What Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Life?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on August 26,


Improve Your LifeWhen Morty Lefkoe asked, “what is the most important thing you can do to improve your life“, I like to pay attention. I admire Morty for a lot of reasons. He was one of the authors in my latest best selling book Sacred Cows Dancing Volume 1, Financial Enlightenment For Today. Not only that but Morty has spent his life working to help people change their beliefs and if I didn’t have my programs for belief change I’d use Morty’s to help you get the belief changes you want to improve your life. That is how good I think Morty’s work is.

Do you remember the survey we just had a couple of weeks ago? This one question throws a monkey wrench in the information you want to find out about and so it makes me ask a new question when I find information to share with you.






Over 80% of interest is in helping and improving both your life and other people’s lives as well. That one desire that you have changes the answer to the question… what is the most important thing you can do to improve your life?

Morty’s answer, just like mine would have been, are 99.9% focused on working on and changing the meaning you give to things as they happen in your life. Morty call’s them occurings and they occur or come about because of the beliefs each of us hold about life and our interaction with life.

What Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Life?

In fact here is a quote from one of  Morty’s articles:

I can’t think of a single thing that can make as profound a difference in your life as being able to dissolve your “occurrings”—the meaning you unconsciously and automatically give events, which you think are The Truth.

Our “occurrings” are

  • the source of most of our negative emotions, which means they are the source of most of our suffering;
  • they are the vehicle through which our beliefs determine our behavior and feelings;
  • they are the source of most disagreements and arguments between people; and
  • they are one of the biggest barriers to being able to successfully resolve problems in our life.

There is nothing else you can do—regardless of how much you pay or how much time it takes—that will improve the quality of your life as much.  In this post I will explain why and provide some tips on how you can quickly dissolve your occurrings.

What’s important to get here is that occurrings seem as if they are a part of reality; they seem as real as what is actually happening in the world.  That’s what gives them their power: We react to them as if they are The Truth when in fact they are meanings that exist only in our minds.

Where do our occurrings come from?

Occurrings are meanings that we unconsciously and automatically assign to events that have no inherent meaning.

Click here to read more about how Morty thinks you can improve your life.

The important part of this whole idea is the meaning, based on our beliefs we assign to what is happening. This is not a bad place to work as it is the major place to get personal and individual change. However, working on this level only satisfies 10% of the people from our survey. It does not answer how to help the over 80% who want to improve life for yourself and others at the same time.

That is not a good thing or a bad thing it just does not get you what you really truly want, help for self and others.

And I have to thank you or God or infinite intelligence for helping me to see how to make that happen. You told me you wanted it and Source got it through my thick skull that since our BS-Belief System 100% determines how we think and feel about ourselves that if we make specific changes to our identity which controls our BS-Belief System, we not only improve our lives we also can improve the lives of others not necessarily by doing anything but by being this specific way.

I’ve been testing this out with people and tomorrow I will send you more information on just what is the most important thing you can do to improve your life and how you can participate and truly make a difference in your life as well as the lives of others.

So until tomorrow…

To Your Best Because You Deserve The Best,




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