If You Were A Mayan What Would…

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 23,


If You Were A MayanIf you were a Mayan what would you do now? Now that you are out of time what would you do? How would you handle it? What explanation would you give yourself… others? It probably depends on what tribe of Mayan you were.

Depending on the tribe you are a member of… things worked out or they didn’t. Were you a member of the ‘Dis’ tribe. ‘Dis’ being short for disaster. Maybe you were a member of the ‘Posse’ tribe. ‘Posse’ being short for possibility tribe. May be you were a member of the ‘Goldie’ tribe of Mayans. The dawning of a new golden age of peace and prosperity. Or perhaps you were a member of the ‘Mod’ tribe. ‘Mod’ being moderate, middle of the road, haven’t got a clue tribe.

It may surprise you to find out that…

If You Were A Mayan What Would…

… you do now after the end of your calendar is exactly what you would do before time ended for you. You see as a Mayan you would be full of amazing BS-Belief System that is both ridged and flexible at the very same time.

Ridged enough to believe what you believe is right, true and correct and flexible enough at the very same time to explain how you still are right, true and correct even if what you believed did not happen the exact way you believed. And the amazing thing is Mayans think there is a difference between their BS and their Belief System.

Mayans tend to think one is good and one is not. Can you guess which is which?

You see Mayans regardless of the tribe, forget that the belief system they are using aren’t true, real or accurate and that they are totally and completely made up maps used to navigate unmappable territory. In other word their belief system is BS by another name.

You see the members of the ‘Dis’ tribe explain the disaster differently than the ‘Posse”, ‘Goldie’ or the ‘Mod’ tribe. So what happened can still fit their definition of disaster. The same is true for all the other different Mayan tribes.

The ‘Posse’ tribe will see mostly possibilities. The Goldie tribe will see more peace and prosperity and the ‘Mod’ tribe will not find any of this of any interest at all. 🙂

The funny thing from the bigger picture is from time to time Mayans change from one tribe to another and yet they all seem to balance out even if the individual Mayans think and believe otherwise.

What it seems most Mayans miss is their view of time, space, the world and everything in it, is the result of the BS, i.e. the Belief System each Mayan holds. Those that do realize it comes down to the individual’s belief system often think there is a difference between BS and Belief System. In other words Mayans have a tendency to believe their own BS. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a belief system.

Those Mayans who realize the importance, power and control one’s BS-Belief System has often work to change things by introducing Mayans to new beliefs. These Mayans are to be applauded.

Now I don’t know if this is a disaster or a possibility or a golden opportunity or if it doesn’t matter at all but what if now is the time to shift from working on changing, removing charge from or shifting our BS-Belief System to playing with the leverage that controls ALL BS-Belief System.

Most Mayans believe they are ONLY Mayans. They believe they are finite, temporary, limited, imperfect, incomplete Mayans. Therefore because they believe that the results in their lives match that scenario. However what most Mayans do not realize is they have been

  • infinite much longer than finite
  • eternal much longer than temporary
  • limitless much longer than limited
  • perfect much longer than imperfect
  • complete much longer than incomplete
  • divine much longer than Mayan

Now there are SOME Mayans who give mental assent to their infinite aspect and yet do not have any experiential experience of those aspects of who they are. And because they have no experiential experience of their ‘more than’ characteristics they keep trying to interpret everything infinite from the experience of finite. It is a funny, strange and varied interpretation and yet it is what it is.

What would happen if more and more Mayans started spending time being curious and pondering and wondering about the infinite etc. aspects of who they are? And started experiencing and perceiving things from the infinite, eternal, limitless, perfect, complete aspect of themselves that includes the finite, temporary, limited, imperfect and incomplete aspect of themselves and everything…

How different would that experience be… if you were a Mayan?


This is the end of the article. From here on I would like to introduce you to how you can begin to have the experience of your full identity. “who you really are”. You are both Divine and human, infinite and finite, eternal and temporary, limitless and limited, perfect and imperfect, complete and incomplete, one and separate at the very same time.

When you get the full experience of who you truly are, at least 20-25% as strong as you have your experience of your humanness (finite, temporary, limited, imperfect, incomplete, separate), everything in your life shifts. It is like lucid dreaming, where you wake up in the middle of a dream and change the dream from an awakened state. The difference is you do it in what is called your waking state of living. You could call it Lucid Living™.

It involves Identity Shifting™ and Vibrational Innergetics™ .

To find out more click Lucid Living™.


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