I don’t deserve it or it’s selfish and self-centered.)”
3. “I should just deal with it.”
4. “I should sacrifice my needs for others.”
5. “I shouldn’t feel the way I do.” 
6. “I should have done better (at work, in a relationship, on a task).”
7. “I can’t fail (failure would be disastrous).”
8. “Other people’s needs and wants are more important than mine.”
9. “I can’t handle criticism.”
10. “I should never need to be criticized (I should behave perfectly so that there is no need for criticism).” 

I do like one of the suggestions she gives as a solution as it is something I’ve taught for 25 years…

Think the belief, but change the word “should” to “could.” If it’s a thought with the word “can’t” change it to “I feel sad, disappointed, anxious, when I.” Notice if the word change has an impact on how you feel. For example, you might change “I should just deal with it” to “I could just deal with it” or “I can’t handle criticism” to “I feel anxious when I’m criticized.” This subtle shift can increase the flexibility of your thoughts and expand your sense of having options.

Click here to read more about suggestion on limiting beliefs.

For one of the fastest ways to get rid of the worry doubt and fear that shows up is to eliminate limiting belief pressures  now. There is a little known secret and even if you know some of the secret you want to click apply it all to get rid of the bad rules.

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