Intensify Sex and Enhance Life

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 16,


Yes balanced living does include sex. And you probably haven’t hears about how to intensify sex and enhance life. That is why we are bringing you one wise man. Jerry Stocking, one of our expert panel authors recently wrote an article that can show you a few simple, yet elegant things you can do to intensify sex and enhance life.  That plus more in today’s edition of Balance Living Magazine.

How To Increase Your Sexual Energy by Jerry Stocking from the Elephant Journal…

Sexual energy really doesn’t have anything to do with sex.

Mixing my experience as a Chi Kung teacher and 30 years as a self-awareness coach, I can teach you how to intensify sex and enhance life by using sexual energy for everything you do, not just making love.

Sexual energy needs to flow through you whole body, head to toe and everywhere in between. When it is just focused on your sexual organs you will be frustrated and sex won’t be nearly as satisfying as it can be.

The difference between making love with your whole body and just your sexual organs is enormous.

I remember once in an advanced Chi Kung class we separated into men and women. Us men hung weights from our male organs. Weird, huh? Please don’t try this at home.

The weight hung downward providing a powerful force and also a counter force. The counter force was sexual energy pulling back into our entire bodies. Rather than feeling aroused sexually we felt aroused fully by life.

I am not sure what the women did, lets leave that up to our imaginations.

Luckily, you don’t have to hang weights from your scrotum, or anywhere else, to enhance and increase your sexual energy. Just a little exercise will provide you with the same result.

To enhance your sexual energy and have it flow throughout your whole body begin by focusing your attention on your lower back.

Move your attention up your back to the crown of your head, around your head and back down the front of your body. Slowly move your attention all the way down to your toes then up your legs and then your back. Repeat.

In Chi Kung this simple movement is called the Macrocosmic Orbit. Energy follows attention, so as your attention is moving your energy is flowing with it.

Blocking energy tires you, wears you out and makes life a lot less fun. It can even get in the way of sexual performance and interest in sex.

A couple of minutes twice a day, or anytime you think of it, move your attention up your back, up to your head and down the front of your body. You can do this while commuting, in line at the grocery story or anywhere. With a little practice this loop will become effortless and you will feel the energy moving in you.

You will experience three main benefits from this simple exercise:

 You will feel energized.

You will have more attention.

You will feel an increase in sexual energy.

To read the full article:

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5 Surprising Things That Make You Leaner


[ Editor’s Note:  Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you. ]

Want to be leaner?

Good deal… here’s 5 tips that will help you along…

  TIP 1
Ditch The Starch

Starches, such as rice, potatoes, some veggies, oats, etc. are often considered “health foods.”

While they can be healthy, they can also pack on stomach bodyfat like crazy if you overdo them.

As you may know, my “Every Other Day Diet” System (EODD) actually encourages you to eat starches and even sweets several days a week to get rid of excess weight: <– click.

Well… how does THAT work?

Simple:  Timing is everything.

And we take a “weekly” approach to foods rather than a daily approach. This keeps your metabolism guessing. If your body cannot figure out what you’re up to, fatburning is that much more powerful. And you can get by with eating starches… at least a specific times on specific days.

But if you’re not going to do EODD, then you’ll have to wing it. And the best way to wing it is to simply cut starches out entirely for 4-8 weeks. Then slowly add them back a few days per week.

This is no where near as effective (or as fun) as the EODD method, but it will get you pointed in the right direction.

  TIP 2
Can The Sodas

This one is really hard for me. I’ve been hooked on diet-soda on and off for years. When I go to get into top shape (like I am now) I have to get rid of the diet-sodas… yes, DIET-sodas. Need I say “real” sodas too? They are loaded with sugar.

Why diet-sodas? A recent study revealed that people who drank diet-sodas actually increased bodyfat when compared to those who drank sugar-sodas. What the… ??

Yep. Your body cannot be fooled by aspartame and chemicals. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Here’s a personal story:  When I cut out the diet-sodas my bodyfat drops like a rock in a pond of clear water.

And that’s what you need to be drinking:  A quart of pure water per 50 lbs of bodyweight a day.

I mix it with lemon and a bit of Stevia (an herbal sweetener) and make lemonade. It’s wonderful!

    TIP 3
Stay Hungry

Arnold’s first movie was “Stay Hungry” (well, after “Pumping Iron” that is). You cannot rest on your butt and stay hungry. You cannot think you’ve “arrived” and stay hungry.

It takes a special person to be hungry… and an even greater one to stay that way.

I want you to stay hungry in two ways:  In how you workout and literally… stay a bit hungry before you go to bed. Not “starving”… just a bit hungry.

For your workouts, I have a great solution. If you pick up EODD you’ll get a limited shot at “7 Minute Body”… my combination of “7 Minute Muscle” and “The 7 Minute In-Home Workout” in one book… and for more than half off… but that’s a very limited deal. Gotta have EODD… you’ll need them both…  <– click.

( Some of you may see a survey here on how best to help with your bodyweight goals. )

You see, progression — “forced” progression — is the best way to stay hungry. 7 Minute Body forces you to progress without thinking about it. Progression is built into the System.

As far as staying hungry at night? Check with your doctor and if he/she okays it take 500mg of potassium and 1000mg of magnesium/calcium a few hours prior to bed. This helps with the hunger pangs. Also, keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. If you get really hungry, eat one with half the yolk (toss the other half.) It keeps me full for an hour at least.

     TIP 4
Cardio Clarity

Hours and hours of cardio a day is not the answer. However, you can do “light” cardio (i.e. brisk walking, or riding the bike at 60% of your max) just to burn off calories. That’s okay… and personally I don’t find it that boring if I’m watching a TV show. It does not interfere with my main fatloss exercise (weight training… YES!) and it burns off about 400 calories an hour.

What does work is early morning fasting cardio… but you only need 9-15 minutes. I explain the GXP Protocol (Modified) in the 7 Minute Body book, available only if you pick up EODD, and you can get it at more than half off  <– click.

      TIP 5
Get Raw At Night

Raw veggies with your last meal and as a snack will really help your fatburning along. I started with red peppers because they’re sweet. Now I eat virtually every veggie raw at night without thinking about it. Give this a shot. The fatloss is well worth it.

—->  Note From Dr. Vetter:  Jon is still giving away “Radical Fatloss Blueprint” along with EODD for a few more days. And he is giving a lucky few the chance to pick up the Supplement-Kit that comes with Radical Fatloss for almost 100 bucks off… the video and details are here:  <– click.


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David L January 16, 2012 at 2:44 pm

This article by Jerry Stocking is not all that great, he didn’t even mention the most fundamental thing about sex. Which is the breath. Proper breathing is so much more important in my opinion. Without that it many can find it pretty hard to successfully increase libido. Deep belly breathing is good. Feeling into your belly. I personally find panting is good.

No mention of doing kegels, which is important for men and women.

A lot of touching, and foreplay also really important, especially for women.



Houston Vetter - DocResults January 16, 2012 at 3:24 pm


Thanks for your response. IF you are familiar with Chi Kung you would know about breathing and chi. However, Jerry was not talking about fundamentals of Chi Kung or fundamentals of sex. He was talking about intensifying and enhancing life which sex is a part of.

Even though he was not talking specifically about physical fundamentals such as the ones you mention, in a way he was speaking to fundamentals.

Fundamentally life and the quality of one’s life comes down to ONE basic thing and that is attention and where one places their focus of attention.

Why is that more fundamental than breathing, or kegels or touch? Because of one of the Forgotten Fundamentals of living an exquisite Life and that is “Energy flows, builds, charges and strengthens where attention goes.” Cause before touching, kegels, and breathing there is energy or ‘chi’ and everything is made of energy. You get that workin for ya and all the rest falls into place.

If you read the full article you’d learn some cool tools to play with and then play with them and then see what your results are with breathing, touching, kegels, etc. I suspect they will be increased.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston


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