I Would Like To Ask For Your Help…

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on February 20,


I need your help and I would like to ask for your help and in response to your help on Tuesday, February 28th we have gathered some bonuses that you can really benefit from. And more bonuses are being added every day.

Many of you found your way here through the free offering of an ebook version of one of my books. Well on Tuesday, February 28th we are going to shoot to make Sacred Cows Dancing Volume #1 Financial Enlightenment For Today a best seller on Amazon.

Why are we doing this and why get you involved?

The whys are numerous and yet the biggest why is because of the responses we have been getting from people who have been reading the book.

“I read that ebook of yours about money and it really changed my reality, Houston.” Thank you. Kevin Foor

You see the book was designed to be more than an interesting read. From the psychological and mind science perspective this book was written in a very specific way. It was carefully laid out with each chapter in a specific order so that with each reading of the book the reader opens themselves up to more and more financial abundance. On top of that I personally applied some of the techniques and technology that I have learned over the years to imbibe the pages and the reader with triggers that reading the book opens you up to more financial abundance.

“ I’ve been in Doc’s classes and the same quantum miracles happened when I read Sacred Cows Dancing that happened when he does his  seminars and workshops. I feel the difference and the shift just like he promised even on my second reading.”  Steve Swark

So this book is a special book and it is helping people who read it get more of everything, more happiness, joy, health and wealth. When we make it a best seller more people will be helped and that is a very good thing.

I really would like your help in making this happen. And to do that I’ve asked the authors and some friends of mine to help me put together a set of bonuses that will help each of you get more out of life and help you to get what it is you really want and I made this little one minute and 41 seconds video. I hope you like it.

I’m asking you to do a couple of things.

  1. Of course buy a copy of the book from Amazon on Tuesday February 28th (that’s next week) and
  2. Like this video and share it on Facebook and with your friends.
  3. Collect your bonuses from http://sacredcowsdancingbook.com  The links will be live on the 28th
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com

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Facebook… Who Cares?

 by Mary Sloane Social Media Expert
With over 800 Million users, 50% of whom check into Facebook every day clearly a lot of people care.  So Facebook…who cares?  Anyone looking to make a name for themselves, anyone looking to establish a brand, anyone wanting to know what their customers are looking for, anyone wanting to sell products whether it is ebooks or knee pads, anyone looking for more fun in their life, all of these and many more people care.

Facebook boasts a statistic that says 50% of users check in every day which is unprecedented.  As anyone who runs a web site will tell you, generally a web site visitor does not return at all.  So a site where people come back almost every day is a marvel.

It is even more amazing when you consider that Facebook does not post any of their own content.  Any website owner or blog owner will tell you posting fresh, interesting content on a daily basis is hard.   Can you imagine how great it would be to have your visitors post all the content for you?

This is why Facebook ranks so highly in the Search engines and why many sites regularly use their Facebook page to get links back to their web sites or blogs.  It is also a great place to post interesting fresh content, and if you do it well your visitors may add to that content regularly for you.

Doing it Wrong

I frequently go to businesses Facebook pages and what do I find… maybe 235 Likes, I arrive immediately at their Wall or their info page, perhaps someone is commenting on their dealings with the business, which is great, but the amazing viral power of Facebook to increase your customers and your income is being totally ignored.

Why ignore a statistic that says 1 in 3 Facebook Users say they will purchase product from a business where they have become a fan.  This is one of those subtle but important ways that Facebook and Social Media  have changed the rules.

Success Leaves Clues

So let’s see how big business handles Facebook. I chose Pringles for this case study but you could choose lots of others.

On the Left Arrow you see a Tab Welcome Friends this is where visitors arrive on their page,

On the top right arrow you see a clear call to action “Like Our Page” so there is no doubt what they want you to do.

The lower arrow on the right shows you that they gave their visitors an Incentive to take action.

Does your Facebook page do this:

Do you have your guests arrive on a Welcome page?

Do they get an instruction to Like your page? and

Do you give them some incentive for taking this action?

What’s next?

Another page another clear call to action.  And a Thank you for taking the requested action. Leave nothing to chance.  Pringles is not waiting for their visitors to leave their page they’re immediately telling them what to do next.


And Then?

Now they do one of the 4 E’s of Social Media Success

  1. Engage,
  2. Entertain,
  3. Educate,
  4. Empower
 Respect your FaceBook Fans timePeople come to Facebook for a “pleasure break”. They are not here for a long time so give them something fun or educational or inspirational to remember you by.

Permanent Links

If you have set up your Welcome Page using one of the good Apps that are now available, then when your visitors liked your page you have encouraged them to share it with their friends, you have gotten them to post it on their own Facebook profile page and and you have captured their name and email.

Now it is up to you to keep inspiring them and bringing them back for contests or discounts or new pictures or… Use your Imagination!

If I can be of assistance in helping you set up one of these new Apps you can reach me at mary@topmarkmediastrategies.com.  It is my pleasure to help people succeed with Facebook.


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