Jesus and Worldwide Social Justice: WWJD

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on September 11,


Social Justice-reallyWith refugees all over the world and more law breaking criminals coming across the southern US border in 6 months than legal immigrants per year it may be useful for Christians to ask themselves WWJD, what would Jesus do?

As I read through the Facebook thread I see all kinds of memes come through the thread. Many make me laugh and with others I wind up shaking my head in wonder how people can post such inaccurate memes as if they were factual and accurate.

One sweet hearted lady I communicate with gets triggered with her concept of social justice and instead of looking at all possibilities she seems to latch onto the one where she and everyone else is responsible for all those seeking refugee and escape from economic poverty and she feels it all falls under the banner of social justice.

Jesus and Worldwide Social Justice: WWJD

Here is a response I wrote to her in regards to her question “What would Jesus Do?”

Based on what he did when he was here, he only feed 5,000 people one time that were at a speech he gave. He healed those who came to him for help. He didn’t feed the poor or cloth the unclothed. He didn’t even heal everyone, everywhere.

He told his followers, not the government to take care of the poor among you (not all over the world) but that you would always have them wit
h you.

He made no specific comments about what one government should do to people coming from another government.

He said, “give to God that which God’s and give Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

From the complete history of Christianity and it’s roots in Judaism, they were pretty specific about what they did to other races that were not the same as theirs and it wasn’t very pretty.

So if Jesus were here today he would probably lovingly say settle them in a safe zone in Syria that was set up by some sort of coalition of nations. He would suggest the Christians take care of Christian refugees and the local government (not foreign) take care of all the rest.

Or he might ask, “why are not their brothers taking care of them?”

I understand it hurts your heart, but is it Social Justice or Social Injustice?

I got that it gets to you. And when we look at all the information that is out there, there are options other than is presented by one side or the other.

Have you considered why Islamic countries would not take Islamic refugees (the majority young men)? Especially young men chanting Allah Akbar on the train all the way to Germany. All with their cell phones and no wives or children.

I might consider it social injustice if a nation and a culture are overrun and not assimilated into.

I always bring it down to the personal. I have yet to meet a person (regardless of race or nationality) who would go for this.

Someone comes into your neighborhood that no one in the neighborhood knows breaks into your house. Starts eating your food sleeping all over your house, taking the food, shelter and clothing that you worked for and not only doesn’t pay you back, ignores that it is your house, your food and your stuff.

Now it would be different if you decided to stop and invite a stranger into your neighborhood to stay in your house, eat, bath, cloth and sleep in your house.

The 1st is criminal blackmail and the second is social justice. Or in other terms one is legal immigration and the other is criminal and malicious squatting also called breaking and entering in the penal code.

We have 1 million immigrants entering the US legally¬†fleeing from economic poverty every single year. We have according to the latest stats 500,000 criminal malicious squatters (non-law abiding) come across our southern border every quarter. Breaking and entering using the same reason those who come here legally…

Both are looking for a better life one is doing it the right, accepted, legal way and assimilating into the culture. The other are breaking in your house for the same reason the others came with no intent of assimilating into the culture and actually balkenizing the community. That is not social justice, it is injustice and an attack on your community.

If people want to flee economic poverty they can do it the way those who want out of poverty and a better life do, Honorably instead of breaking the law in the first place.

Just as each household (parent) is responsible for the family (children) under their roof. You are not responsible for every family and their kids in your subdivision. Much less the families from the other side of town or out of town families.

Getting out of economic poverty is a specific path, procedure and pattern and it works for everyone who does it correctly.

I would like to drive my car using water and drive from here to LA. Unfortunately the path, procedure and pattern does not work that way. I could get there by stealing your gas but that isn’t honorable and I will suffer for it and so will you when you try to drive your car with no gasoline in it.

A lot of people suffer from depression and I can show them exactly what to do and they no longer will suffer from depression. If they choose to not do what it takes to get rid of depression no matter what they do they will still have depression. The exact same thing is true for escaping economy poverty and having a better life.

If it is not done the most effective and efficient way, EVERYONE SUFFERS and there is no social justice simply injustice all the way around.

I understand your desire for social justice and breaking the law is not how social justice starts, following the law provides social justice for all those who follow it. In the case of refugees, safe zones can be set up near where they currently are and they can be processed back into countries who have the same culture, beliefs as them and assimilation can be easily accomplished.


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