Your Survey Results on Law of Attraction and Blocks

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on April 8,


As a results of the number of responses from the last survey I wrote a couple of articles and this one and the next one are focused on the two major areas that people said they wanted the most help with being able to use the Law of Attraction and Removing Blocks better. This article was recently published at in an article entitled “The Law of Attraction and the Magician’s Misdirection”.

Your Survey Results on Law of Attraction and Blocks

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I’m not sure how much you know about the law of attraction and the magician’s misdirection so read this and tell me what you think and if this helps you at all.

Some people swear by ‘The Secret’ a surface exploration of the law of attraction popularized by Rhonda Byrne and some people call it new age mumbo-jumbo. Let me know your thoughts after reading this.

This article was triggered by this information on the Structure of the Law of Attraction from

Have you ever wondered why people are so polarized over something called a law and especially a law of nature or universal law?

Since gravity is another law of nature that has pervasive effect on everything people say and do; do you see people polarized for or against the law of gravity?

Ever wondered about that?

Do you have mixed feelings about LOA and think you understand it and yet the results you want don’t seem to be what they should be even though you are doing everything you understand with the law of attraction?

When was the last time you saw a magician preform?

It is always fun when they get your attention going in one direction and then outside of your attention they do something that seems mystical or magical. That is the magician’s misdirection and it is often referred to as sleight of hand.

What a magician does with sleight of hand is get your attention focused in what SEEMS the right direction and then making adjustments OUTSIDE of your attention in the actual direction and then brings it into your attention. In fact the closer you look where the magician wants you to the more you miss. The harder you try to understand the easier it is to keep you either frustrated or amazed.

For a magician all they have to do is get your attention and then direct it where they want and the results is magic. Magic being that which takes place outside of your awareness that you are unaware of and attribute to conditions that have nothing to do with you. This is aided as Jerry Stocking said by the understanding that most…

People miss almost everything while believing they get almost everything.

With that realization it makes it easy to misdirect your attention while the real action is going on close by.

That brings us to…

The Law of Attraction and The Magician’s Misdirection

Because of all the publicity, news reports, and people that are considered experts getting your focus of attention on a universal law of nature and them telling you that because you don’t know or understand this law you are not getting what you want in life and you are suffering in ways you shouldn’t you may be experiencing the magician’s misdirection.

And because deep down you ‘know in your knower’ you really truly deserve and want to get life to work for you and things to be easier with a lot less suffering you start to pay attention to the Law of Attraction and you start doing things and learning how to use this law to your advantage because teacher after teacher have training programs, teachings and tapes that teach you how to use the law of attraction.

That is not a good or a bad thing. It is simply what happens and some people get closer to having the results they want. And because life is an on-going process as long as some magician can keep your attention focused close but not actually on where the real switch is made you still follow along.

But what would happen if you could slightly shift your attention to the exact place where the misdirection takes place and you actually get control of the sleight of hand?

Let’s look at this practically using another law of nature that has a pervasive effect on you and your life.

  • When you learned about the law of gravity did anyone start to teach you how to use gravity?
  • Did anyone say once you understand gravity you will be able to fly to the moon and back?
  • How about when you learn how to use the law of gravity you will never have to worry about falling off the earth every again.

Why didn’t people try to tell us and teach us how to use the law of gravity?cartoon-results of LOA

Because it is the explanation of how and why things respond the way they do in a place with gravity such as earth vs a location without gravity such as  in space.

The law of gravity is not something we break or use, we only demonstrate it. That is why we are all aware of it but it does not fill our focus of attention on ways to use it or take advantage of it. If we did our attention would be misdirected. There is nothing we can do to change the law of gravity. No amount of thought, effort or desire will change it one little bit.

The law of nature called the law of gravity simply is an EXPLANATION of a phenomena. Because of the law of gravity other laws operate such as aerodynamics and the law of lift. If there was no gravity there would be no aerodynamics.

The law of gravity is always working. There is never a time it is not working and everything that we do is a demonstration of the law of gravity. Most of the time we don’t even pay attention to it and we never blame or credit the law of gravity for our cars and houses for not floating off the planet.

I can’t remember the last time I heard a woman praise the law of gravity or even mention it for keeping her dress down or an football player give credit to gravity for the 50 yard touchdown pass.

The law of attraction works exactly the same way.  The Law of Attraction is always working. There is never a time it is not working and everything we do is a demonstration of the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction is not something we break or use, we only demonstrate it.

Being aware of LOA and how it works can be a useful thing just like being aware of gravity and how it works can be useful. The suggestion is  you can get more of what you want out of life when you give the law of attraction about the same amount of attention as you give the law of gravity since they work the exact same way whether they are in your attention or out of it.

Since the law of attraction and the law of gravity work on the same principle they require the same amount of attention to get useful results.

As you know sleight of hand is always done in close proximity to the real actual movement that creates what seems to be magic. So where does the sleight shift of attention need to go to where the real transformation takes place.

Re-Directing the Misdirection

What are the law of attraction and the law of gravity made up of, what are they describing? What is the essence that each are dealing with?

The term used here is energy. In this model everything is energy and everything is made of energy. It surrounds, interpenetrates, makes up and holds everything, you included. You are energy. Energy operates through vibration and frequencies. It is the word we use that others might call source, God, the universe, all there is, the all in all, zero point field, etc.

So how do you, as an energy being operate? How do you display the energy that you are and the energy that influences, shifts and creates and causes experience in your life.

You experience and know energy through your energy interpreters called the 5+ senses. All senses you have are interpreters and translators of energy. What you see, hear, think and feel are all energy being translated by your energy interpreters.

Of all your energy interpreters, i.e. senses, the one that all the other senses funnel to, the one that is the final arbiter of what you do with the information  is your emotive feelings know as emotions.

Emotions are energy interpreters. They are accurate only as far as they let you know the meaning you have added to a specific energy feeling in your body. Emotions are where you have taken an energy feeling and added a meaning of either positive or negative, or good or bad, or true or false. That is not a good or a bad thing it is simply how you as a meaning maker operate.

So the enjoyment and pleasure you experience in your life is dependent on how you think and how you feel let’s you know what you are thinking.

Why is awareness of how you feel important?

Not because it tells you what you want or don’t want, or what you find positive or negative; the reason awareness of how you feel is important is because it let’s you know what patterns of thought you have been thinking.

What most people do not know is that the only reason you have the emotive feelings you have is because of the thoughts you’ve been thinking. So what makes the thoughts you’ve been thinking? The pictures you seen in your head and the internal statements you make about the pictures in your head determine and make up your thinking. It is all energy moving and influencing itself.

More important than right/wrong, good/bad, positive/negative your feelings are letting you know what direction you have been thinking. You can change the feeling of right/wrong, good/bad, positive/negative by changing your thinking. So how do you change the things you are saying to yourself about the picture you are seeing in your mind?

What determines your self-talk?

How you feel is generated by what you are telling yourself about the pictures that are moving through the screen of your mind. Your energy interpreters create a theater in your mind and as you either change the pictures or you change the soundtrack you wind up changing how you feel and the results that show up in your life.

The reason your level of joy, happiness and satisfaction is what it is, is based on your pattern of thinking. Your pattern of thinking is determined by your belief system. I’ve always thought it sort of a cosmic joke that the first letters of something that we run our whole lives on is BS.

And as my Grampa Vetter used to say, “All anyone ever does is give themselves and others their BS-Belief System and the funny thing is the only time we call it BS is when it does not agree with our BS-Belief System and yet it is all BS-Belief System.”

All these energy interpreters creates different spins of energy that are attempting to move into balance and flow. Often because of the direction of spin it creates a charge that may block the flow of energy. So learning ways of removing the blocks can be very useful. From the BS-Belief System level it means we often have beliefs that are at odds and are in conflict with other beliefs.

Solutions and Tools

Some of the different things you can do to get life to work for you? How can you know? What is the signal that blocks are being removed, that your beliefs are shifting, that your self-talk is working for you instead of against you?

The answer is you feel better. You feel better about what is and about where you want to be. The way you feel lets you know how much closer you are to really enjoying life. Remember your emotive feeling is the final interpreter of energy after it has pasted through the other filters (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory, Vestibular).

From a self help do it yourself position again the suggestion of getting what has been called EFT on Steroids which is free can be a useful place to start. Basic PEAT can help remove specific blocks as they come up. Again it depends on your level of seriousness as to which tools you choose.

For those a little more serious about getting life to work for you may I suggest getting a One-On-One Session where you learn Vibrational Innergetics™ which teaches you how to remove the emotional charge between polarities and gives you a tool to align your BS-Belief System. For an experience of how you are controlled by the charge between polarities click here and do the exercise at the bottom of the post. And then contact us about a One-on-One Session to learn Vibrational Innergetics™.

And for those who are totally committed to getting this handled once and for all I would suggest our Lucid Living™ One-on-One Training Course. This course goes beyond what we have discussed in this article and works on the deepest level of leverage, even deeper than core beliefs. It works on shifting the one area that controls every belief. It deals with the one identity that when you shift into, it changes everything. It’s like a rebirth you have never experienced before.

It effects you and everyone around you. Click here to learn more and get in this exciting life changing course. We choose to teach this in a One-on-One format over a seminar/workshop format as the results of this training course are like none you have ever experienced before.

It All Boils Down To…

Do you want head knowledge and information about what is available to you or do you want the actual experience of a happy, healthy, joy filled wonderful life? Depending on which you want and how much you want it will determine which of the tools you choose to use and how well you deal with the law of attraction and the magician’s misdirection.

 This article is the results of your survey results on Law of Attraction and blocks. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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Michael Walters April 8, 2013 at 9:47 am

Great article – every day I see people selling the “missing link” from the manifestation formula. There must be so many missing links it is no wonder that people struggle! Seriously Houston this is a great practical article that I hope many people read.


Houston Vetter - DocResults April 8, 2013 at 10:29 am

Very glad the article is useful. I enjoy making the woo woo practical.
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults


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