If It Is Good Enough For Tony Robbins…

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on September 8,


If it is good enough for Tony Robbins it is something you might really want to consider. Most people would think that Tony Robbins who is know for motivating and helping others improve their lives wouldn’t still be going to others to get help. IF you are one of those you might be surprised to  find that recently Tony called a friend of mine while he was teaching on his island in Fiji and became a client for Spiritual Technology, which solves your fundamental life problem. How much easier would it be if you were able to harmonize what you don’t want or like with what you do want? It makes getting what you do want so much more likely to happen. Click here to read a great introduction and see why Tony Robbins went for it.

Tony received two or three sessions…

  • Deep PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) – Neutralization of Primes
  • Unification – Removal of charge and integration of the past and future.
  • DP4 – how to remove the charge from any set of opposites.

Here are some recent emails that you may find interesting…

Hi group,

As you already notices, Spiritual Technology is spreading.

Sometimes well  known persons contact some of us. This time that person is Anthony Robbins, very famous leader of popular seminars in US and all over the world, and an author of several popular books.

Many times people doing DP-4 (Spiritual engineering) are taking him as the model for self-confidence, ability to speak in front of groups with easy etc.

He contacted Vladimir who is, a Trainer and the host of our forum.

Vladimir did two course with Anthony: Deep Peat and DP-4, integrated Anthony’s Primes etc.

But, I would like Vladimir to tell to the group more.


Dear All,

As Zivorad pointed out, I completed individual PEAT and DP4 seminars with Tony Robbins as my client.

He is in his Fiji resort running his events, and at evenings he did seminars with me, over Skype.

We did Primes to Tony, his wife Sage and his associate Scott, an Australian guy, by the way.

All three of them were easy clients and very quick to integrate their Primordial Polarities, which is not surprising, considering their experience.

I also did Unification Process on past and future with Tony, which resulted as it should, with both past and future being empty.

I have a feeling that Tony was very happy with these techniques, which is what he stated a number of times during the seminars.

I am looking forward to see how and whether Tony will make use of PEAT.

I hope it is only the beginning!



Little more about Anthony Robbins, and our good Vladimir.

Vladimir is a modest man, which avoids any self-advertisement and boasting. But I feel a need to add a couple of words. Anthony was so satisfied with Vladimir’s processing that he invited him to be his guest on his 4-day workshop in this month in Italy. It will evidently be a massive happening – several thousand of participants. And the prices for the participation is from 1.000 $ to 4.000$ !? Vladimir will get the seat at VIP (Very Important Persons).

In some situations Anthony applied EFT and after working with Vladimir said that Peat is much more effective.


I have been helping people using Spiritual Technology for over 10 years now and it is one of the most amazing tools I have for helping people change their lives to be the way they want them to be. If you want to experience the solution of your fundamental life problem please contact me.

To Your Best,
Dr. Houston Vetter – DocResults.com

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