Increasing Confidence Through Self Awareness

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 23,


Recently I wrote an article for some national publications and I thought I would share some of it with you  and a little game I play using self awareness which increases my confidence that you can play as well.

Increasing Confidence Through Self Awareness

Early in life children naturally understand on an instinctual level how self awareness increases confidence. As a child develops and they divide their awareness between self and ‘other than self’ the concept of self esteem and low self esteem begins to come into play. The experiences of being self aware cause’s emotions to come into play which can make one feel insecure. Until that takes place there is only stimulus and response. Human beings function more through cause and effect than stimulus – response.

The development of adding meaning to events is where (energy in motion) e-motions are developed and we move from basically stimulus – response animals to cause and effect, higher level mammals, i.e. human beings. Or as my Grampa Vetter would ask, “If we evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?” It is the ability to give meaning to something as separate from ourselves and judging it as more powerful that creates the problem of needing more confidence.

Simple self awareness exercises can easily increase self confidence and make all the difference in how well one gets to enjoy life. More awareness of who you really are as opposed to who you think you are can make all the difference between low self esteem and high self esteem. It is the ultimate self help that changes feeling insecure into inner peace. Everyone I know believes they could use some more inner peace.

One of the ways to develop these skills so that you get more out of life and enjoy it the way you want, I call training your thinking which can be a very useful way of increasing in all the areas discussed above as well as emotional intelligence as many perceive that is foundational to all the rest. Learn to get control over how you think is foundational in pretty much every area of your life. 

How we think affects our health as well as the amount of money we have in our bank account. The natural courses of our relationships are also determined by how we use our thinking. One of the number one ways to improve awareness and/or self-confidence is to use our thinking instead of having it use us. Thinking determines how we feel and feeling determines how and what we perceive ourselves. Thinking and feeling are a cycle that one really wants to get control over if they want to be successful.

The full article is here:

Here is the game to play with yourself. Regardless of how limited or imperfect or incomplete you think you are, not matter what is going on in your life that you may not like it can and will shift and change by simply playing little games like this.

I could go into all the whys of how this works and yet I ‘ll only briefly discuss the basics of why this works. To get a better understanding of why this works it is useful to understand a couple of the forgotten fundamentals of living an exquisite life.

The 1st Forgotten Fundamental is “The Individual IS the Meaning Maker”. Nothing means anything until you add meaning. and the 2nd Forgotten Fundamental is “Energy flows, builds, charges and strengthens where attention goes”.

Because of the 1st forgotten fundamental you don’t have to believe anything BUT… whatever you do believe WILL BECOME your perceived and felt reality. In other words whatever you believe is where your attention goes. And wherever your attention is energy builds, charges and strengthens it and manifest it in your everyday life.

So the game is to play with putting your attention on something and noticing how it feels as if it were true. Not all the time, not even most of the time. Not even 10% of the time. Only 15 to 30 minutes a day. And it doesn’t even have to be every day. Every day would be useful but it is all about playing the game over time. The more days you play this little game the faster things will shift for you and you will feel better and life will get better for  you.

Right now you probably agree that you are finite, temporary, limited, imperfect, and incomplete. For most people there is no arguing these characteristics as being common to all humans. Understanding the first two forgotten fundamentals perfectly explains why this is the case.

Now some of you have heard the you are an infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect, complete being. And some of you think it may be true in your head but the biggest problem is without feeling this in your body it can not feel 100% true or accurate for you.

I agree there is no denying that your experience up until this time has been one of finite, temporary, limited, imperfect, and incomplete. And if you play the game I’m about to suggest for 45-60 days you will find and experience that you are more than that. You will experience that you already are an infinite, eternal unlimited, perfect and complete being and your life will never be the same again.

The game is an internal game of thinking and feeling. It changes your self talk. For 15 to 30 minutes a day play with the thought and feeling… I ALREADY am an infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect complete being.

That’s it. Just for 15 minutes once or twice a day think, feel, meditate, contemplate “I ALREADY am an infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect complete being”.

Don’t do anything about it just think it and feel it. Don’t try to change thing, don’t try to make anything happen. Just wonder what it means that I ALREADY am an infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect complete being.

(The Key is getting the feeling of what it feels like to already be  infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect complete.)

Increasing your confidence through self awareness is something you can do all on your own and if you would like some help we’ve created some am and pm meditations/paraliminals that will make this easier for you. The paraliminals are set up to work exactly like your self talk works.

Let me be perfectly clears you don’t… need the Real Identity Program. You can do this without it. But for those who would like some extra help visit 

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

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A Rant:
Why We REALLY Overeat…
by Jon Benson

Fair warning … this one is a rant. It’s probably a bit long, but take the time to read it.

I have some things to get off my chest … and a lot of people reading this will find it refreshing.

We have a problem in this country… hell, this world… with people overeating.

Obviously overeating is one of the primary reasons people are struggling with bellyfat and excess bodyweight in general. The solution to this problem is not “don’t eat so much”, although that is the end goal.

The solution is to really, REALLY understand how your body uses fuel and how to create a dietplan that allows you to take advantage of it.

First, my rant.

You want to know why 99% of the people who fail to see results from my dietplans… or any dietplan for that matter… REALLY fail?

They do not understand how smart and powerful their bodies really are.

Look… no dietplan on earth will allow you to eat whatever you want every day. That’s fatloss suicide.

No pills will cure this. No surgery.

Only this will cure it:

Use your body’s own internal appetite mechanisms to your advantage.

I receive hundreds of emails every day from people who see results from my Every Other Day Dietplan.

But I won’t lie to you:  I also get emails from people who do not.

Welcome to the real world, right?  Some people succeed, others do not. It’s the same story no matter what your goals may be.

But in fatloss, the difference between success and failure, at least in the case of my readers, is NOT the dietplan… it’s the need to fully appreciate how and why it works.

Let me explain…

Here is a picture of me (excuse the quality; this was snapped with a mirror and a cellphone…)
Obviously I have abs… and I’m lean… and because I love to lift weights I also carry a lot of muscle… but the real power behind this picture is what you do NOT see:

–>  You do not see what I ate the night before;  half a pizza.

–>  You do not see how obese I was ten years ago… yes, 70lbs over-fat with a belly that     looked like I swallowed a basketball.

–>  You do not see how I set my body up to receive this pizza and actually get leaner after eating it.

In case you think I’m on some magical dietplan or taking some fatburning-stimulants… wrong.

I just woke up 5 years ago after studying nutrition for 15 years and finally put 2 and 2 together.

So, here’s the facts.

My EODD Plan is build around a simple concept:  Eat your favorite foods “frequently” and still drop the bodyweight you want.

And it works… not because it’s a gimmick, but because it uses the science of metabolism, natural hormonal manipulation, and psychology to prepare your body to eat more calories.

Now those calories could easily come from, say, three yams… but I prefer pizza. ; )

If you’ve tried EODD with success, you know what I’m talking about. If not… then read on.

First, EODD never promises you that you can eat however MUCH you want every other day (or in my case, since I’m athlete, every three days)… no, no, NO!

It’s whatever you want… not however MUCH you want. That is the sole reason a small fraction of my readers are not seeing the results they want.

Now, here’s the beauty of it all:

After about 3 weeks following my System of eating, you simply cannot overeat… well, you can, but you’d have to force-feed yourself in order to pull it off.

You’ve been feeding yourself frequently for the day or two before your favorite food meals. The higher protein and very low starch content of the nutrition plan (with plenty of veggies) ensures that your body’s metabolism stays elevated. BUT… and this is crucial… the amount of food consumed on these days before is not that much.

I’m never starving… I eat too frequently for that, plus the foods on my Plan curb your appetite. But I am not eating anywhere near my maintenance level of calories. I do not count calories (nor should you)… I just follow the System, which does the calorie-counting for me. Plus I know my body really well after all these years.

So, after days of eating enough to keep my metabolism relatively high, and right BEFORE it starts to slow down (your metabolism slows when you do not eat enough, bringing fatloss to a rapid halt) I hit the body with a lot of calories.

BUT… at the right time, and never at certain times.

And, please read this:  I do not eat “however much” I want on my feed meals… I eat WHATEVER I want in reasonable portions. I don’t have to fight to not overeat, even when it’s pizza or burgers (my two favorite cheat meals.) Why? Because my body is set up to want more food, but also trained not to eat too much food at one sitting.

This is because I’ve been “grazing” — eating small, frequent meals the days before my feed day. And the body learns to adapt… quickly.

The brain is actually re-trained to signal the stomach that you’ve had enough food… yes, even when it’s dessert, or pizza, or whatever your favorite food may be.

So here’s the deal:  Yes, you can lose all the bellyfat and bodyfat you want eating like this… but like anything else that works, you have to follow a few simple rules.

The result is a dietplan where you never feel trapped. You always know that tomorrow, or possibly the day after, you can have whatever food you want. Just in reasonable amounts.

If you ask me, this is the perfect trade-off. No starvation, super-healthy eating at least 4 days a week, and you get to eat your cake as well (literally if you want.)

It’s not magic — it’s science, and a bit of work on your part. Yes, work.

Nothing happens with effort. But put some effort into this System and boy… there’s not a better dietplan on the face of the earth.

Click the link below and watch my full presentation on how and why this works…
Now, one more thing:  I do take a few supplements to help the process along. I have a video on the Member’s Only page that explains what I take and why.

The good news:  Not one of these supplements are stimulants or dangerous. In fact they’re all very healthy nutrients the body needs.

In conclusion, I like to think of The Every Other Day Dietplan as “The Thinking Person’s Dietplan.” Anyone who considers every angle of what it takes to shed bodyfat:  Food you enjoy, freedom, a plan that’s easy to follow, and flexibility will recognize this right away as the ideal approach.

But, like all ideal approaches, it requires you to re-think the way you eat.

You eat for fuel… period.  But you CAN (and should) eat for pleasure too. As long as you keep FUEL as the main reason you are eating in the forefront of your mind, your body (and mind) will follow. Your body will adapt and begin to use both healthy and “not-so-healthy” foods as fuel.

Fuel to power your workouts, help you burnoff that bellyfat and bodyweight you don’t want, and empower your sense of control.

Especially now, with the holidays upon us, “food as fuel first; food as pleasure second” should be carved into your dinner table. Because, let’s face it:  When all that holiday overeating is over with, you will be left with a bigger belly, feeling sluggish, and just one more step away from the body you desire.

My alternative offers the best of both worlds. You just have to be willing to re-think some things and give your body a few weeks to re-learn what it already knows —

When to signal you that you’re full, and way before you overeat. And, believe it or not, you can (and should) do this by eating your favorite foods each and every week.

That’s the only way to keep your MIND satisfied and happy. And your mind is the key to your body’s success.

Thanks for reading.


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