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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on November 7,


Today we have a guest expert George Thomas, who has written an exceptional article on how to deal with time. George starts off with this statement…

Much has been written about time and we can learn about it intellectually.  Consider this:  We can learn what a cat is- intellectually. The cat knows it experientially.

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Haste makes waste.”  But wisdom requires that you ‘take your time’, right?  However, since, “He who hesitates is lost”, you better make it snappy (!)…

Our concepts of time are based on our personal B.S. (Belief Systems) and formed by concepts taught to us by, well, folks whose BS was formed with outdated ideas and methods used prior to recent scientific discoveries.  While Newtonian physics was useful in its time, the perspective of Quantum Physics reveals a much clearer picture.

In my work as a Hypnotist, I have witnessed time compression and expansion, as well as the “time bounce” effect.You’ve had the experience of getting fully engrossed in something (TV comes to mind) where time ‘slips away’ and have that ‘where did the time go’ feeling.  As well as in certain situations, becoming so focused on the job at hand you accomplish an amazing amount of work in ‘record time’.  Our perception of time is relative to our circumstances – and not because we are judging it inaccurately.

In David Wilcox’s recent book, The Source Field Investigations, he provides evidence that time actually does speed up and slow down (not just in our personal perception) due to real, measurable cycles – including the movements of the earth, sun and our galaxy.  Perhaps most importantly, more and more evidence indicates that our perception of time has much to do with our individual mental status – when in Alpha or other-than-standard (Beta) levels of mind.  This can also help us understand the great value of meditation as a practical tool to enable us to accomplish more when not in a trance.  This can be anything from getting more work done faster to coming up with more efficient ‘how to’ ideas to enjoying ourselves more fully at play (and play is absolutely required for physical as well as mental health!).

In the middle of the last century, Edgar Cayce explained that the concepts of time and space are not part of the thinking of God…  To God there is no Time, no Space… You’ll recall that Einstein said all he really wanted to do was to ‘learn to think like God thinks”… More recently, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now has been useful for many in their quest to find a happier, healthier, more abundant life by focusing on the present, rather than what most of us are habituated to: reviewing and judging the past or planning and worrying about the future. In relation to time, it has been said that the past is unchangeable, the future uncertain, but our experience of “right now’ is a gift – that’s why it is called The Present.

Yes, modern life seems to be speeding up – we’re multitasking and sometimes feel as though there’s just never enough time.  Reality?  Contrary to our BS and what we may feel,  you and I have plenty of time.  Quantum mechanics and entanglement is understood to be the most accurate physics theory we have, and if consciousness is in the ongoing process of accessing information (as well as creating it), it follows that – as long as we have consciousness – we already have all the time we need to accomplish… well, anything.

In his book Fractal Time, Gregg Braden shows us events tend to occur in measurable time cycles.  That the occurrence of events – from ice ages to presidential assassination attempts  – can be mapped in time – as cycles within larger cycles.  As we approach the end of the current 5,125 year cycle, the time has come for us to recontextualize the concept of time. It may take time (forgive me), but as we practice altering our consciousness on purpose (read: change our minds), we can come to know more about time and understand what the heck it is really all about – not just intellectually, but experientially.

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Author and speaker George Thomas is a practitioner of alternate healing modalities with offices in Lake Jackson and Brazoria, TX.  For more information, visit: .

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erich November 11, 2011 at 7:42 pm

if adrenaline helps to alter our perception of time by slow-motioning our experience, then shamans use their herbs and botannicals and mixtures the same way – to stimulate the energy in the body to attenuate to our perception.


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