Law of Attraction Not Working? I’ll Give You A FREE Therapist

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on April 26,


law of attraction not workingWhat I have for you today you might not believe but you’ve got to give this a try. If the Law of Attraction Not Working for you… Plus it is free and I found out about it because of you. It’s yours free and it can do these things and more…

  • Reprogram old belief systems so that your beliefs no longer limit the law of attraction from bring you what you want
  • Get rid of old out-dated emotional patterns so that you feel you really deserve the things you dream of having
  • Assist you in focusing on your new reality so you can speed up the good things coming into your life

You know I recently created a video I wanted everyone to share with there friends, family and neighbors. It is called The Secret Law of Attraction – Does The Secret Work? A lot of people really enjoyed that and has shared it with a lot of their friends and I thank all of you who have. One of my friends named Zach, from Texas living in Thailand, told me about how he had combine a lot of things together using the principle of the law of attraction and created a piece of no cost software you can put on your computer and do some amazing things with to change your life, like the things listed above.

This program is so cool because it gives you total control of it all so that you can move at the speed you want to move at. It works with you using all the different modalities used for learning (see, hear, feel).

  • If you need to see something to learn this program has it.
  • If you need to hear it to learn this program has it.
  • If you need to feel it to learn, you guessed it this program has it.
  • It even has it subliminally so you don’t have to actually pay attention all the time.

You can pay attention when you want and relax and let your mind wonder to other things and still get the benefit of this program working for you.

Geoff Maslen wrote an article entitled “In The Blink of An Eye” over at in the article he cited new research about what the eye can see even if the person doesn’t know they are seeing it.

As part of the Swinburne study directed by Professor Allan Whitfield, Dr Thurgood and Professor Patterson invented a device that could show images at speeds never previously possible. They loaded a digital image onto a dark liquid crystal display and, when the image was fully loaded, the screen was backlit with a single flash from an array of light-emitting diodes that reached full luminance almost instantly.

Half the images were of animals in their natural habitats and half in isolation against a plain white background. Likewise, about half the people taking part saw only photos of the animals in their own environment while the rest saw the animals against the white background. As well, half the photos were shown for one millisecond and the rest for 10 milliseconds – that is, 100th of a second.

We found that at least 83 per cent of the responses were correct when an image was shown for 1 millisecond,” Dr Thurgood says. “There was also little difference whether it appeared for one or 10 milliseconds and, even if it seemed the image appeared on the screen more quickly, most people could still see it quite clearly at one millisecond.”

She says the findings were unexpected and extended previous research on visual perception in which the researchers had been unable to test such short durations. In fact, the results showed that human brains could consciously process visual information so fast as to stretch the limits of modern measuring instruments.

“Our discovery also has implications in psychology, including evolutionary explanations for uniquely human vision attributes, and spells the end for ideas of mind control via the subliminal effect — at least where brief, unmasked stimulus exposures are concerned,” Dr Thurgood says.

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So whether you pay attention or not you can still benefit from this software I am allowed to give you at no cost. It is called My Desktop Therapist

Imagine having your own therapist on call 24-7 and not having to pay him or her every time you need her. If you’re not into therapy, then consider it your Desktop Coach.  you know every successful persons has a mentor or coach to help them when they need it and this program can go a long way in helping you get what you want, so get it today.

Click here and download your no charge copy of My Desktop Therapist

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