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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on June 6,


Good Morning and Welcome To Your Life,

I was remembering a conversation Pat O’Bryan had with someone who was complaining about the economy and how hard things were and how tough things were and Pat gave what I thought was, if not the perfect answer, a very, very good answer.

Pat said, “Why not get on the Internet and none of those things affect you. Not the economy, not what the president says, not what the government does and best of all you can make good money helping solve other people’s problems. That way you are no longer bothered by the ebb and flow of what affects other people. This way you get closer to enjoying what freedom is all about.”

That is a pretty good reason and here are a few more good reasons as well.

You can get started for less than $100-$500. Now the important thing to note about the last sentence¬† is not the $100-$500, what is important about the sentence is this part right here… you can get started for. You see an online business, is like everything else it has a beginning a middle and an end or an continuation. $100-$500 is not all you are going to invest into your business and yet $100-$500 is enough to get you started to where you can start making some money on the internet. And making money is your first sign that it is becoming a business and not just a hobby to occupy your time.

Another good reason to start an online business is it takes time but not necessarily as much time as an off-line business and the pay can be a lot more. Remember your initial investment is between $100-$500 and your ROI (return on investment) is a lot higher than starting an off-line business. It is higher ROI than buying a car for $100-$500. It is a higher ROI than your car note or your house/apartment monthly note/rent. It’s a better ROI than a real expensive dinner in a fancy restaurant. One of the major values of owning an online business is the ROI allows you to have better stuff (i.e cars, homes, dinners, time, etc.)

Another good reason for starting an online business is the fixed cost (rent, utilities, etc) are a lot less than an off-line business and you can conduct and run your online business wherever there is a computer and an Internet connection. I like the term someone used for having an Online Business, they called it the Laptop Lifestyle.

Also starting, building and running an online business has another advantage. The cost of hiring employees can be very, very low. When you do build your business to the place where you can outsource some of the work the places to hire these folks like odesk and elance can get you great quality for very low cost.

And starting your own online business does not require any employees other than yourself to begin with and you can make as much as a six figure income before you hire your first employee.

Now the learning curve can be some what of a challenge because of all the possibilities available to create a successful online business. The main thing to remember is once you start, everything is secondary to building your list. You can have the best product in the world or you can find the best product in the world and unless you have someone to sell the best product or service to you don’t have a snowballs chance in the dessert of success if you don’t have potential customers and on the Internet those potential customers are found and are available to you from the list you build.

Now building a list is imperative (really, really, really important) if you are planning on making big money on the Internet. It is crucial if you plan at any time to make a full time living from the Internet and really live the Laptop Lifestyle.

As you make the decision that you do want a Laptop Lifestyle My recommendation for the best program to start with that has 90-95% of all the stuff (a technical term) put together is Your Income Answers. And the nice thing is to get you started is they give you a set of 9 videos FREE showing you the ins and outs of creating your first online business and how to do it the way the professionals do. They use everything they teach you in the FREE videos so you can see how an online business works. So go ahead and click on to get your FREE videos and start your learning curve today and pretty soon you will have a Laptop Lifesyle.

IF you are only wanting to make $300-$500 part time on the internet, building a list can still be very useful as it gives you the flexibility to make more with less work if you decide you want to do that. Otherwise to work part-time on the internet and average $300-$500 per month I would suggest using this program Make Cash Taking Surveys. The reason I recommend them is that have worked it all out including the surveys not to fill out and the ones that pay the highest for filling out a survey for companies that you already use and are willing to pay you as much as $50 to get your opinion. To find out more watch this 10 minute video. For those who are just wanting to get started part-time and make some extra money while you go through the learning curve of building a full-time on line business clicking on Make Cash Taking Surveys may be the best thing you’ve done in a long time.

Now you do not have to take advantage of either one of these programs or you may decide to get both of them. It is always your choice and I want to support that fully and completely. And when you do decide that you want to experience a little more freedom in your life I want to be there to help you with both the Inner Game and the Outer Business of how to make it happen for you.

I recommend both and Make Cash Taking Surveys to people who want a way to get out of debt and experience a more fulfilled live. Both programs require some commitment, they are not magic and yet they are very useful it helping you get what you really want out of life.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults
Publisher -Balanced Living Magazine




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